More than one billion PCs in use by end of next year: report

A new Forrester report puts numbers behind a trend what many component and PC manufacturers believe will become the next major growth phase for the IT industry. Demand from emerging markets, especially in Brazil, Russia, India, and China (commonly referred to as "BRIC" region) will help the IT industry to dramatically increase shipment numbers, the market research firm believes.

Forrester said that there will be more than one billion PCs in use by the end of 2008 and more than two billion by the end of 2015, representing an average annual growth rate of 12% between 2003 and 2015. "While it took 27 years to reach one billion PCs, (…) it will take only five years to reach the next billion, due to advancing technology, lower prices, and global demand on the part of a technology-aware population," the firm said. Brazil, Russia, India, and China are estimated to account for 775 million of a total of 2 billion PCs until 2015.

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Diselage4779d ago

I'm doing my part, i have three. Everyone should help out all the way to 1 Billion!

kewlkat0074779d ago

very good news for well as some others but more so MS.

socomnick4779d ago

I only got 1 hopefully a new gaming right for crysis soon.

Bill Gates4779d ago (Edited 4779d ago )

.....and the control of the masses continues.

[email protected] nobizlikeblowbiz.....Stop it man. I get that enough from Peter Moore.