BH: The Top Three Games for Steam

BH writes: "Steam is fast becoming the best place to buy video games. The low prices and good selection makes it hard to beat. However, some games on Steam work so well with Steam that it is hard to imagine what the game would be like on its own."

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evrfighter4228d ago

"Borderlands is already showing strong support from its developers through DLC"

No just no

DLC is not "support" it's nothing more than a cash grab at what used to be free. showing support would be fixing the game so that pirates can't play with legit players or disabling client side characters.

For example I could make a character with 99999 stats to everything and a million HP with 65,000 storage spaces. Fixing THAT is showing support.

tdrules4228d ago

dude the Borderlands DLC is pretty much an expansion pack in terms of content.

sukru4228d ago (Edited 4228d ago )

The expansion packs of the old have become DLCs of this generation. Unless there is deliberate misconduct (disabling parts which are already on the disc), it's OK for me.

Edit: Supposed to reply to thread above.

TheIneffableBob4228d ago

Except the DLC never have as much content as an expansion pack.

sukru4228d ago

There are proper expansions like GTA IV episodes or TF2 updates. But you're mostly right, they occur very seldom.

Revvin4228d ago

Steam does have some good sales but then every store has sales and outside of those sales periods Steam's prices are not that good. They tend to be full retail prices for an electronic download product. Where is my cash saving for no disc and DVD cover? At worst I've seen prices on Steam that are the full retail RRP so when a game here can be bought off the shelf for £39.99 brand new Steam are selling its electronic download cousin for the full £49.99 RRP.

I do like Steam as a place to buy games online but I wish more games would make use of it as a service as a whole. Server browsing and all the rest of the stuff so that PC gaming feels more like an integrated service that I get from my consoles that make online gaming so much less of a hassle.

4226d ago
BeardedGamerShow4194d ago

The unending DLC debate remains.