The Problem With Nintendo's Wii

BNG's Bret Morace writes, "I'm part of the problem. I bought a Wii. My excuse for buying the Wii is that Nintendo sold it to me as a system where I could play Zelda and Mario with these great new interactive controls. Now it is 2010, and my Wii has not been turned on since playing Resident Evil 4."

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ape0074228d ago

not existent in my room,as a a hardcore n64 fanboy,I find this hard to believe

oh well....

thank god I have a ps3 and a 360

DEA Fresh4228d ago

Mine hasn't been played since my mom came home w/ wii fitness. It use to have a nice spot in my entertainment center right next to the 360 and PS3. Now it's hookep up in my little sister's room where I have no idea if it's ever played.

ape0074228d ago (Edited 4228d ago )

No hd gfx,online sucks,crappy gfx,no games,tons of crappy crap games

and the worst of all,the feeling that get inside you when you realize that nintendo has done this to their loyal gamers+the non-gameing community,GOD I HATE CASUAL MARKET,I almost throw up when I see wii fit,wii sports,nintendogs,wii pet,pink pink pink cute SUCKS

hey nintendo, wii sucks, SUCKS and you KNOW IT

keep getting $$ while we keep getting tons of AAA games from xbox 360 and ps3

well done Microsoft,well done Sony

mal_tez924228d ago

My Wii hardly ever gets turned on

Low performance hardware, bad online play, poor control system, no HD support, only a handful of good games and a giant mountain of gimmicks makes it the worst console in history

asdr3wsfas4228d ago (Edited 4228d ago )

"not existent in my room,as a a hardcore n64 fanboy,I find this hard to believe"

As a hardcore SNES and NES fanboy, I'll say you entirely missed the appeal of those two systems, why the n64 began to fail, and how the wii attracted lapsed NES and SNES gamers back - the wii was explicitly designed to do this.

I can tell your kind from the donkey kong picture. What did Miaymoto say?

"Donkey Kong Country proves that players will put up with mediocre gameplay as long as the art is good."

NSMB wii is what I've waited 20 years for. n64 was nintendo reacting to sony - I finally have the company I love back.

Enjoy your interactive cutscenes and terrible voice acting. I'm jumping on some koopas.

PS: Quit trolling the wii section, you can't write well enough.

SilentNegotiator4228d ago (Edited 4228d ago )

But even worse than that...
-No Donkey Kong 64 sequel
-No Banjo Tooie Sequel (IP belongs to MS via Rare, turned into a boring game with mostly racing)
-No StarFox 64 Sequel
-No Blast Corps

....wait. I've been waiting for this stuff since the Gamecube! :(

"Quit trolling the wii section, you can't write well enough"
It's been on the main page for a while....

Rauland4228d ago

Mmmm, you also forgot no F-zero sequel :(

ChickeyCantor4228d ago (Edited 4228d ago )

Question though,
Who said no F-zero is in the pipeline if Pikmin( a much younger IP compared to a classic like F-zero) is being developed?

Once they make the starfox/f-zero whatever you will be loving Nintendo once more. Hypocrites. When was the last time they announced a game years before release?

ape0074228d ago

what did they make to you to stick with them that much,I know it has some great nintendo games and some good 3rd party games but other than that it has no games and compared to ps3 or 360,it really is a bland system

I can understand the ps3 fanboy

I can understand the 360 fanboy

but I really cannot understand the wii lovers,especially the hardcore gamer wii lover

DigitalHorror814228d ago

Worthless shovelware. Nintendo USED to be about quality. What happened?

N4g_null4228d ago

Well ape if you where a hardcore gamer you would have a ton of vc games and all the great collection disk and snk collections. Hey but your a fan of. The failed n64 era. I'm a fan of the snes era along with the nes. I also hate movie gaming. So there is nothing worth playing on hd systems and I like pure fps that require skill.

On top on this I'm finaly getting the games I want like 2d Mario, sin and pun2, a real sequel to Mario kart.
Then on top of that I'm getting controls that live up to my expectation. I've always hated analog remember I'm a hardcore gamer since the master system.

I'm glad I don't have to go online to justify my system.

I'm really happy with my wii. The vc console is an old school dream I've also always wanted.
What is funny is you guys claim that there is no wii hardcore yet the games that you use as your proof are not great games all the time.

Yet you ignore the fact that Mario kart brawl and even resort are skill based games.
Seriously gaming looks nice yet there is nothing there for a real hardcore gamer to get excited about.

I can not wait for hd gaming to get motion controls so we can see how well these hardcore games sale on the hd system.

MEsoJD4228d ago

the kid will probably stick with nintendo til the day he dies. : /

ChickeyCantor4228d ago (Edited 4228d ago )


I love games, thats why im holding on the Wii, cause its not just loaded with shovelware.

The sad part is that people claim that Nintendo makes to much zelda/mario/metroid. WTF makes you think they wont make donkey kong or F-zero?

Seriously, you live in some kind of paradox.

Im not a "wii hardcore fanboy", Im a game-fan. Hence my PS3.
And soon my new PC setup.

Just because im not going all pshyco about Nintendo not making their main franchise doesnt mean im a "fanboy", im just not that shortsighted thats all.

Hey at least im not claiming im a "hardcore gamer" and ignore consoles plus the good games they have.
You is so hardcore man.

Rocket Sauce4228d ago

"Donkey Kong Country proves that players will put up with mediocre gameplay as long as the art is good."

What a douchebag - I really hate this guy. NSMB is okay, but I'd flip out for a new 2-D Donkey Kong Country.

ReBurn4228d ago (Edited 4228d ago )

Um, did you own a NES? Because I did and that console had more shovelware than the Wii. Sure, most here are too young to remember that, but the only thing Nintendo's seal of quality stood for then was that developers paid Nintendo to publish their games. If they refused to pay there was no seal of quality. Brave developers like Tengen called BS on Nintendo and their sham, reverse-engineered the lockout chip and delivered the quality.

There was quite a bit of crap on the SNES, N64 and Gamecube, too. Things tend to become romanticized in our memories as we think fondly of the good old days, but Nintendo's standard has pretty much always been 1 shining jewel on top of 100 pieces of crap.

Mini Mario4228d ago

"No hd gfx,online sucks,crappy gfx,no games,tons of crappy crap games"

"I almost throw up when I see wii fit,wii sports,nintendogs,wii pet,pink pink pink cute SUCKS"

"hey nintendo, wii sucks, SUCKS and you KNOW IT"

Is this an example of a "Mature" gamer??, because really,.. if it is im glad im nothing like it.

Mini Mario4228d ago (Edited 4228d ago )

You say your a "hardcore" n64 fan. Yet at the time the n64 was looked at in a similar light as the wii is right now. Many "kiddy" games compared to the ps1, and using old tech like a "catridge" and not a CD.

Man, there are so many hypocrites on this site, makes me think why there is so much hate towards one system. You guys must of forgot about the cash cow - shovelware loaded ps2 and ps1. Every system that is or was on top like the NES, SNES, psOne, ps2 had ALOT of crap, and the gems were skattered across the board. the ratio would be at least 20 - 1 crap to good.

Out of the 2000 ps2 games are you telling me they are all AAA titles, are you telling me you own 2000 titles from the ps2,.. because they all must be AAA titles by the way some of you talk. What about the eye toy, buzz, DDR, the "eye", singstar. HYPOCRITES.

And the NES, how many games were there, 900 or so. Are you telling me they are all gems? Come on how blind are some of you. I never owned 900 games, or wanted to own all 900 games. Just look at a "Angry Video game Nerd" video:-

I noticed some said they havent played the wii since resi4 wii. No good games have come after resi4??? Ahhh hello, super mario galaxy got game of the year on MOST sites at the time. House of the dead overkill, dead space extraction all great games. Plus games we havent got yet like monster hunter and the street fighter cross over.

Madworld i guess, something i dont personally like but im sure you "mature" gamers would like to play but it doesnt compare to New super mario bros wii where it takes percission, timing and great refelxes. Soemthing some of you probably have lost in time or never had because you were too young to remember a mario nes game.

Many of you say Nintendo has changed, no, many of you have turned into PC gamers of the time. Because when the snes was around PC's were the only thing capable of playing games like Doom C&C, Wolfenstein 3D, Dune. And when they did finally make it to the conoles they were crappy ports.

I think many "hardcore" gamers today are Pc gamers that cant afford a good PC so they go to a ps3 or 360. If they want great GPX and Online that is. Coz the games dont matter, apparently, unless they look photo realistic of some war of the past century. Fought and respawned over and over again.

ZoidsRaven4228d ago (Edited 4228d ago )

This may come to you as a shock, but not all gamers look for "POWER AND GRAPHICS!" in a (this is getting old, people) VIDEO GAME CONSOLE..... 7_7

Now I see you have disliked the wii (it's your opinion, it should be left as that), but why do you b!tch about it on almost every Wii article you post on? Now this is nothing new, you have been doing this for a loooong @$$ time. Are you trying to force your opinion on to this site's Wii owners? Do you feel a since of achievement when you post "Hey guys, the Wii sucks! I'm a n64 fanboy, so what I post is the valid truth!"?

What drives you to do Wii bashing for this long? Or (like 90% of this site's members do) post "Hey guys, I'm a PS1 fanboy and I must say the PS3 sucks!", "Hey guys, I'm a n64 fanboy and I must say the Wii sucks!" (looks familiar? It should, it's 60-80% of your posts on this site's Wii articles), "Hey guys, I'm a XBox fanboy and I must say the 360 sucks!".

You know, give a "reason" (no like excuse) as to why your console bashing is valid (or should be taken seriously).

You don't understand "hardcore" Wii owners liking the console?
............. You wouldn't even if you tried.
You see here is the thing about them:
1) They are not going to care if the Wii isn't all "POWER AND GRAPHICS!".
2) Most all them don't care about petty @$$ fanboy things such as braging rights...... Wait, did I just say braging rights? I forgot on this site, it's called "exclusive titles".

Sorry the Wii can't be the power house of power, but any last-gen/Old-school gamer (Or arcade gamer) will tell you that the Wii doesn't "suck". 7_7

BTW: I hated the N64! It didn't have the HD graphics and online that us true hardcore gamers want in a videogame console! Sure it's games are fun and have good gameplay, but what real gamer cares!? CASUAL ONES, THAT'S WHO!

^By your logic Ape, by your logic.^

FarEastOrient4228d ago

My Wii is no longer collecting dust, it lives in a box...

Anon19744228d ago

After a year of ownership where it never got played, I figured "What's the point." My buddy bought a Wii for his wife this Christmas and playing it over at his house a couple of days ago just reaffirmed to me that I made the right choice.

I haven't given up on Nintendo altogether, I've always been a big fan, but the easy money they've made roping in the casuals this gen for sure will carry over to next gen. Why wouldn't it? I'll have to wait and see but I feel Nintendo may be a lost cause now.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat4228d ago

I would really like to get a Wii, but all of the "my Wii has been collecting dust for years" type of comments makes me very nervous about getting one.

I think I would like it, but given that so many people have such a hatred for it, I'm not so sure.

It can't be THAT bad, can it?

PirateThom4228d ago

Don't let the dust comments put you off one. There are, honestly, a few quality games on it everyone should play and, as long as you avoid the now plague proportion shovelware (both third party and Nintendo), there's a lot of fun to be had.

My issue with it has never been the games or the graphics (although Resident Evil 4 is nearly unplayable due to the way textures blend and we only have HDTVs in the house), I just really, really despise the controller.

eagle214228d ago

NSMBW is crazy fun and I can't stop playing it. I don't need the Wii to be my PS3 when I owm both. I'll enjoy both in 2010. I don't give a crap what some idiot thinks about nintendo or sony.

ape0074228d ago (Edited 4228d ago )

compare the glory of snes,n64 to wii and you'll immediately know what im talking about

and don't get me wrong about the "casual market"

tbh I hate the word "hardcore" and "causal",I'd rather say gamer's games or non-gamer's games

I consider mario a hardcore game(or a gamers game)simply because it has gameplay+value

many people get it wrong these days,they say games like mario ratchet,sonic are casual,they bash it because of its colors,WRONG WRONG

if a game has "gaming standards" such as completion,levels,difficulty,l ongevity,challenges etc...,I consider them hardcore in my book

and @Mini Mario,"You say your a "hardcore" n64 fan. Yet at the time the n64 was looked at in a similar light as the wii is right now. Many "kiddy" games compared to the ps1, and using old tech like a "catridge" and not a CD"

man wtf are you talking about,n64 was waaay ahead of ps1 in terms of quality and technology(gfx),mario 64 was stunning,crash couldn't even touch it,star fox 64 was brilliant,blast corpse,pilot wings,mario kart 64banjo was rivaling mario 64,turok 2 was the SH!T,turok 1,perfect dark is the best fps of all time in my book,shadow man was one of the best games ever(if you even remember shadow man)body harvest was like a spiritual predecessor to gta 3,f-zero,zelda oot and mm,paper mario 64,TWIN,rayman 2,banjoo toeii,conker bad fur day

@ZOIDSRavine n64 was kicking ps1's @SS in terms of quality and technology and n64 was the king of console multiplayer,introducing 4-player modes,so many great memories,playing mario kart,smash bros,ge007,perfect dark,twine,turok 2,f-zero x,it was so revolutionary back then,the WOW factor was MAXIMUM and now when you take a look at the wii you can't help but feel disappointed

and now take a look at the wii,it's a fuking step back in everything+no games+crappy games+the stupid causal market

don't get it twisted man,the difference between the wii and n64 is quite obvious

BLuKhaos4228d ago (Edited 4228d ago )

To me Nintendo is just lazy.How is it that Sony is bleeding billions of dollar and and is still able to pump out top quality exclusives year after year?With all that money Nintendo is raking in from Wii and DS sales, they could be making more quality first and second party games.

Mahr4228d ago

"n64 was kicking ps1's @SS in terms of quality and technology"

I like how you don't actually remember anything about the N64 era. Be honest, you don't actually know anything about technology, and you especially don't know anything about cartridges.

You know, the form of media that allowed for superior data storage, more content, more complex content, better quality sound, more complex graphics? The media that allowed larger *and* cheaper games to be made? You know, the format that inspired Third-parties to abandon the competition in its name en masse? The round, spinny things where you don't have to blow into to de-dust before every play session? The ones you can bump and even remove without causing the game to crash? The ones we still use today?

Oh, right, that was CDs. Cartridges were the clunky stone age lumps of plastic, developers hated the system with a passion, and most of the non-first party games only looked good to people who were still in grade school.

"so many great memories"

Yes, this is what is known as 'nostalgia'. You think things are good, not because they are objectively good, but because you experienced them when you were eight years old, you end up thinking things were better back then. They weren't.

"mario kart,smash bros,ge007,perfect dark,twine,turok 2,f-zero x"

Good grief, man. Look, I realize that you were basically the kid in that video who screamed "NINTENDO SIXTY-FOOOOOOOOOOOUR" and nearly had a heart attack that one Christmas, but it's time to grow up. There is no Santa Claus, and the fact that you have to include second-tier-at-best fare like The World Is Not Enough to pad your list of games speaks volumes.

"don't get it twisted man,the difference between the wii and n64 is quite obvious"

Indeed, there's a huge difference: the Wii actually uses Discs.

Chris3994228d ago (Edited 4228d ago )

Most sensible comment I've read in this thread. With the tsunami of cash crashing down at Nintendo HQ, where are dozens of AAA exclusives of every demographic and genre being released each year? Development is so cheap on the console and they have such brimming coffers, so where are the games?

They could easily create a "mature" or "adult" segment of their software if they CHOSE to. But they don't. They leave that segment up to the 3rd parties, most of whom at this point (see SEGA or refer to the Fatal Frame fiasco) just don't give a $hit.

ZoidsRaven4228d ago (Edited 4228d ago )

LMFAO! NONE of my questions got answered in your post, man......... But I guess that really shows me what kind of troll you are if you continue to make posts like this.

Ok, I'll explain how your logic doesn't work.

4 Players?? Couldn't I just say that the n64 wasn't a current-gen console all because the PS1 uses discs (HD)?

Disappointed? You see here is the thing about. You are a next-gen gamer who looks for "POWER AND GRAPHICS!" in (need I say/post it again?) VIDEOGAME... Me, on the other hand. Couldn't care less about the power (nor graphics) of a videogame console.

Now that I think back on it. I know for a fact that arcades are not coming back any time soon, but it doesn't matter to me because the Wii makes up for it. How many SNK games are on the HD-twins? How many arcade style Rail-shooters are on the HD-twins?
Hell, how many arcade style games are on the HD-twins?
So how can a old-school arcade gamer (Myself) be disappointed about the Wii?

You know what? You're right.
The difference is quite obvious. You listed titles like smash bros 1, I can just list the Wii versions of those games. Take brawl, it has more characters, more items, more stages, ETC.
Hmmmmmmm, someone could argue that Brawl is the better game.

If you dislike/hate the Wii then fine, I don't care.
But you are basicly force f#cking your opinion on to this site's Wii owners. Not only that, but you have been DOOING (lol) this for a long time.

Point is? If you don't like the Wii, don't whine and b!tch about it on N4G. Real gamers have enough console bashing (on this site) to deal with this year.. 7_7

BTW: In the end of the Wii's life time, it WILL have more core games than the N64 or SNES. 7_7

EDIT: LMAO @ my bubble lost.
Goooood, show me how strong Wii and 360 hate is on this site and strip my bubbles from me.

YoungKingDoran4227d ago

know how you feel... but thats why i put on the homebrew channel! every nes, snes and genesis game on a single sd card?!? yep. been getting into EVO on snes... anyone else played it? its pretty awesome

ape0074227d ago (Edited 4227d ago )

I was 10 year old when got n64 and I knew the limitations of the cartridge,music isn't as good as cd as well as speech limitations and no CG like FF,I knew it I knew it all but not so specific like today tbh I still remember the SIZES of games,believe it or not

when I compared turok 2 to tomb Raider gfx and lol,the difference is quite obvious,also remembered how the expansion pack give better result while it actually hurt the framrate

and believe it or not as a 9 year old kid,I've beaten goldeneye007 on 00-agent difficulty and completed 90% of the achievements(challenges back then) to unlock cheats

n64 was full of gaming,the wii is full of shaming,don't twist it please

and @ZIODSRAVING,you make me laugh hard bro,your way of thinking is absolutely broken

LOoOoL heheh were to begin,ps1 was an amazing system but compared to n64,I give n64 the upper hand, let's compare

gfx: n64

quality: n64

multiplayer: n64

quantity: ps1

you are saying that if I hate the wii then im n64 hater because n64 didn't have the next gen qualities that ps1 had,LoOoL

ps1 had better sound,speech and CG only....but tell me one fps game that can compete with ge007,awesome gfx,mad multiplayer and plus no loading,playing ge007 a lot makes 90% of ps1 games look\play bad,do you remember tomorrow never dies??lol

now take a look at the wii fails in comparison with xbox 360\ps3 it's like a portal to the past,everything is massively downgraded+no games+crappy games+th ecasual stuff that make a gamer throw up

you understand now son

addition: and guys remember that the best wrestling game of all time was wwf no mercy ,and it was exclusive to n64

tonsoffun4227d ago (Edited 4227d ago )

His wii hasn't been on since resi 4? Dude, there are a good few hardcore games that you can't get anywhere else.

The problem with the Wii isn't the lack of games, but the expectations of the hardcore. Everyone knew the Wii was going to be far more family orientated and return to more old school, proper old school ninty (famicon era) games - games that you can pick up and play without a fear of a complicated control scheme. (no that I think a PS3/360 pad is complicated, but many do)

Now, was this the right decision for ninty? For them, yeah it was, the hardcore abandoned ninty a long time ago, much like the third party support. They had to take a risk, they admittedly, could not hang with the other 'big two' so they went in a different direction and it paid off for them. Big time.

Ninty shouldn't be ridiculed or hated on for this, they should be praised as a gateway to a 360 or PS3.


As for the "fan" APE007

I'm sorry dude, while you are certainly entitled to your opinion and that's all it is, an opinion, you are clearly looking thorough rose coloured glasses.... I've had every Ninty system (with the exception of the virtualboy) and I can tell you, that the Wii has the best 4 player/single screen games out there.

Not only that, but you really don't seem to remember the crap that was out for the N64.........

ZoidsRaven4227d ago (Edited 4227d ago )

I now know I CAN'T take you seriously if you're just a graphics hound. The only REAL reason you dislike the Wii enough to post about it for months is because of graphics, I'm sorry the Wii can't be your knight in shinning graphics.

No, I'm calling you a hypocrite. You only like the N64 for it's power and graphics. But when the the Wii doesn't have all of the power and graphics you NEED in a (broken record time!) VIDEOGAME CONSOLE, you jump ship and become a HD fanboy. That is basicly your story.

And look at you now. I gave you a crap load of questions/point and you only replied to my sarcastic point about me "hating the n64"?
You amaze me Ape, it's almost as if you only read the ending points of my post.

Listen up kiddo, because I'm not reposting this.
1) I am not saying you MUST hate the n64 if you hate the Wii, you would just be a hypocrite if you did.
2) I am not saying the PS1 is better, nor am I saying I hate the n64. It was sarcasm with the use of your logic on how the Wii sucks.

(As I have said again and again)
Stop trying to force f#ck your opinion on the Wii to this site's members. If you hate it, fine. But sop posting your "Hey guys, the Wii sucks! I'm a n64 fanboy, so what I say is valid!", crap that makes like 60-80% of your posts in the Wii section.

Please know you really didn't accomplish ANYTHING with all of your Wii bashing posts...
As for me, I hope I accomplishd something by telling you to stop force f#cking your opinion on to this site's Wii owners.
Because honestly, it looks like you have an obsession. 7_7

BTW: "No games"?
Don't get too surprised if someone calls you a HD fanboy one of these days.

Bodyboarder_VGamer4227d ago (Edited 4227d ago )

Lets be honest Sidar, Mini Mario and the other few from the Wii crew. I see that you people don't understand things by words because when I read your comments I don't see nothing more than spinning or a brainwashed fanboy.

:::Mini Mario: "You guys must of forgot about the cash cow - shovelware loaded ps2 and ps1."

That comment it's plain sad and desperate you know. The difference is that PS2, PS1 has games like Shadow of the Colossus, FFX, Xenogears, Gran Turismo, God of War, Grand Theft Auto, etc. Even the PS3 has its good amount of shovelware but here's no console in the history of man kind that has as many shovelware as the Wii.

But let stop discussing this with words and lets move on to the games. Make a list of all the good games the Wii has and I'll double it with whatever console you want from the Nes/Sega Genesis to PS3/X360. The good thing about this is that you can't spin it. Because how I see things, Mini Mario and Sidar are spinning masters! They twist ape007's words to such degree it's ridiculous.

ape0074227d ago (Edited 4227d ago )

they are the most spinners I've seen on n4g,at least a ps3 fanboy have his reasons, xbox fanboy has his reasons but these Wii boys have nothing to defend,the only thing I see in their comments is desperation and crying

@ziodsRavin,"No, I'm calling you a hypocrite. You only like the N64 for it's power and graphics. But when the the Wii doesn't have all of the power and graphics you NEED in a (broken record time!) VIDEOGAME CONSOLE, you jump ship and become a HD fanboy. That is basicly your story."

man you you are amazing,all I want is a combination of QUALITY,QUANTITY,GFX,ARCADE GAMES,ONLINE PLAY,DLC and VERITY,the wii pretty much fails to satisfy these things,IT'S SO CLEAR THE WII DOES NOT HAVE ANY SUBSTANCE,gfx is only a part of the problem,DO YOU UNDERSTAND,that's my rule and lol the gamecube had better gfx than ps2 and it was a good system but ps2 imo is better than gamecube and xbox 1,because it has great gfx+quality+quantity+veraity,t he ps2 was my favorite console in last gen so STFU

ok ok, forget everything I said,that was just my opinion,Im not forcing you to believe me,LoOoL I've never knew that im that charismatic\influential


there is no way to discuss facts with you guys no way but remember that the person who defend the wii that much is either a casual gamer or it's just a case of nostalgia beating reality

introducing the tag team champions,sidar,mini mario and ziodsRavin...the TWISTERRRRS,heh lol their finishing move is the TWIST of fate

A+ at twisting course 202

eagle214227d ago

I have seen plenty of "game of the decade" and "all time" lists populated with Wii, GC, or Nintendo games in general. I also saw Sony games and a little FPS called Halo pop up on those decade lists too. So fanny men need to shut up about Nintendo because they are smart enough to continue to DOMINATE worldwide. It has nothing to do with being better but everything to do with being SMART. And when it's all said and done NSMBW will top all the FPS's and blood /guts games. The game is brilliant. Gameplay!

Fierce Musashi4227d ago (Edited 4227d ago )

[Ape007]: 1.2:
Sorry, but I couldn't disagree with you more. The Wii has many good games. To say stuff such as "no games" and "the wii sucks and you know it" just makes you look like a fanboy, and I don't mean of the N64 sort. That very statement shows me that you either don't research Wii games ( period ) or can't / don't want to acknowledge any Wii game as a good title.

Now, I could list off good titles and the Wii's strong points, which I will, but I fear you might just ignore them and call me a fanboy for merely defending a home video game console. So I'm going to try and make this sound less of what you might consider being Wii fanboyish. I'm gunna keep you to your word after that bold statment. So why don't we get started, shall we?

-Super Mario Galaxy
-New Super Mario Bros. Wii
-Super Paper Mario
-Super Smash Brothers Brawl
-The legend of Zelda Twilight Princess
-Fire Emblem: RD
-Wii Sports Resort ( Yes I said it. )
-Metroid Prime 3
-Metroid Prime Trilogy ( Collectors Title )
-Mario Kart Wii
-WarioWare: Smooth Moves
-Wario Land: Shake It
-Naruto Clash of Ninja: Rev 1
-Naruto Clash of Ninja: Rev 2
-Naruto Clash of Ninja: Rev 3
-Battlion Wars 2
-No More Heroes
-Muramasa: The Demon Blade
-Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure
-Boom Blox
-Boom Blox Party Blast
-Mario Strikers Charged
-Tales of Monkey Island
-Rune Factory
-Dead Space: Extraction
-Bit Trip
-Bit Trip Void
-Trauma Center: SO

Let's not forget the up coming titles.
-Monster Hunter Tri-
-Super Mario Galaxy 2
-Red Steel 2
-No More Heroes 2
-Tales of Graces
-The legend of Zelda Tite
-Metroid other M
-Sin and Punishment 2
-Monado Beginning of the World
-Tatsunoko Vs Capcom

I can tell you now that these aren't every single one. Some Multi-Plats and WiiWare titles on the Wii are good as well.

Another strong point about the Wii is it's retro appeal. The Virtual Console wins hands down. For someone like me who wants to check out old calssics from before I was born or replay my old favorites on a current gen console, I couldn't ask for anything better.

You mean to tell me that a console like that sucks?

What is this about about what Nintendo done to their loyal fans? We are still getting the same core titles as we have in the past generations. Nintendo has not left their fans to dry, for they have supported/created more core titles than stuff like WiiSports. Nintendo wanted the wii to be "everyone's console", not the "casual's console". Please research. As for third parties, they are the ones who weren't even trying on the wii in it's early life, don't support their good titles enough, and are overall responsible for the loads of crap titles for the wii. Blame their so-called "support" on them.

Now I know people have their own tastes, likes & dislikes but don't go around saying garbage like "no games" or "sucks and you know it" almost as if it's some sort of fact, because it's not. Anyone can tell you the Wii isn't perfect, no console is, whcih is why some people have more than one home console ( PlayStation Wii myself ).

If the Wii doesn't meet your standards then there is nothing wrong with that, but please control yourself by not having the same attitude as that of a fanboy. We have enough of them on this site. Sames goes for everyone else.

N4g_null4227d ago

In one sentence ape explains the divid. He was 10 when the n64 came out. Yet had he been there for the ride that was the 16 bit era maybe he would understand why veterans like the wii.

I mean does he realize why battle toads was fun? The snes star fox was the only good version. Same goes for mariokart till the wii version.

I'm starting to understand ape a little more and had he been there for the nes he would most Likly be a sega fan. The n64 was the last Machine to get unwarrented hype about it's tech.

Another thing is your like in your 20s right? If you notice it's like 20-13ish that don't like the wii. Most of these where not really into gaming till the ps era.

That is the problem right there. Your idea of gaming is totally different than every thing that predates the ps brand. You could almost say you guys are not even console gamers you are ps gamers. I say this because you are the only group of gamers that don't like older game even on the system you started gaming on.

4227d ago
Peter Chao4227d ago

I used to have the wii, but all it do is just sit there in my living room then I sell it and buy xbox with the money! So much better now i play the ps3 and xbox

ZoidsRaven4227d ago (Edited 4227d ago )

Ok, do you (at all) read my posts?
You say I twisted your words without explaining how I did so. That only shows me you didn't really read my posts.

Funny, I should "STFU"? Hmmmmmmm, I DON'T remember the PS2 being mentioned in ANY of my posts on this article. Lol, now who is twisting words? I blame your lack of reading and typing for it (Come one, "ZoidsRavine"?). So like the PS2 all you want, I wasn't stoping/questioning you.

If you are not trying to force your opinion on to people, then why do you continue your Wii bashing day-in and day-out (The question you just couldn't reply to in my first post on this article)? Oh well, I guess you're just a troll.

No way to discuss facts with me? That's funny coming from the guy telling me to "STFU"...7_7

ChickeyCantor4227d ago (Edited 4227d ago )


It seems like you dont get it, im being called a fanboy because i say there are good games on the Wii?
How is this brainwashed? As a matter of fact im more open to the idea not to restrict myself with Fanboy BS. I like all consoles. Im not spinning anything. If I keep my Wii then thats my F choice, Ape doesnt need to tell me im a fanboy just because we have our differences. Its shortsighted and pathetic.

Its hilarious how people go that Nintendo should create new ip's but in fact you guys are also crying for startfox of F-zero.

We get it Ape you love your N64, you dont like the Wii. But its you who admitted you would love Nintendo once more when they make a Starfox game.

Well they are called The playstation generation for a reason =).
However i was about 10 as well when the n64 came out. But i did experience the goldenage as kiddo.
And yes Starfox on the Snes = best.

Gr814227d ago

You're still responding to this guy? LoL. We've seen his MO for quite some time. No point in wasting bubbles to try to logically interact with illogical folks.

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inSaneELF4228d ago

Nintendo is able to capitalize on a niche market that is casual gamers. From a business standpoint, it works brilliantly for them. Sucks for hardcore gamers though.

Finalfantasykid4228d ago

The article author brings up a good point though. Are these casual gamers going to be waiting in line day one for the wii 2? They aleady have wii sports and wii fit(which is probably all they bought the system for), why should they care if it is in HD.

sikbeta4228d ago

That's what I'm saying from the Beginning, Casuals are so Damn Happy with the wii that when the new Nintendo console come out, they'll don't care about, since they have all they want/need

lightningsax4228d ago (Edited 4228d ago )

Yup. You know, I wasn't that thrilled about the Wii, but when my extended family came to visit, the response to the games from the little guys was tremendous. I remember back in the day when I'd move the NES controller around hoping that my sheer force of will would move a car back on the road or a spaceship away from bullets, but these kids are moving the controllers around and seeing stuff happen because of it. They freakin' love it! Actually, they'd tire themselves out playing NSMB Wii just trying to spin Mario around over and over.

That said, I hardly play it when I visit. Bit.Trip releases are the exception there.

ReBurn4228d ago

You know, I think calling casual gaming a niche market is a gross mischaracterization. Niche markets tend to be small and focused. "Hardcore" gamers aren't the people buying 60 million Wii's and 100 million DS systems. It's the folks in this casual niche market you talk about.

Looking at the footprint of the PS3 and 360 compared to the Wii, considering the people who initially bought PS3's as Blu-ray players and people who bought Arcade 360's, don't you think that maybe the "hardore" are more the niche market?

lightningsax4228d ago (Edited 4228d ago )

There are good and bad points to either market, no matter what the volume. For example, if sci-fi TV fans didn't rabidly watch the shows, buy the DVD's, purchase swag, and attend conventions, marketing execs wouldn't give any pilot in the sci-fi genre the time of day. The viewership's too small, after all.

The core market are those rabid fans that buy quite a bit more than the average casual consumer, and yeah, I'd definitely put myself in the core group. The volume (in people) of the core group is smaller, making it a bit of a "niche," but it's a niche that brings buying power and loyalty with it.

The casual group, on the other hand, goes with cultural phenomena more than anything, so you need a giant advertising campaign and current cultural relevance to sell a game, not just the stuff that gamers on this site find awesome such as better graphics, elegant controls, 40+ hours of gameplay (well, in some cases), great multiplayer, or a riveting story. That's why Wii Fit did so well. Current commercials sell Wii Fit to the US like a Nautilus machine or a Thighmaster. It's a relatively cheap way to stay in shape while isolating yourself, not spending money on gym fees and gas, and possibly having fun while exercising (although I don't get it).

Also, I have to make sure that I don't underestimate the power of social networking games and iPhone apps when thinking about this, especially those that warrant microtransactions on addictive gameplay. Those can make giant amounts of cash from both casual and core consumers.

They're just two different markets, and there are subgroups within these markets that make the boundaries grayer (for example, what about the core gamers that pirate multiple titles? Casual gamers that play MW2?). It's useless to argue over which one is more significant - they're both just there.

Mini Mario4228d ago (Edited 4228d ago )

Yeh the n64 was a great system. But i said it was looked at in the same light as the wii. While it had many great games people always complained that it had too many "kiddy" games, very little 3rd party support, didnt use CD's, which many people saw as a huge down fall as the cartridge could not produce FMV cut scenes and store high capacity games like FF7 (which lost the whole franchise for them).

Believe me, even though the graphics were better on the N64 people back people still complained on a similar level (not as bad, but similar) as they do now with the wii...even when the dual shock came out (even tho nintendo had the first rumble) would add that to their hate list for the n64 comparing the out dated rumble pak to the in-built dual shock.. Petty but true.

Im not hating on the n64, im just saying people are still complaining about nintendo in a similar light now as they did then. (no where near as bad, but similar)

Mini Mario4227d ago (Edited 4227d ago )

"introducing the tag team champions,sidar,mini mario and ziodsRavin...the TWISTERRRRS,heh lol their finishing move is the TWIST of fate"

I dont know why u keep saying "wii boys", you do realize we all own other systems than just the wii. I myself dont limit myself to just one system. Every system has something i like to play. The only one twisting sh*t is you, tell me where i have twisted anything?

Show me 2000 AAA ps2 titles, because that is what ive said previously. If i have twisted the truth show me the 2000 titles, and i say 2000 because that is round-a-bout how many ps2 games there are,.. and according to you they all must be AAA titles.

"they are the most spinners I've seen on n4g,at least a ps3 fanboy have his reasons, xbox fanboy has his reasons but these Wii boys have nothing to defend,the only thing I see in their comments is desperation and crying"

Dont get confused, im no fanboy. Ive owned almost every major system since the atari 2600. Which i still own. There is no desperation in my wana see desperation>>> ? have a look at the crap you write:-

"GOD I HATE CASUAL MARKET,I almost throw up when I see wii fit,wii sports,nintendogs,wii pet,pink pink pink cute SUCKS"

^ That's a fanboy. You are a HUGE fanyboy F wit. Dont even try to bring me down to your level.

"man you you are amazing,all I want is a combination of QUALITY,QUANTITY,GFX,ARCADE GAMES,ONLINE PLAY,DLC and VERITY,the wii pretty much fails to satisfy these things,IT'S SO CLEAR THE WII DOES NOT HAVE ANY SUBSTANCE,gfx is only a part of the problem"

The only thing clear is how blind you really are. The wii has more arcade type games than any system this gen. Including games on the wii ware. House of the dead over kill and dead space extraction are both on rails. Sin and punishment 2 will be on rails and in arcade fashion. Do you purposely over look things>? And pretend everything you say and think is fact.

"ok ok, forget everything I said"

Believe me there is NOTHING worth remembering.

"that was just my opinion"

Yeh your "opinion" doesnt really get taken too seriously.

"Im not forcing you to believe me"

Trust me, no one "believes you"

"LoOoL I've never knew that im that charismatic\influential"

Your not, quite the opposite actually.


Yeh anyway

"there is no way to discuss facts with you guys no way but remember that the person who defend the wii that much is either a casual gamer or it's just a case of nostalgia beating reality"

Facts? You call what you write down facts lol Now that is funny. Listen, dont pass off your opinions as "facts" because it just your opinion...there is a HUGE difference. Where do you get your "facts" from anyway>>> ? You think them up and think they are true just because you thought of it.

"A+ at twisting course 202"

That honour goes to you.

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The Simple Truth4228d ago

Pure worthless junk.

I'll stick to the other two next gen consoles thanks nintendo. Keep your shovelware, and your new found demographic that won't buy a Wii 2 or any of your games.

DigitalHorror814228d ago

as the picture suggests, Nintendo may have truly hung itself with the Wii. The greatest achievement that the Wii has accomplished is that it's taken people that you would not even consider gamers--well, into gamers. Senior citizens actually can play a game of bowling without ruining what's left of their wrists. It's a casual gamer's delight, as well. Problem is, Nintendo has long since lost the hardcore gamers, which have left and possibly for good. I'm not going to buy the Wii for a Mario or a Zelda when I have almost 30 PS3 games in my library. I'm just not. As for anyone else buying the next-gen Nintendo, the casual gamers already have a Wii. Why bother with a new one? Rest in peace, Nintendo. We had some good times.

infredible4228d ago

You folks represent the worst of the gaming community huh. Embodying everything that has the capability of killing gaming for us all. Bratty little kids who hold a grudge because 1 system sells more then another. Though I don't blame you... the ps3 news channel is pathetic. For a console that seems to get nothing for news on a regular basis you people sure believe in it alot.

Get some friends to play your wii's with and stfu.

DRUDOG4228d ago

It's shallow, I know, but I just can't get over the non-HD video. It would never get turned on if Wifey didn't play NSMB once in a blue moon.

DigitalHorror814228d ago

You paid money for a Next-Gen system. What's so wrong about it being High-Def?

asdr3wsfas4228d ago

See the beauty of this argument is that the wii costs less than ps3 and for a while an xbox. So it turns out most people were unwilling to pay for HD and hence the wii's success. So your argument arises from a total failure to understand that most people would rather not pay for HD and that they didn't "pay for it."

This argument would only work if most AAA games had native resolution of 720p on the HD systems, which they don't. MW2 is what, 600p native on ps3? 120 pixels were worth 350 dollars to ps3 launch buyers?

LethalToxins4228d ago (Edited 4228d ago )

Actually, you can't say that. Do you have proof they wouldn't want to pay for HD? I'm sure many people do but can't afford it. Since that's as much of a generalization as most of the crap you've posted, I can get away with it.

And as for MW2, well, it's still upscaled to HD, is it not? Yes. So, what does that make it then? Oh, I almost forgot, HD. Something the Wii knows nothing about.

Since you insulted Ape for his poor English, do I write well enough to call you out on your BS?

Rumor4228d ago

used to be a wii only owner, only good games were metroid, tp and brawl. give or take wii sports.

now im a pswii owner, but my wii is now collecting dust coins, and friend codes with the termites

HobbsCanuck4228d ago

I use my Wii usb ports to charge my PS3 controllers.