Anthony Maldonado, 9, stabbed to death over video game while visiting family in Harlem

He was killed over a game.

A 9-year-old boy visiting his family in Harlem sat down Saturday to play a video game starring his skateboarding hero, Tony Hawk.

By 3:30 a.m., play time had turned to horror.

Police said Alejandro Morales, 25, plunged a knife in the boy's chest, sending him staggering to his uncle's bedroom door.

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xskipperx824231d ago

this is sad but How the HELL is this a videogame related death?

Sonyslave34231d ago

he was murdered over a game

PirateThom4231d ago

As sad as that it, the headline is completely misleading.... and they keep mentioning games in the news article... but I can't find anything game related as the motivation, other than the fact they were both playing it.

xbox3flopteen4231d ago (Edited 4231d ago )

really fcking matter if the murder was linked to games.....I REALLY HATE THESE KIND OF NEWS...REALLY REALLY HATE...omg, i would destroy that assasing to the point he would stay alive without limbs and so on!!!!damn-it.(sry for this kind of a reaction to this) but i really sry for the parents of this lil guy, really sorry.

may rest in peace.

kaveti66164231d ago

But seriously, who issues this statement: “Anthony was a loving child who loved his PlayStation..He got the PlayStation for Christmas and was very happy. He was so happy.”?


That there are a lot of stupid xbots in this world ...For the kid that got stabbed he wont be able to play videogames again . For the idiot that stabbed him he wont be able to play videogames agian . loss loss situation for both .

xbots please think before you stabbed somebody over a freakin videogames .

I'm saying xbots cause those are the only kids is stupid enough to do that

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Tomarcus4231d ago

That is beyond unfortunate. I'm at a loss for words.

-Alpha4231d ago

Did a grown man kill a child because he had an "argument" with him? How does a grown man have a dispute over a video game? And how does he kill a kid for it?

Regarding Thompson: this doesn't give him any lick of "ammunition" to anybody sensible enough to understand that gaming was simply the subject of a clearly much bigger picture dealing with a psychotic "relative".

Unfortunately, Thompson will still try.

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aaronisbla4231d ago (Edited 4231d ago )

damn, thats a horrible thing to say, a new low, i guess id be in the wrong for hoping something like this would happen to someone in his family. But i bet he wouldn't make such low statements if it did

on topic, i hope the family can handle this huge loss, and may he RIP

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evrfighter4231d ago


Welcome to the internet. He didn't have much cred here anyway so I'm not sure what it is you're trying to accomplish.

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GameGambits4231d ago

I never know why these things get put on game related sites. It's not videogame news. It's an obituary. 100% different.

Hell 90% of crimes are somehow related to videogames being around... i.e "so and so stabbed bill, and a computer containing world of warcraft was in one house over."

Yeah it's a sad story, but one that shouldn't be on here. :/

swiftshot934231d ago

OMG, I cant believe all the disagrees people are getting! Seriously people this isnt funny and its not about console wars. There is a line. Whoever is disagreeing must be a really sick person, the only thing people are doing are expressing their sympathy, if you cant be mature then dont click the the link!

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Rhythmattic4231d ago

Whatever... Whoever.....

That Post , be it MLG Pro or not...

Karma's a BlTCH. And I guarantee She will find you.....

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MicroCost4231d ago Show
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rezenu4231d ago (Edited 4231d ago )

Why are people hitting disagrees for that comment? Seriously, wtf. This is serious.

And if Halo wrote that, then he needs serious help. This isn't a joking matter.

pixelsword4231d ago (Edited 4231d ago )

Look at MicroCost's comment:

"Are they sure the wounds weren't self inflicted?
The boy did happen to be playing tony hawk ride for 2 WHOLE DAYS!!!! "

then look at his comnment history; he hasn't much.

Xbox or PS3 fan?

FishCake9T44231d ago

I hope that guy is hung in the street.

lovestospoodge4231d ago

that's a lot of "- deleted by mod -"

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gintoki7774231d ago

this is when the death penalty should be used people cant go around doin sh*t like this

there was 330 murders last year in new jersey alone if you use the death penalty in the right way Im sure there would not be as much crime and stupidity like this

bjornbear4231d ago

many countries in the world don't have death penalty and have less crimes than that

Death Penalty IS NOT the answer, you don't stop violence with violence.

Start by abolishing gun ownership for one, that helps.

death penalty is inhumane, and not the best solution.

HDgamer4231d ago

The people who are disagreeing are degenerates who wish to call themselves humans.

kunit22c4230d ago

Maybe i'm missing this but I don't see how he was killed over a videogame, this doesn't give ANY motive for the crime. So if I was baking with my brother before he stabbed me does that mean he killed me over baking?... No.

AssassinHD4230d ago

Gun restrictions only affect law abiding citizens. If you take away the right to own firearms then criminals are going to be the only people who have them. Also, you may not have read the article, but this was a stabbing incident. Guns were not involved.

offwhiteazn4217d ago

before fox jumps all over this story, everyone should be aware of the location of this incident. HARLEM.

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Grevan4231d ago

That's a shame man.He was so young and he could have grown up to be a contender. Who stabs a nine year old and feels proud about it?

xbox3flopteen4231d ago (Edited 4231d ago )

would love to be that lil guy instead and see if he would do the same!!!what a shame, all these thing he could have been and do in the coming future!!!!losing so much opportunities!!!!my lament does really hurt the way i feel about this!!!and what´s wrong with the parents leaving the kid alone.

edit 1: whatever with the disagrees.

for these who want a better coverage of this happen here a link

reading this has opened kinda wide my eyes, leaving space to think that the main fault relapse on parents!!!truly the murderer is the real problem, but how these parents leave a kid up to that hours!!!even his grandnies went off to sleep leaving the lil guy with the mind fcked faagot playing!!!!i sorry it so much for them, but the sicked guy(if he is indeed mind sick)wont be going to prison instead sound like going to a reformatory is his next parade...anyway he need to be destroyed.

edit 2: uum didnt he got his new ps3 or ps2(dont know since they dont specified it) reason remain free of he being up to these hours!!!truly when i got my ps3 i didnt sleep pass one straight day. but indeed....he was a damn kid!!!!7.7

Nihilism4231d ago

"Who stabs a nine year old and feels proud about it? "

The sick people who are disagreeing with those here expressing their sympathy. Some mods need to do some banning of the dysfunctional scum that appear to be stealth disagreeing with everyone.

sikbeta4231d ago

All the people that smash the disagree button, Forget about fanboysm at least for a minute

bjornbear4231d ago


but the minimum 3, it must be 2-3 guys + one with multi accounts.

to all disagreer's:

you make me sick, and you are a pathetic example of a human.

@xbox3flopteen ---> not a fair name =/

but still, I agree with you, so much potential wasted. It's a whole life full of stories and love just gone =/

its so sad, but the best we can do is honor him =)

Anthony Maldonado, WE LOVE YOU LITTLE GUY!

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Grevan4231d ago

Still, death related to his favorite thing he enjoyed and how his grandfather remembered him by, I guess it could be game related.