Ninja Gaiden Sigma - 16 photos of real-life Rachel

Getting to play a final version of Ninja Gaiden Sigma is an attractive proposition, but when CVG caught wind that a real-life Rachel would be attending Eidos' event today they were there like a shot. Word has it that they flew the outfit in straight from Japan.

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OneBubbleBastard4739d ago

or this girl looks like a $2 hooker...

ItsDubC4739d ago

How exactly did you expect a real-life rendition of Rachel to look?

Hayabusa 1174739d ago

Doesn't Rachel look like a $2 hooker?

closedxxx4739d ago

Actually, they got the proportions all wrong...
They would have been better off grabbing a porn star with some huge fake 'uns

nicodemus4739d ago

I'd love to see if she could actually play this game/live longer than 5 minutes--considering it's one of the hardest xbox games I ever played... God, I bet she's awful...

right on DubC--In THAT leather outfit, unless she were completely butt ugly, she couldn't look like anything BUT a $2 hooker!

Marceles4739d ago

Looks like Rachel had a breast reduction...

Charlie26884739d ago

she looks nothing like Rachel! I vote for Michelle Marsh as Rachel! :D

Violater4739d ago

I have a pocket full of cash to send her way.
Her b00bs are no where near Rachel's.

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The story is too old to be commented.