Real Gamer: Tony Hawk: RIDE Review

Tony Hawk: Ride is something of a missed opportunity for Activision, they've produced a great controller and with an equally good game to support it they could have really been on to something. But sadly, Ride simply lacks the same quality providing and unimaginative playing experience that never seems to get out of the blocks and you may feel you've being taken for a ride with this game, especially considering its price!

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mastiffchild4223d ago

"Produced a great controller"??!? Oh, did they? So the half hour me and my little lad spent with the thing which responds as and when it wants and often in a completely random way despite being borne out by a million other people who suffered through part of the game was all imagined was it?

While the game itself sucks I'm not having you say the controller even works let alone that it's in even the slightest way "great" as it isn't. It's sh1t. End of.

4223d ago