SEGA says they probably won't create more mature games for Wii, talks sales, and more

According to SEGA's Constantine Hantzopoulos, it is unlikely the company will produce more mature games for Wii. Hantzopoulos also talks about the sales of MadWorld, House of the Dead: Overkill, The Conduit.

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sinncross4221d ago

Well the PS3 Sphere is coming and it was your internal memo that leaked some info on it.
If you wont create mature games on the wii, at least port those wii titles to the PS3 and get around to putting fith phantom saga back in development...

Saaking4221d ago

Sega tried, but Wii honors simply refuse to buy. Too bad for them.

TheDeadMetalhead4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

Maybe if the games were actually GOOD, people would have bought them.

Overkill: It could maintain a stable framerate running at 30FPS, even though HOTD2 can run at 60FPS on Wii with no problems. Those momentary freezes really screwed up your aim. The game was also ridiculously easy.

Madworld: This has to be the most repetitive game I've ever played. Doing the same six finishing moves and listening to the same stupid jokes from the announcers for hours got old really fast.

Conduit: Do I even need to explain this one? The Conduit was just plain BAD. Red Steel was a far better FPS.

N4g_null4221d ago

Yeah I'm glad you bring that up. Yeah sega port these mature games to the hd systems and watch them sell even worst than on the wii because none of those games where that good. They will sell as good as sonic in 3d did lol.

Make some good games and poeple will buy them.

Man I can not wait till the other motion controllers come out so that these guys can have proof that they suck.
Conduit was the only game worth getting from the bunch yet HVS really didn't put a single player game on the disk. Another thing is multiplayer is what made it fun.

Put a 2d shinobi on it and I'll buy it. A sega rally I'll buy that too. Hell bring back your old franchises too.

Another thing is sega should not be following EA lol. They are the reason why the DCast failed they pulled all support. Man I'm really glad these guys did not make a system they have totally lost their way.

hatchimatchi4221d ago

I never played Overkill but 'Madworld' and 'The Conduit' are bad games, plain and simple.

The wii is a weird system when it comes to 3rd parties making games they think people want.

Hisiru4221d ago (Edited 4220d ago )

I am a Wii owner but I have a HD console, I supported those titles and I agree with TheDeadMetalhead.

Overkill and Dead Space Extraction ARE ON-RAILS, we already have a lot of on-rails on the Wii, we need something different.

Blaster_Master4220d ago

Sega, do me a favor and just make a sequel to Skies of Arcadia. I know I know, you have alot of shovelware to put out yet, but still at least give us fans one game that you made that we want. I mean cmon, how can you screw it up and not put out another skies game after you did a remake of it on the Gamecube? Seriously what is wrong with devs these days?

Rocket Sauce4220d ago

Honestly, House of the Dead Overkill is the only reason I still own a Wii. I hope it gets a sequel, I don't care what system it's on, I just want it.

mikeslemonade4220d ago

If it's rated M the game still looks like crap. I will only play a Wii game if it was rated Adults only.

TheDeadMetalhead4220d ago (Edited 4220d ago )

I meant to say "Overkill: It COULDN'T maintain a stable framerate running at 30FPS,"

Anyway, Ubisoft has had no problem selling these kinds of games for Wii. Red Steel sold over a million and No More Heroes apparently did okay, since it's getting a sequel. The difference is that those game, though both flawed, were actually fun to play. The audience Sega's trying to market to usually know the difference between a good game and a bad one. They can't be fooled like the people who buy Generic Mini-game Collection #332. There's a reason why HOTD2&3 sold over a million, while Overkill didn't even get half of that. Hell, even Ghost Squad outsold Overkill, because it was actually fun. Shallow, short and generic, but still fun.

tl;dr - There is a market for these kind of games on Wii, but the games have to be good first.

sikbeta4220d ago (Edited 4220d ago )

Someone can make a list of successful Third Party MATURE Games or rated TEEN on the wii

I'm asking cuz IDK and I'm serious, don't trying to bash or anything

As far as I know, the wii has:

·COD [email protected]
·FF the crystal bearers
·House of the Dead: Overkill
·SH: Shattered memories
·Dead Space: Extraction
·Madden 09

Add games to the list if you know and tell me if they're successful or not

ico924220d ago

well mabey sega should actually market there games i mean i saw like 3 commercials for madworld and HotDOK freaking none for the conduit

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Valay4221d ago

Yikes, not good news at all. And listening to the podcast, Hantzopoulos did seem pretty disappointed.

Elven64221d ago

Did they even advertise games like The Conduit, HOTD, Mad World, etc? I didn't see much advertising for it to be honest.

Still sucks to see Sega had to take such a huge loss before finally realizing they were going in the wrong direction. It was only a few months ago when a Sega exec came out and said they were pleased with the performance of their M rated titles on the Wii and would even attempt to tap into that market more.

tunaks14221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

those title made enough to profit because they didn't cost that much to make, Madworld was clearly a budget title, HOTD was a rail shooter, TCON well its the conduit the developers first serious game. Madworld and HOTD were amazing but the don't cost as much to make as Halo and Uncharted, those games need to sell a lot to make profits.

SilverSlug4221d ago

Link to the podcast?

Of course no one wants to make good games on Wii, they don't sell.

tunaks14221d ago

i love your evidence, please become a lawyer

SilverSlug4221d ago

Your Nintendo Fanboysim is correct. Wii has an incredible attach rate and 3rd parties sell millions and millions of mature titles.

tunaks14221d ago

ok time to ...
tell me how much [email protected] sold on the Wii
tell me how much RE:4 sold on the Wii
tell me how much NMH sold, and what suda 51 said about it's sales, and that its getting a sequel
tell me how much Metroid Prime 3 sold
tell me how much Umbrella Chronicles sold
tell me how much red steel 1 sold?
tell me how much LOZ TLP sold
tell me how much Brawl sold?

About Madworld, the game is black and white, 6 hours, runs at 480i
doesn't scream budget title to you?

jmare4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

Do you know what 3rd party means? Zelda, Metroid, and Brawl are Nintendo games. And those other games you mentioned, didn't do too well compared to Nintendo's first party games.

EDIT: Did you not learn to read? Compared to 1st party Nintendo games, games that sell upwards of 5 million copies. Those games did not do well. And unless I'm mistaken, WAW did the best of those and it only did only a little over a million. The rest have not done as well as you seem to think.

tunaks14221d ago

i think you missed the point forget the 1st party games and tell me how those 3rd party titles i listed sold
go and do a little research
[email protected] sold more then a million on the wii,
there now go search the rest of the list

hatchimatchi4221d ago

I love how this is a news article about a studio director of a 3rd party company talking about pulling support for mature titles on the wii because they don't sell well and yet tunaks still manages to spin it in nintendos favor.

For the love of god, read the freaking article.

sikbeta4220d ago

"[email protected] sold more then a million on the wii"

Guy, better edit that part of your post cuz we all know how COD games sell and +1m salez is a shame on this particular franchise

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