20° - Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Review

"Ultimately, the game has roundly disappointed expectations, but it remains however a fairly good choice for anyone who loves the Warhammer PvP or, preferably both. For others, it is advisable to use the trial period "infinite" launched recently by Mythic to promote the arrival of new players. Warhammer Online, however, will not be forgotten in the midst of games that have attempted to tackle World of Warcraft: its successes, Tome of Knowledge, Public Quests and the RvR concept, will probably copied by other titles, but especially His most dramatic failures can be analyzed in future projections.
In this sense, Mythic will give a big hand to the "big sister" Bioware, now heads the RPG / MMO to internal EA with its CEO Ray Muzyka: Star Wars The Old Republic can not afford to repeat the same mistakes if it wants achieve its very serious intentions to compete with Blizzard's titan."

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