Confirmed - Call Of Duty 4 will support DX9/10

PCGamer a swedish magazine recently had a interview with Infinity Wards own Grant Collier. Among the usual chat on COD4 he also confirmed that DX9/10 will be included in the PC version of COD4....

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id dot entity4732d ago

I think that every major title will be supporting DX10 in any way in the near future. "Future proof".

Omicronn4731d ago

Heck, im just glad their is a PC version this time around. This is one of those games i just like playing the story line too from my desk when escaping from the world.

ShiftyLookingCow4731d ago

there is no way I am getting 360 version of Call of Duty or Unreal Tournament, my PC will do a better job and ofcourse for the mods

Omicronn4731d ago

I'm debating the pc and ps3 version for Unreal only if they might play against against each other. (cant remember if it was a rumor or truth)

I loved UT99 on PC, one of my favorite games of all time.

Never got into Shooters on consoles till Halo and now resistance/halo even if i cursed at how slow you moved in them when i first started compared to old UT/halflife days.

I would buy both pc/ps3 just to test around how much better I do from pc to console playing against my pc friends.