Should you wait for an OLED TV?

OLED TV's To wait or not to wait?
CNETS Executive Editor David Carnoy gives you his thoughts.

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Diselage4236d ago

I'm personally waiting for this technology, this or SED if the patent issues ever get resolved. Ever since i heard of SED i decided to wait because all other flat's just don't do it like a CRT but the SED comes close. Now with OLED it seems they also will come very close to CRT quality so why with these two emerging technologies, which with any luck will be out in 6-8 months, would anyone get a 1000-2000 dollar set that will be far beneath what is coming out in such a short time.

nobizlikesnowbiz4236d ago

OLED's are capable of bending right? I want to roll up my TV like a poster lol. The future is closer than we think.

Sounds awesome, but I bet it's going to be extremely expensive like all new technologies until the manufacturing cost comes down.

Systematrix4236d ago

for OLED to come out in a size that you can put in your living room at a price comparable to today's LCD/Plasma/DLP TVs then you better hope your current TV will last you a while more. Personally, I think you could buy a brand new TV now, and just when it's time to replace THAT one, OLED might be a competitive technology in the market.

IBLEEDBLU4236d ago

by the time this comes out itll be acouple of point in holding off - get ur sony XBR LCD and in 5 years itll be time to upgrade and then get OLED and which hopefully will be out and ready for the consumer

Seraphim4236d ago

I'm certainly more than pleased w/ my XBR3 right now and by the time these OLED sets are on the market and reasonably priced it will be time to replace my 32" Trinitron w/ this XBR3 and upgrade my XBR3 to an OLED set. Although, the Samsung Pavv does have me thinking about upgrading w/in the next couple years, Lol. Seriously though, you're better of upgrading now and looking into an OLED years down the road. Because even if they do hit the market it's easily going to be a good 5 years before they're even semi reasonably priced... Obviously if money isn't an object then why don't you already have an LCD or Plasma?

drtysouf214236d ago

I'm content with my 1080p DLP............for now

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The story is too old to be commented.