The Wii's Greatest Competition: PC Gaming

Every once in a while, an article is published that discusses the fall of PC gaming. A recent article at ran with the introductory heading, "Is Microsoft Trying to Kill PC Gaming?" Yet instead of devolving over the years into a second-rate sidekick of console gaming, PC gaming has been picked up by Microsoft as its overlooked secret weapon against Sony and Nintendo. Is Microsoft killing PC gaming? Far from it, they're using it as the tool that will potentially save the Xbox 360, making PC gaming and Microsoft's XNA programming framework one of the Nintendo Wii's most subtle and deadly threats.

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Sully9074731d ago

The Wii and the PC are completely different types of gaming machines,What a rediculous article.

Mike134nl4731d ago

maybe you should read the article first, they're not comparing the consoles but more their market share.

Didn't Microsoft sell 10 millon Xbox 360's instead of 5 million mentioned in the article?

Maddens Raiders4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

ummm..yeah right. Market share / shmarket mare - w/e

I just wonder what all of these "writers" are going to say when the wii DOES slow down. Oh's going to happen. I'm not wishing bad on Reggie & Miyamoto, I'm just saying that these sales WILL not continue ~ not practical to get caught up in the wii hype. Markets change and right now the market is going through a dynamic in the video games and consoles sector which lends more people attention and dollars to afford the wii. I mean these people aren't buying the 360 in droves either. I'm sorry - I've just got to re-iterate it, but I don't believe that the large, I mean LARGE numbers of "traditional - hardcores" like myself and probably you reading this -- have just magically shriveled up, blown away and dumbed ourselves down to Wii-glorious status. There is no way I will be convinced that the "Console Hog" generation has gone away. Uh-uh.

If anything, as aformentioned, the market is determining the winner at this point. Price, price, price, and availability of games in a reasonable and monetarily pragmatic way. The wii is cheap and accessible to people right out of the box without any major living room upgrades or SPU's or Cores, and all the rest of the psycho-babble that goes along with the Big Boys at SNE and MS.

Even with the PS3 and 360 one needs to invest more oney into the goodies that make these machines shine. The older generation (like myself) still hold on hard to our "Console Hog" roots and we're early adopters. We are the ones that keep the "traditional values of gaming alive."

Some of us have kids ~ some of us don't, and when trying to satisfy the little ones and (shut them the hell up) pacify them, the Nintendo wii carries a familiar name from our OWN childhoods and we pass this along to our kids. It's not practical at this point in time right now to blow $2,000 - 4,000 USD on a proper gaming rig setup. It will come, but not yet. And for all of those telling yourselves, "Well the war will be over before it gets going because of the wii", well think again.

This is a nex-gen war. Which in turn is succeptible to nex-gen problems, markets, technologies, solutions and a different set of dymnamics when it comes to gaming and game purchases. This is a new age where we've been given unprecedented choices for gaming and electronic applications to run them. A lot of this is still brand new and people are still adapting to this wonderful emerging market.

We're not in the "bit-battle" days anymore. We are in a battle for control of the living room and the wii can only provide a limited amount of that potential. I.E...The wii will be able to babysit a room full of kids for a certain amount of time but how long will it babysit adults on a Friday night as they snuggle up with some wii bowling or boxing. Probably not very long. I know from personal experience that Wii tennis can make people happy for a while ~ mix in some wii bowling and it get a little sweaty on the living room flooor, but to say that everyone is staying there all night glued to those games is ludicrous. I mean they're fun games but they're not THAT fun. Let's be serious here. I'm not even going to discuss things like graphics, because it's just like beating a dead horse.

Don't get me wrong, I love wii boxing. It's a cool little game, but it's not gonna get me off of the couch raising a beer in glorious defeat of Mickey Ward at the hands of Arturo Gatti in the 10th!

I understand where the Ninty defenders are gonna rail and say, "that's all people need!", but it's not. The 360 and PS3 offer almost "too much" of a good thing it seems right now and people will move on these offerings and make them the staple of gaming as time goes on as early as this Christmas. Look, no one can take away what Ninty has done in the first 7 months or so out of the gates, but you've got to dissect the hype and trust your gut. My gut gives me a strange premonition that Ninty has outsmarted themselves with this very simple system and that it will come back to bite them in a few months either with the introduction of a new beefier system which would go against their initital philosophy (remember Ninty vs. SNE is all philosophical vs. ideological), or just market saturation from selling so many units to people without any innovations in the gameplay or heavy third party support. These are just my observations, and of course I could be wrong. But I've been in this business for a long time and just don't see this current iteration of console from Nintendo going the distance in this day and age. It truly is an anomaly and a lot of fun to watch. I guess we'll stay tuned!


ChickeyCantor4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

"This is a nex-gen war."

Funny...i thought it was called CURRENT-gen already but you live in the past XD

Also keep in mind that Nintendo might be the KEY to new gamers for all 3 console.

o yeah : "These are just my observations, and of course I could be wrong"

just like these "writers", so what would you say when YOU are wrong [I just wonder what all of these "writers" are going to say when the wii DOES slow down]?

What they are doing is the same you did with this post...