What's In a Name?

DualShockers writes:

Ever wonder where developers come up with the names of their games? Gaming titles have to be not only catchy, but also marketable. Would Mario be as popular if his name was Harold? What if Bioshock was simply known as Underwater City in Big Trouble?

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taz80804231d ago

at times a title can make you wonder what the pot will be and at other times make you wonder why they named it that in the first place? Perhaps one of the most unique titles has to be the Ballad of Gay Tony, expansion for GTA.

Chadness4231d ago

A title may or may not have anything to do with that specific game, just depends. ;) Take Final Fantasy, for example. It has no relevance really to each specific game, it was named that because the very first FF title was expected to be the only one...heh.

4225d ago