VentureBeat: The top 10 video game stories of the year

VentureBeat writes: "Here's a look back at our 10 biggest stories covering the video game market this recession

1. Video games aren't recession proof.

At the beginning of 2009, it looked like the console video game industry was defying gravity. Sales in the first two months were up, according to market researcher NPD. Analysts believed that a "cocooning" effect would protect sales, as consumers would stay indoors more and not spend as much money going out. But in March, sales fell 16 percent compared to a year earlier. After that, it was pretty much downhill. Even in November, when everyone predicted price cuts and the launch of big titles would send the industry into a positive year-over-year comparison, sales still fell 7 percent. And that was despite the smashing success of Modern Warfare 2, the fastest-selling game in history. Sales on the Nintendo Wii and the Nintendo DS, which provided almost all of the growth in 2008, were disappointing."

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