Could this be the perfect Half Life 2 Movie Casting?

Can this be the perfect Half Life 2 Movie Casting? Check the screenshot.

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sundar1124222d ago

Jean Reno! Are you serious?

Saaking4222d ago

I don't think a Half Life movie would even work.

Letros4221d ago

Works pretty awesome IMO, and this is on $500 budget.

darkmurder4221d ago

Perfect I'd say yes but actually getting them to do the movie is another, most are used to being main actors and some wouldn't accept being cast into side roles.

cyberwaffles4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

hey, don't talk sh*t about jean reno. he's one of my favorite actors of all time, you guys should watch the professional.


are you kidding? have you seen the cast to the Ocean's Eleven movies? george clooney, brad pitt, matt damon, julia roberts, don cheadle, elliot gould, bernie mac, andy garcia, and carl reiner!? the only way to have a better cast would to have robert dinero in it. seriously, the ocean's movies are some of the best of all time. it's so classy and sophisticated, yet ballsy and in-your-face at the same time. i don't see how having popular actors in the same movie compromising any one else's spotlight unless it's some egomaniac like christian bale.

The Happy Baby4221d ago

Would make a badass(and witty) Freeman.

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treacherous_gamer4222d ago

Like Rosario Dawson though. But here's the BIG question.... where's my Episode 3?!

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl4222d ago

That dude from House would bring a much more vocal, wise cracking Gordan Freeman, something fans would hate, while average movie goers would find entertaining.

mindedone4221d ago

House is not the only thing he's done in his career.

Bathyj4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

What are you saying Mindedone?

That he had a life and a career before he moved to America?

Next you'll be saying Jackie Chan has movies older than Rush Hour.

And I'm pretty sure Jet Li never did anything before Lethal Weapon 4.

mindedone4221d ago

and somehow I know this AND live in the United States at the same time!

toaster4221d ago

He's a man of little words. Little being none. When he first encountered Striders did he say a word? No. When He was thrown across a pit of death in a car did he say a word? No. When time stopped just as the Citadel was about to be destroyed did he say a word? No. He doesn't have a personality. He has no feelings. He's a face that gamers only see on the front of the box and on the tops of Greatest Games lists.

I think a movie would suck.

cyberwaffles4221d ago

lol i would love to see hughie retain his wise-cracking sarcasm for gordon freeman just for laughs. it'd be ironic as hell, but i love laughing at game-to-movie translations, watching hollywood fail miserably at recreating the same amazement from the said game.

i'm not joking when i say this, but i would nominate dragon ball evolution for comedy of the year since it was so sh*tty and cheesy.

kraze074221d ago

"Next you'll be saying Jackie Chan has movies older than Rush Hour.

And I'm pretty sure Jet Li never did anything before Lethal Weapon 4."

I hope you aren't being serious.

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N4Garbage4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

We forgot that Gordon is mute the guy must really hate talking.....gets to look at Alyx's ass most of the time, was thrown in a vehicle across a massive hole...yet not one word.

Anorexorcist4221d ago

That House guy can't even shut up for any more than 5 seconds (and can't go without making some a$$-faced sarcastic comment for anymore than 5 seconds). They need to get someone better to play Gordon Freeman.

DJexs4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

dude he is a character. HOUSE IS A CHARACTER HE PLAYS THERE NOT THE SAME PERSON THEY DONT EVEN TALK IN THE SAME ACCENT! You cannot bash an actor because your bashing a character he plays on tv. House is not real.

Bathyj4221d ago

I dont know why these fantasy castings always insist on someone just because of their hair/facial hair style.

I mean how many times have you heard someone suggest a role (eg, like Hitman or Kratos) for Vin Diesel for no other reason than he's bald, like Ed Norton couldnt shave his head or something.

Still, it would be funny to hear Barry say GFY while slurring your ethnicity and sexual leanings.

Ari Gold, you rock.

Rocket Sauce4221d ago

Hey, Hugh Laurie wears glasses. HE'S PERFECT!

tehk1w14221d ago


Decent (if obvious) look alike list. Terrible casting choices though.

Seriously, Dennis Hopper? Has that guy even done a role where he hasn't acted like he's high on cocaine?

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