The Decade's Top 17 Most Outstanding Devs

They are the life blood of the gaming industry and it just wouldn't feel right if we say goodbye to the past decade without recognizing them. If it were not for developers, gamers couldn't get to experience the memorable titles we've seen the last decade. I'm talking about the games that the media can't stop talking about. The ones gamers keep playing for years; even after ten years (Final Fantasy, God of War, Street Fighter anybody?). They get you excited, you want to take a vacation from work and play till you've completed the missions. You cry, laugh, you get scared, and sometimes your rage overwhelms causing you to throw the controller into that spanking new HD set.

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kratos1234231d ago

yes no nintendo go konami now give me zone of the enderz 3

Imtey4231d ago

I'm not a big fan of them, but you would think they would give honourable mentions to valve, bioware and nintendo? (Or just include them and have a top 20...)

sikbeta4231d ago


NO! Kojima Productions, OF COURSE

hay4231d ago (Edited 4231d ago )

I personally worship Kojima his team, and their creations. But there's a bug. Twin Snakes was a remake of MGS made by Silicon Knights. While being great, it strays away from awesomeness Kojima made.

Also this list is a bit half-as*ed. I won't deny how great Little Big Planet is, how mindblowing Killzone 2 is, Media molecule and Guerilla Games studios are still newcomers to the industry.

Team Ico in my personal list should be higher for incredible games and fresh, artistic take on gaming. In how many games you can say story is fantastic, where most of it is said without words?

Bungie despite revolution in FPP shooters(undoubtedly), slowly become one-trick-pony, which is a shame since Halo was great game, and Oni is one of my favs.
Bethesda, after fantastic Morrowind wasn't able to pull of anything close to it's success. Oblivion and F3 were boring and not as good as their predecessors.

Dice and Rockstar deserve more than some studios mentioned to be on the list. Seriously!

starvinbull4231d ago

EA? Pretty accurate apart from that omission.

cyberwaffles4231d ago

i agree with Kojima Productions. ND is awesome and are probably the kings for amazing set pieces and action sequences, but KP is still my favorite. MGS4 > Uncharted 2 just by a fraction.

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Batzi4231d ago

Totally agree. Kojima Productions are the best this gen.

user8586214231d ago

Hell Yh Kojima Productions!!! xD Cant Be The Epic Game That Is

BlackCountryBob4231d ago

I am no expert but they seem to have a bit of confusion regarding the difference between a developer and a publisher. Rockstar is about 10 different development teams worldwide and Ubisoft is a publisher like Capcom.

Other than that, the list is a bit weird but perhaps I am alone in getting a bit bored of the barrage of lists from small gaming sites being submitted as news. The subjective nature of a list makes them blog pieces, not news. If Miyamoto san publishes a top 10 list then I will care, until then, please stop treating stuff like this as if it is of the same importance as actual news.

Ridrick4231d ago

Bioshock was developed by 2K Marin, Borderlands by Gearbox. They saying both games were developed by 2K.

Rusco874231d ago

first, How random is top 17, and bring us MGS collection like the GOW collection

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The story is too old to be commented.