Does Xbox 360 really need Halo Reach to survive 2010?

GB writes: "Folks we have an exciting year ahead for Video Games. Sony undoubtedly has the best exclusives in the bag with a plethora of great games. Where does Xbox 360 fit in such a scenario? Many say that Halo: Reach is one of the biggest games that Microsoft has in 2010. Yes I would agree to that but it's not the only game that is coming out on the Xbox 360 this year."

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RedDragan4224d ago

Is that Halo will only sell discs. It is not a system seller.

The reason for this is because anybody who wants to play Halo: Reach already owns an Xbox 360.

Splinter Cell is also available on PC, and PC gamers will not buy a 360 to play a game that looks better on a system they already have.

And with Natal, the only footage we have seen with a normal 360 type game is the video of Natal being tested on Half-Life 2 from the Orange Box but that is heavily suspected to be fake.

Microsoft maight sell consoles all year, but the install base will probably stay the same as those sales are simply replacing faulty equipment and piracy bans.

Aquarius4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

the flopbox seemed like it was already dead in the year's like it never existed.

M$ had to ban existing consoles because the damm thing wasn't selling and they had pricecuts which spanned over 4 months which I find absolutely disgraceful.

FAILO 6 is already finished development just like FAILO ODLC before it but M$ has to beg Bungie to put the game on HOLD. PATHETIC.

2010 is the year the 360 SHALL BE NO MORE.

HYPTAL will be the BIGGEST flop of the decade.

commodore644224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

@ #1

" Microsoft's biggest problem...
Is that Halo will only sell discs. It is not a system seller. "

How exactly is that a problem, dude?
MS already has a sizeable install base, and hardware sales are far from poor. On the contrary!

WHats more, MS reputedly only make small profits on their console sales, yet their console-software sales are making tidy profits for the division overall, and have done so for two years straight.

Contrast this to the ps3, where lossmaking hardware sales are up but software sales (eg UC2) remain *relatively* stagnant.
Sure, selling 2 million of UC2 is great, but it ain't no money earner like Halo3....

It boils down to this:
When MS sells more Discs, they make more profit.
When Sony sells more Systems, they make more losses.

Surely, you can see that selling discs is a good thing, for both companies, irrespective of all else?
Here's hoping..

JonnyBadfinger4223d ago

Halo world wide will probably sell more disc world wide, but GT5 will give a HUGE HUGE HUGE boosts to an already rapidly growing PS3 community in Europe.

And its (GT5) still the only PS3 game that could push me towards a PS3 purchase... i just want to actual gameplay and REAL screen shots of GT5 before i go and get my pre-order... so i will be leaving it very late until i get the game anyway.

Omega44224d ago

No the 360 doesnt need Halo: Reach to survive it will be the biggest software seller in 2010 without a doubt but Natal, a price cut and a redesigned 360 is enough to cause the 360 to sell through the roof.

Plus the 360 got a ton of well known exclusives coming out throughout the year to help it as well

RedDragan4224d ago

GT5 will be biggest seller of the year, not Halo: Reach.

Omega44224d ago

Sorry but NO

GT4 sold only 10ml with 140ml userbase. Halo 3 sold 10ml with a 25ml or less userbase so GT dont stand a chance, but it will come a decent second :)

Oh and if you think im lying about GT numbers:

NotSoSilentBob4224d ago

Omega4 you realize that the Halo3 hype train was so big because of the Console generation being so young at the time? ODST sold what 8mil? little more little less?

Halo is having the same decline as guitar hero games. Each one is starting to sell less and less because it is not showing Innovation. GT with each game has done the same with adding more and more content. Now since GT has online races with Damage it will hit the masses. Now you don't have to have 2 people sitting next to each other racing, or drag a few Tvs into a room and hook up network cables to race. It is just like Forza 3 but actually has a good amount of cars right out of the store.

mrv3214224d ago

Assume much?

A redisgned 360 and a PRICE CUT. Ok next year Sony will win because the PS3 will be 1000000000 times more powerfull than all super computer put together thanks to a firmware update. See what I did their? ASSUME. I honestly don't believe the PS3 will be made 100000000 more powerful but I can assume.

And for that assumtion you shall walk with your head on backwards through hell for in this life your a harbringer and in the next YOU SHALL BE punished.

How will Natal seel the 360? Sure people will buy it on the 360 but when you walk into a store and want motion controlls you think Wii NOT 360.

'Plus the 360 got a ton of well known exclusives coming out throughout the year to help it as well'

So will the PS3 and 360... infact I honestly believe the 360 will have the least exclusives at retail next year

Bungie4224d ago

no the 360 doesn't need Halo Reach to win 2010

Halo Reach is just for OWNAGE

Omega44224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

"Each one is starting to sell less and less" NotSoSilentBob you just fail

Its more than an assumption its a very well placed educated guess. MS stated they were relaunching and re-branding the 360 with Natal this year and they cant do that unless they change the console itself. Cause a 360 with Natal built in wont look the same thats a fact.

MS are giving Natal an ad campaign the same size as the 360 launch which i think is bigger than Halo 3's and if they could make the game that everyone says is utter crap sell 3ml+ in 24hours how well do you think Natal will fair?

People are still buying Wiis which means not everyone has brought their motion controlled console yet MS just gotta grab those people and they are in.

PirateThom4224d ago

Rebranding =/= redesigning

How would a 360 with a built in Natal work anyway?

You're talking about putting a camera directly into a console? That's terrible design.

Harry_Manback4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

The Xbox has ALWAYS needed Halo.

Perkel4224d ago

@ Omega4

Halo Reach will sell good but i don't think that anything compare to GT5...

GT5: Prologue Sold 4,2mln + and it's just a "prologue" i know looots of m friend who didn't buy prologue because they wait for full version.

Also you didn't consider that GT3 sold aprox. 15mln !! And it was releaased 1 year after ps2 premiere.

Spin it all you want but Sony platform GT is bigger system seller than halo for xbox..

tonsoffun4224d ago

Just what exactly does the sales of GT5 have to do with reach? Nowt, but some peeps with their own little agendas seem to think there is. I guess we will just have to wait and see what actually sells the most. BUT I will say this as a cert - Halo:Reach will have the bigger release, now wether or not that's a good thing, who knows, but it will have the biggest release. Besides, both set of 'fans' act as though they have a vested interest in the sales figures of the games - do you actually get a share of the profits? Nope.

Both games are from totally different genres.....its like comparing apples to oranges. WTF?!?!


Now, while there will be a rebranded 360 packaged with Natal...but they are not gonna redesign a 360 to include it - I agree with Piratethom - there would be no point, it wouldn't work.

4224d ago
sikbeta4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

I'll make you remember about that post you made, not to OWN you, just to remember what it's a SELF-OWNAGE lol

Ragz0174224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

when gt3 came out ps2's user base was much smaller than the current ps3 userbase.. and that game sold 15mn in it's lifetime..

gt5 will be the best selling ps3 game.. gow3 can give it some competition though.. cause gow 1 and 2 sold well even though they were pirated like sh1t..

4Sh0w4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

360 has alot going for itself right now, anybody who thinks that without Halo Reach in 2010 that 360 would not survive or have a great year doesn't know much about gaming. Halo CE is perhaps the biggest reason that the XBOX brand became a legit console instead of one of those fly by night nitch market consoles that have appeared from time to time in gaming but fizzled out and YES, the XBOX 360 owes much of its begining success to Halo, since hardcore 360 fans bought 360 for the most part because they knew Halo 3 would hit sooner or later but at this point Halo's involvement on 360 platform is only an incentive, a plus, most Gamers enjoy or want a 360 for so many other reasons, in fact I would say XBOX Live is THE biggest reason many people still game on 360, which is weird when you think about it since its an added cost and PSN is almost just as good+free, but in end Live has been around longer, and the way microsoft has the infastructure setup, it has built a stronger connection with gamers, there are alot of little things Live does that makes the experience as a whole more seemless and thus its a defining point for the 360, lol it doesn't hurt to have a strong library with a variety of games to help gamers turn on their 360's in the first place.

mrv3214224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

'ts more than an assumption its a very well placed educated guess. MS stated they were relaunching and re-branding the 360 with Natal this year and they cant do that unless they change the console itself.'

RE-BRANDING... is not and has never been redesign. For example is the PS3 slim a rebranding of the PS3? NO... it's still the same blu-ray home centre gaming console. A RE-BRANDING means you are changing the way the console is seen either by ads or releases. By rebranding the console and this is more than a 'educated guess' this is FACT they are making the 360 more family friendly.

Oh wait... last I checked Natal works with ALL 360's it's a plug-in like the Eyetoy it's not a new console.... IT'S ANOTHER M$ add-on.

EDIT: On the exclusive front Omega4 list me ALL the 360 exclusive games with a FALL '10 or earlier release date. Go on. Or are you scared I'd list more?

Staircase4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

God no, Natal is going to be a huge flop. Considering the 360s demographics, i can't imagine many people even being interested, let alone paying the (probably) huge price for it. I just can't see any reason this will do well. Yes the technology is incredibly interesting. Yes it does look like fun to use. But what kind of 13-20 year olds are gonna beg their parents for Milo next Christmas? None.

Natal aside, no the 360 does not need Reach to survive. Anyone who looks at the 360s lineup for more than 5 seconds should be able to realize this.

Wxer24224d ago

"Does Xbox 360 really need Halo Reach to survive 2010?"


mikeslemonade4224d ago

I rather play Natal than Halo Reach. Halo Reach is a FPS. It's not going to innovate, change, or be the forefront for the shooter genre. Natal is actually something that is different than what i've been playing the last few years even though it's a eye toy 1.5.


What planet do you live on.....

Xeoset4224d ago

Halo 3: Sold 12 million to 26 million users.
Halo 3: ODST: An 'add-on' sold around 8 million to 30 million users.
GT4: Sold around 9 million to 140 million users.

Bonus round -
God of War, God of War II and God of War: Collections has sold 4 million to 165 million users.

The Xbox 360 has a ton of epic looking exclusives coming. Reach is just a cherry on the bun.

Skip_Bayless4224d ago

Yea, but what does game software sales have anything to do with keeping the 360 competitive. If Halo Reach released in 2009 it wouldn't have made that much difference in sales. Price is the main driver for the 360 system sales. And Natal is 2nd.

Cold 20004224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

For people who are so confident that they are going to "own" 2010, I do found the Sony camp very nervous.

Why the need to come preach in every 360 thread in such great numbers. I dont see many 360 fans up in here. Only Sony diehards trying to convince each other.

Oh well whatever.

off topic: Mass Effect 2, January 26 :D. And that's just the beginning of the goodness :)

SoX FireBlade4224d ago

i don't think GT5 will outsell halo : reach

halo is getting bigger and bigger and halo 3 odst wasn't a real sequel

yes GT3 sold 15M but from what i see ps2 exclusives sold much better than ps3 exclusives

GT5: prologue was cheap and it was bundled too

and the MS marketing is really strong

according to VGchartz the preorders now for GT5 is around 25K and GOW3 is around 125k

Halo : reach 12k and the release date is in fall 2010

thats for american pre-orders im sure GT5 has more in europe

mastiffchild4224d ago

Well, it's a stupid question to start with and not one I thought anyone would be dim enough to ask. both 360 and PS3 have great exclusives coming out of every orafice and both would survive 2010 with or without Reach(360) or GT5(PS3) wouldn't they?

The big difference between the two titles is that 360 has already had it's Halo system sales while not all of GT's fans bit for Prologue as it wasn't ever intended to be a full game so as a system seller I imagine that this time round GT5 stands to make Sony a lot more PS3 sales than Reach does 360 sales for MS. Whatever, though, they're both important but not vital to already healthy lists of exclusives with Sony's second biggest system seller(or that's what you'd think) coming out this year in GOW3 and MS finally having big hitters like much delayed, promised launch title Alan Wake and the big, good looking reboot of SC:C to fall back on.

Add in crackdown2, ME2, TLG, MNR(amazing beta-astounding-really surprised me after messing around at a friends as I didn't think much til I had and now I'm all over it!), HR, R3 as great exclusives on both sides of the fence(with loads still to come no doubt!)with all the amazing multis led by Bayonetta, Darksiders, DI and Bioshock2why would either console need ONE game no matter how big to survive what looks a bumper year even now?

With there being a bunch of Wii games(Epic Mickey looks cool(and I hate Disney usually!), SMG2, Metroid Other M, CCCB, The Grinder and maybe a new Zelda by Xmas)I'm also hyped for right now it looks like they'll all be doing fine in 2010 but we'll all be very poor if we play even half of the games we like the look of, no?

Then there's all the games I'd rather play on PC(Metro33 is what's on my mind most afyter seeing the PC version!)or that will be exclusive to it to tempt us too! Dunno what's happening with Deus Ex3 tbh-I've seen it listed for PC/PS3 and 360 and as a PC only release for example and there's a few like that but with D3 and SC2 coimg everywhere we look there's big and small releases of amazing quality in store for all gamers.

Even on the yhandhelds the pace isn't slowing any though there COULD be a PSP2 at E3(IMO)or even a big DS redesign! Thenwe have the two new motion control peripherals from Sony and MS and the likelihood of one game being vital to either looks just as daft as it should do, doesn't it? there's almost too much to think about let alone buy and I've not scratched far below the very surface. Does 360 need Reach to survive? Do I NEED Tandoori Chicken every thursday dinnertime?No, but it makes ,myt world taste that little bit better as a result of it being there-same damn thing.

SilentNegotiator4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

GT3 sold almost 15 million and it released only a year after the PS2 released.

"For people who are so confident that they are going to "own" 2010, I do found the Sony camp very nervous"
You're pretty obsessed with this console war thing.

"Halo 3: Sold 12 million to 26 million users"
Correction: 10 million to 35 million users.

mrv3214224d ago

Everyone says

'Their a ton of exclusives'

But no one list them. LIST THEM.


Final Fantasy XIII has sold 1.5 million to 4.33 million consoles not bad if you ask me. In it's FIRST MONTH! So yeah, I believe that's the logic side of the argument.

But hey, your fanboys you don't understand logic.

Aquarius4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

You better be careful Mass Effect doesn't set your 360 on fire :D

It wasn't funny; really? Well you better hope your 360 does not scratch disc 2 so you waste your money. ;)

Cold 20004224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

That wasnt funny, because RROD jokes are really stale now.

But yeah, Im gonna be on fiiire when ME2 launches :)

darkmurder4224d ago

Nope I want Alan Wake over Reach but the 360s lineup is very strong next year unlike this years.

Chubear4224d ago

What, where are you guys getting info that ODST sold 8mill to date? Last I checked in nov., it hadn't gotten to the 3mill mark. Pls, help me out with info on this (not bloody VGC) with a link or something, thanks.

mac4u104224d ago

"Natal" are u being serious.

NotSoSilentBob4224d ago

Halo will only out sell GT5 in America only. But then again 360 fans only care about the USA cause that's where the majority are. But WORLD WIDE Gran Turismo 5 will outsell read with out much effort.

mint royale4224d ago

Have a look in your arse Chubear, thats where you get most of your information from.

Bigpappy4224d ago

I don't pretend to see the future. I will only may one prediction based purely on vibe I get from talking to fellow 360 owners: Halo Reach will out sell Halo3. Halo Reach is not ODST. The anticipation for reach is much higher. Reach was sold as and expansion of Halo3. Reach is the next Halo. BBBig difference. As for GT5, I don't believe the fan-base for driving games and fighters are as big as they used to be, and the PS3 base is smaller than PS2. There is also talk of GT5 being released closer to the end of 2010. If they do, that will hurt the sales even more, as people outside the user-base would have too many other choices. This is also the time when the hype for Natal and Halo Reach will be crazy. Don't even try to think that GT5 can generate the hype like that 1-2 punch.
Natal though is the big question mark. I know it will sell well because the hype and newness of it is obvious, when people see it for the first time. The part that is not so obvious, is just how big of an impact it will make. The thing that would answer the question is the quality of casual games. If they could get a boxing game for Natal, a workout game that is fun (Rochet is actually a good start), a casino game, and an interactive dress-up game, they would sell millions more 360's for the holidays. I got a strong feeling about Natal. I have been wrong before.

PirateThom4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

In the US maybe.

Sony could leave a note on a pavement in Prague with thr GT5 release date on it and that would probably guarantee a couple of million sales in Europe. I think people really underestimate the selling power of the game in Europe. At last count, GT5P had sold over 2.5m in Europe alone.
The series, to date, has sold 25m in Europe, that's like half the series lifetime sales.

People really need to stop thinking in terms of "American sales" and start looking at the bigger picture.

Death24944224d ago

I loved halo since Halo2 on the Xbox. I love my ps3 and all, but i'm buy another 360 (3rd one) to play this game. Picture Halo: Reach on this.....

Greywulf4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

Halo will come and go. The Advertising campaign will be bigger than the games length, CGI commercials will have nothign to do with the gameplay, and all of a sudden, Grey & Brown will be perfectly fine. The online will have the same amount of players due to the 360's peaked hardware. And we will all move on, just like we have all moved on from all of Halo's concoctions. What 360 owners should be asking, is where are their games? Started off well for a year or two, but its clear the 360 was front loaded.

All of its ace in the hole 5+year development(the games u guys added every year as coming out, right next to HUXLEY lol) games are finally going to land in different shape than they were hyped to begin with. Alan Wake & Splinter Cell. And SC is shipping without its most desired mode. Alan Wake is literally alone in the dark at this point, as far as the gameplay has shown, I'd love for someone to show me something unique about alan wake, today. The rest is multiplatform isn't it? 360 owners will enjoy a year just like 2009. 1 halo to hype, and the rest probably won't be hyped nearly as heavily as Halo.

PS3's exclusives are definitely bigger and more diverse than the 360's franchises, and of course, better quality than Microsoft is willing to put into its titles. All this "NATAL" talk, is just talk. You guys honestly think a camera gimmick is going to be huge in 2010? Its going to be fun to watch casuals ignore it for Nintendos next silly Wii add-on. That market belongs to the Wii. Putting your bets on natal is going to end hilariously for n4g.

The 360 had a good run, but MS didn't invest enough in actual game content. You guys are still going to be playing the same unreal engine games for the lifetime of the console, and the exclusives that take 5 years aren't at the same quality that PS3's titles, even the ones that take less time than that like Uncharted2. Even when they take 5 years, they come out as the best console technology out like Killzone2. Does it take that long to load a hallway?

Im sure 360 will sell well in North America, but its tiny lead here is diminished by its poor performance in other parts of the world. Your lineup for 010 also includes Fable3, u guys keep forgetting that one. The 360 isn't going to die, but as far as games, I'm sorry but sony's on paper lineup already trumps the 360's lineup. Halo can sell 40 million copies, its still.. Halo. 1 Franchise. And the other one is Gears? Which epic is pretending they wont rush out a 1.6 version of in 010. I'm just not sure how many times 360's can pat themselves on the back for having a drought of games, then buying something at the end of the year due to nothing else being out.

People are more invested in Halo Reach selling well, rather than wondering where their new ips are for a console. But maybe, the 360 owner doesn't really want new ips? But just.. multiplat games and Halo? Who knows. Maybe that activision guy is right about 1 console that plays certain games.

And Omega,

GT did those numbers in a sea of other PS titles doing numbers like that. The 360 only has 1 franchise that pulls in Halo #'s, and not a wide array of variety competing for Halo's $. 80% of Xbox owners bought it for Halo. PS2 owners didn't buy JUST for GT.Its like you guys always rally around Halo.. its been 2 consoles, and its still only Halo. Halo is well advertised with 30 million dollars... 1 game can't do much. Else Nintendogs would be #1.

I do agree with you though, Microsoft is going to have to throw the kitchen sink at the 360 to have it keep up with the PS3. Last time they banned 1 million people and dropped the price. 2010's going to be rushed Camera hardware, another halo, another price dro.. isn't there a pattern here? Sony *just* drops the price.

mint royale4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

@pirate thom

agreed. GT5 will do very well in Europe. Halo reach will do very will in NA. Result is they both have very even and high sales.

Im European and I will be getting GT5 day one!


DO you ever tire of writing propaganda speeches? I wish I had the time to care so deeply over a piece of electronics.. then again I'm glad I don't!

4224d ago
rezenu4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

Halo is what made the 360 the way it is today. Take that away and it has nothing.

Sure the 360 has other games but it's not going to attract anyone like the Halo brand.

What the 360 needs is some good first party games to go along with third party.

At least imo.

ShinRyuHadoken4224d ago

@cold 2000

"I dont see many 360 fans up in here. Only Sony diehards trying to convince each other."

Maybe cause PS3 Fanbase is bigger then 360 fanbase? :)

pixelsword4224d ago

The new engine Bungie is working on looks great for a game that's in Pre-alpha. I think this game will top all other Halo games except maybe the first one: if it tops the first one, I hope this is the beginning of a new page between Microsoft and Bungie, but you never can tell what the future will hold.

I am kinda sad about Reach possibly being Bungie's last Halo game.


(thinks about playing Halo: Combat Evolved...)

DevastationEve4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

Sony needs it :)

edit at greydude:

I C 2 bubbles...going going gone! And it certainly doesn't help your case that you consider Natal rushed, it's been in the works for quite some time and honestly doesn't need as much time as something like a console would.

And as far as Microsoft not investing in Xbox 360's future, they've been SO behind it right from the start. They've been:

*nabbing former PlayStation exclusives, as well as keeping those companies interested in releasing future titles for Xbox 360
*keeping Bungie on their toes to keep Halo fans happy
*getting great companies like Bioware and 2K Games to build some of the best games this gen, even if they become timed exclusives
*keeping Xbox Live fresh with updates to both its interface and its features

Microsoft didn't have ANYTHING easy this gen. Not even the so-called purchased deals. The only easy thing for them was that because they built the Xbox 360 experience with the gamer in mind they'll continue to have customers.

NoBias4224d ago

It doesn't solely need Reach to survive 2010. Especially with Mass Effect 2, Splinter Cell Conviction and Alan Wake coming out. There's a reason why they're saying 2010 will be a very HUGE year for gaming on both consoles.

A LOT of AAA titles are being released (360 & PS3).

SaberEdge4224d ago

I'm really excited for the lineups of both consoles. They are both going to have great years.

That said, unlike last year where I saw more I wanted on the PS3 in terms of exclusives, this year there are more games on the 360 I want than on the PS3.

First of all, nothing on the PS3 this year is as big for me as Uncharted 2 was last year. Not by a long shot. I love Uncharted 2 like few games. God of War 3 is about as close as it gets, but the GOW series has always been one I really liked but never loved.

Mass Effect 2, alone, is as big to me as Uncharted 2 (maybe even bigger, and that's saying a lot). Also, in terms of critical reception and sales I think ME will eclipse God of War 3.

Out of Alan Wake and Heavy Rain I can say that I really want to play both, since I love games like that. However, I must admit that out of the two Alan Wake looks a little better because it seems to have the same narrative depth as Heavy Rain, but gives you more freedom in movement and gameplay.

The only other game I plan on buying on the PS3 is The Last Guardian and I am not entirely sure it will make it out this year. If it does make it out, I am sure it will be an excellent game just like past Team Ico games.

GT5 will be a big release, but doesn't personally appeal to me.

Honestly, many of the PS3 games this year seem like smaller releases with more limited appeal.

Just looking at Halo Reach and Mass Effect 2 I don't think the PS3 has anything that will quite have the impact of either of those two games alone. GT5 might, but I think going off past sales for games in the franchise is not a completely reliable indicator for many reasons. None of us really know, but I will throw my prediction out there that Halo Reach will have bigger sales than GT5 and Mass Effect 2 will have bigger sales than God of War 3.

As far as how good any of those games will be, well that is down to personal opinion and none of us are going to agree as to which games are better. I'm just saying that right now more games in the 360 lineup are appealing to me than in the PS3 lineup.

jetlian4224d ago

numbers are way off odst sold 4+ million halo 3 is at 10.5 million.
And GT3 sold 15 but it was packed in with every ps2 for 2+ years!
i think GT5 does have the recongnition to out sell reach. one way or the other both will sell about the same.

outside of that 360 other exclusives will out sell ps3's. it happened even in the so called slow 2009.

Saaking4224d ago

Not really. Anyone who wants Halo already has a 360 so it won't really boost sales, but it WILL make a lot of gamers happy. MS can survive without Halo, that's for sure. There's a lot of other games coming out next year.

el zorro4224d ago

How do you know Saaking? Halo Reach looks like an amazing game and I think it will attract some new people. Most people that get it will likely be the core 360 audience that already has a 360, but the same goes for God of War 3 and GT5. They aren't going to attract huge numbers of new gamers.

Every good game adds to a console's attractiveness. That much is not debatable.

3sexty rulzzz4224d ago

we don't need Halo Reach; Point Blank.

Jaces4224d ago

"GT4 sold only 10ml with 140ml userbase. Halo 3 sold 10ml with a 25ml or less userbase so GT dont stand a chance, but it will come a decent second :)"

So your saying since the userbase has increased that Halo Reach will sell more...? Perhaps a bit but mind you not everyone is a Halo fan let alone an FPS fan.

The fact that a racing sim sold that much (10 mil) is pretty impressive, anybody can get into an FPS but racing sims are a whole different story.

Anyway to answer the question, no it doesn't need Halo but it would be in a rough drought it Halo was never announced. That much is true.

GameGambits4224d ago

Microsoft NEEDS more first party studios pumping out games I can't get anywhere else that take advantage of the hardware. Not these available on 360 only for a few months before its upgraded PS3 version exclusives, and not these "also on PC" "exclusives."

Microsoft needs to just stop putting its big games on the PC as well if it wants to win me back in console gaming. Or at least wait a year or two before you go jump it over for some extra bucks in peoples wallets.

It'd be great if 360 came out at GDC or E3 to unveil more exclusives people want than the other consoles, but sadly that won't be the case. The focus here on out will be Halo: Reach, Alan Wake, and Splinter Cell after ME2 drops. They'll avoid admitting that only one of those is only found on 360 where as the others are on PC.

Shepherd 2144224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

Halo Reach will be great but 2010 doesnt need it, it has Mass Effect 2, Splinter Cell: Conviction, and Alan Wake, not to mention dozens of great multiplatform games too like Bad Company 2, Dead Rising 2, Dead Space 2 and Bioshock 2.. It will be a good year and i will be very broke from all the games i will buy. The 360 has a good line up for 2010 as does PS3.

edgeofblade4223d ago

Of course GT5 will sell very well. It's been FIVE years since the last game in the series...

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keysy4204224d ago

was not a sleeper hit, it hasd halo beta in it the game sucked balls

Double Toasted4224d ago

it doesn't need it, but its there for the...overdose!

mcnablejr4224d ago

microsoft has ALOT more money in its gaming division? It could buy out any ps3 developer if they werent on contract to sony.

Barbapapa4224d ago

yet their picking their own developers apart.

i wonder what will become of the age of empires series D:

Sunny_D4224d ago

Uhhh, wrong. Sony has been making a profit in their gaming division with all the systems they have. MS has been making revenue but not profit.

mxrider24224d ago

Then why did some of your godly xbox developers leave for sony when they heard about the ps3...