Resident Evil 12" Deluxe Figures Confirmed for UK

As the next link in a chain of videogame-related action figures, it has been confirmed today that Capcom's Resident Evil will be releasing some brand new "deluxe figures" this March. Albert Wesker and Chris Redfield are the first two characters set to be released, and though the figures are undoubtedly set to be highly sought-after, they won't be coming cheap.

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Marcello4225d ago

160 quid !!! no thanks, i think would rather spend that on the up coming games like Bioshock 2, SC:Conviction & Pc version of AC:2

2cents4225d ago

they have lost the plot completely. £160 wtf, Each!!! get lost.

monkey6024225d ago

Oh wow the price is mental! Even I'm not that willing!

timestoby4224d ago

carried away with that price,but have you seen the thw gi joe ones lol. why cant they do some cool ones like a huge ass megaman or simon balmont,why this resi evil and theres nothing special about them

monkey6024224d ago

Wesker's elbow also freaks me out! What is going on there?!

4224d ago