Gears 3 Needs Army Of Two Features To Revolutionize Gameplay HipHopGamerShow 1/3/2010

1. EA Guest Stars On The HipHopGamerShow
2. Sports Games Making Use Of Natal And Sony's Gem
3. The Mark Of Kri Returns?
4. Game Review - Wanted: Weapons Of Fate (7.5 out of 10) Decent Game

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mrv3214223d ago

Someone took the advice of not using Sony in the title or 'much' flaimbait.

Now so long as this article doesn't get ghost approves it will be a good article one I'll approve.

I also agree with the Wanted score from the demo is felt mediocore but not broken.

snipermk04223d ago

The idiot on a stick returns.

MUNKYPOO4223d ago

whats a sunday without hiphopgamer?

Blaze9294223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

Did we play the same Army of Two? That demo for the 40th Day was TERRIBLE. If Gears EVER picked up on any of Army of Two's features then that would be the day I stopped playing Gears.

Cover system isnt even a cover system, aiming is terrible, weapon customization is cool but dunno if that would fit for Gears as it'd be kind of pointless, co-op is already there, "crab running" is already there, drop-in-drop-out co-op doesn't work becuase if someone quits or disconnects then the game is over.

Blah, get out of here. Army of Two was fun but the 40th Day is just terrible.

Staircase4223d ago

I can't stop agreeing with you 100% on everything.

mrv3214223d ago

Some disconnected on my Army of two game so I had to play and thus I had to rewatch the 5 minute cutscene that sucks.

Rock Bottom4223d ago

How can a game "Revolutionize" Gameplay by "copying" another game's features?!!

The logic behind this is way out of my league, someone please explain.

Government Cheese4223d ago

I love how people come in here to criticize HHG, yet the only thing they are doing is helping him by getting him more hits lol.

The Creep4223d ago

sometimes i wonder if he was dropped on the head as a youth

Sitdown4223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

Bubbles...I enjoy an individual who shares my logic.

@Government Cheese
From my understanding, he only gets hits if you go to his website...and those around N4G know that he usually gives you enough in his titles where you don't have to watch his videos. I personally have yet to go to his website or watch any of his videos, I just let the madness unfold before me. That's not to say his videos are bad, its just that it is not that serious to me that I need to watch a video of what often times is speculation and over the top opinions....I'll wait for other outlets to confirm the material.

evrfighter4223d ago

"yet the only thing they are doing is helping him by getting him more hits lol."

actually as long as they don't click the source link he doesn't get a hit. Now if his ego is fed with how many degrees his n4g article gets then...that's pretty sad. I'm actually pretty positive this is the case though.

I usually browse the comments section to his articles for entertainment but have only ever went to his site once.

Hisiru4223d ago

But if Army of Two is already using those features how can Gears 3 REVOLUTIONAIE using something that was already used?

Persistantthug4223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

The more you click and comment here, the higher his degrees get and the more popular HIPHOPGAMER becomes on N4G. Since N4G is a very popular site amongst the gaming industry, the more popular HHG is here, the more chance and likelihood people will click and visit http://hiphopgamershow.ning...

In essence, your dislike of HHG, even at this very moment, has helped catapult HIPHOPGAMER and his show to internet stardom. This is why he is literally an internet celebrity.

Like him or not, he continues to accelerate and make a name for himself and his site in spite of hardships and a man, I honor that.... and that is what America is truly about.

Saaking4223d ago

Gears 2 was a disappointment. they need to fix a lot of issues.

DMason4223d ago

I honestly didnt think Army of Two could get any worse, but it has. How could they seriously take a step backward. Not many liked the first one, but I enjoyed playing it coop with a buddy.

If Gears took ideas from Army of Two, I'd most definitely not pick up the next iteration.

HHG, you sir are the worst. I think the reason most people visit these comments is because they're completely baffled at how you come up with this trash.

sunnygrg4223d ago

I lol'd at the part where:

EA Guy: You can create a mask and then upload it to your character and you can see it as you play the game.

HHG: Thats is Craaazy right there, like who thought of that?

EA Guy: (pauses) ..uhh we all did.

Bigpappy4223d ago

I guest the gamer show wasn't working out. If you are going to use army of two to show how to improve Gears, you need to get some more sleep, then come back and re-read your headline. I have no desire to click on the like to hear how AOT can improve Gears. It sounds ........ what's the word ......... Stupid!

Blaster_Master4223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

hiphopgamer is the bomb. While every so called "credible gaming media sites" are taking a break for two weeks not even playing games, HHG is on every Sunday, rain, sleet , or snow staying true to his formula. Its getting to the point where I dont trust anybody but him when it comes to reviews and just overall opinion about games. BTW, Army of Two is better then gears. Way better. The first one was just too short.

Bnet3434223d ago

Army of Two sucked so uhh yeah.

nogolis4223d ago

This guy playing games over the last 2 weeks while others are taking a break has nothing to do with staying true to anything. It just means he's got $#*T to do and is a sad 30 something' dude with nothing better to do than sit in front of a shoddy camera and exploit himself for monetary gain.

As for Army Of Two being better than Gears; it could be. I never played them. If Gears wants to improve I'm sure Epic will look deeper into their own development teams skills and talents than others, though. Just my two cents.

Government Cheese4223d ago

Then just stop coming to his articles. If his articles never get above 40 degrees, they never make it to the front page, and therefore his actual site traffic would decline dramatically..

Bungie4223d ago

WTF Gears Revolutionize TPS with it's gameplay and cover system just like Halo Revolutionize FPS

"Gears 3 Needs Army Of Two Features To Revolutionize Gameplay"

WTF lololololololololololololololo l

socomnick4223d ago

When is n4g going to ban this idiotic site. Seriously, you are losing your credibility n4g.

Sitdown4223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

Here is the thing that you are not factoring in...just because his article increase in degrees, that does not necessarily translate into more people clicking on his website. As I said, I have yet to go to his website...I can get all the information I need from his videos from the first couple of posts.....and you can tell from others post, that they do the same thing. That's the value of summaries...I can determine whether or not I need to clink the link to find out more...and as I stated, his titles speak a the point where I do not need to click that link. Ohhh, and you will find no where that I said I dislike him....his grind is not taking away from my life, so I have no reason to dislike him...especially since I have the choice on whether or not I invite him into my world.

"and that is what America is truly about. " Haha, are you serious?

RememberThe3574223d ago

All this attention given to someone people claim to hate. You guy just make yourselves look hypocritical buy giving Hiphop so much attention telling people not to give him attention.

You guys are always good for a laugh.

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InFAMOUS14223d ago

Is this title a sign of things to come in 2010? Less flame bait??

mrv3214223d ago

Or an off day. I theory is that next week the title will be

'Sony goes bust in my opinion and stops selling PS3 in my opinion... also the PS3 is fail and the Wii is the graphics king.'

That would get more hits than the Megan Fox play with you article(On MW2).

InFAMOUS14223d ago

HAHAHAHAHA too funny!!

"Uncharted2 coming to the 360 because Microsoft told me"

"Halo Reach will see 800 Million copies day 1, leaves Sony and Nintendo scratching their heads"

"Game Review: Army of Two: 40th Day 27/10 EXCELLENT GAME (EA was on my show today)

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mac4u104223d ago

Hiphop stop making things up about Natal or the Sony Gem.
If you don't have some decent news for your viewers then just move on to the game review or gamers in the street. You also need to be more professional on interviews e.g. developers

Im not a hater, just giving good advise


deadreckoning6664223d ago

HHG, when will you review Bayonetta? Im getting it on Tuesday, but I wanna hear your opinion on it. Good show as usual.