European God of War III site launched

Sony just launched the european God of War III site.

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sinncross4222d ago


'breathing levels as tall as the Empire State Building'

lol cool

Hyrius4222d ago

Yeah can't wait to see a new video.

ico924222d ago

hopefuly they will reveal a god of war collection release date in the eu

Carl14124222d ago

Only about 7 months behind SCEA. Good effort, Sony Europe

tdrules4222d ago

i have never played God Of War but I'm buying the collection thing when it comes out in EU day one!!

ikkeweer4222d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

This collection is more fun then alot of games released last year.
But don´t have sympathy for your controller on 1 though, nor for your fingers.
2 is milder on both, but still makes you hate them freaking doors.
I just hope Demon´s Souls gets released in the EU

Ravage274221d ago

there this part where you have to slap the analog stick from left to right repeatedly when you get turned into stone...i really thought i broke it after what i did lol.

And yes, even for a PS2 game GOW:C puts all action games i've played on the PS3 to shame, and kind of makes you realize how much other games rip off from the GOW formula.

deshon094222d ago

supposes to show the new stuff

Blaze9294222d ago

This month if I'm correct. Seems the embargo for media blowout on a lot of games are being lifted this month.

callahan094222d ago

Yeah I just came here to ask that same question. Last month I kept hearing about this awesome mind-blowing new footage that regular folks like us couldn't see until January, but when in January! I'm getting a bit antsy, can't wait to see it.

Hyrius4222d ago

Embargo lifts January the 18th.

fucadastates4222d ago

funny at the bottom.

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Doc Sony4222d ago

Copy/Paste job gone wrong :)

PirateThom4222d ago


Naughty Dog take over God of War III development!

CapBash_fonRosenberg4222d ago

I want this game so bad!Its looking reallly good, cant wait to have it in my hands.

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