IGN: Batman: Arkham Asylum – The Case Against Detective Mode

I know you've been getting this a lot on IGN, but Batman: Arkham Asylum is one of the best games of 2009. The action, the story, the setting, the Mark Hamill, and everything else came together to make not only the best comic book game of all time but a game anyone should be happy to have in their collection.

All that said, Detective Mode sucked.

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pixelsword4220d ago (Edited 4220d ago )

If they used sound cues for you to depend on when to come around a corner and attack someone and having to look at footprints and having to see which ones were whom during what moment, that game would've done poorly; not because of the game mechanics, but because they probably couldn't pull it off well. You know, since the majority of the game is being played in a BIG DARK POORLY-LIT MANSION AT NIGHT and all. Batman was trained in Ninjitsu, his detection skills are in theory far above the common police officer, much more so than the common gamer. Using just what Batman would've usually used would've failed; so they invented detective mode instead of failing.

Just like this article did.

Greywulf4220d ago

Its a great feature, I mean you are BATMAN. I can't imagine it would be as interesting if you got stuck all the time. Its always a mystery how batman is always at the right place at the right time, but I think it kinda helps make that part of batman lore a bit more realistic & grounded into reality.

He has all these great gadgets.

ThatArtGuy4220d ago

is what MADE the game. To criticize it in this way is just ridiculous. I don't think most people are up to Sherlock Holmes level of detecting like Batman is.

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