Best of Alyx and FakeFactory´s Cinematic Mod

Some of the best screenshots of Alyx and FakeFactory´s Cinematic Mod (Half-Life 2).

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MagicAccent4231d ago (Edited 4231d ago )

I've always liked the fakefactory mod.
With the exeption of Alyx, because she just looks like a taiwanese prostitute, imo the antithesis of Alyx's character..

zagibu4231d ago

Yeah, Adriana Lima is hot, but I don't want to have her replace Alyx.

thereapersson4231d ago

Nowhere near as good-looking as the original model. Sure, it might looks "better", but it doesn't look better. (if you know what I mean)

xer04231d ago

Nice details BUT...

Why does she look white, when she's clearly of mixed race?
Ellie is black after all.

Connoro4231d ago

Yeah, I'm gonna have to agree with the majority here, this Alyx looks awful. Sure, they switched the model to that of a "more attractive" woman, but in doing so they've lost Alyx's entire appeal, and while I feel uncomfortable mentioning it, xer0 is correct, Eli is not Caucasian, so why is Alyx so white?

Ashriel4231d ago

Uhm I think I know why Alyx was made like that, it's called "cinematic mod" and she looks like a sexy whore character from any movie.

chak_4231d ago

latest beta release 10.10 contains iron sights.

As far as I played it's a welcome addition, changes gameplay and that's cool after that long.

one of my own little video showing IS in CM10.10

w0ngle4231d ago

whaat!? SMG is accurate?!!

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The story is too old to be commented.