Teen found after meeting his 42-year-old online 'soulmate'

On Tuesday evening, 16-year-old Andrew Kane nonchalantly asked his mother and father if they would drive him from their Barrie, Ont., home to a hotel in nearby Midland, where he planned to meet a 42-year-old woman with whom he had been having a secret relationship over the Internet.

His stunned parents refused and the teen calmly returned to the computer, telling them he would let the woman know he wasn't coming. At 2 a.m., Marlene Kane heard her front door open, and found her son gone, leaving behind a troubling trail of web chats that led to Houston, Tex., and the World of Warcraft.

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Obama4228d ago

Take a look at Andrew..

Desperate House wife yup.

MVGeneral4228d ago

I love how they show him all nice an innocent and show her all nasty looking.

I bet you that horny 16 yearold was ready for anything. When i was 16 i was like that aswell, but now i will give it a second thought.

zeeshan4228d ago

It's one horny kid is what it is.

Ocelot5254228d ago

when it was men he would be jailed for being a pedo and rape, when it's a women all is well

Masta_fro4228d ago

"thats why we gotta ask ourselves, how old is 16 really"

Dave Chappelle""

8thnightvolley4228d ago

the dude's face says it all... LOOOSEEERRR!!!... needs to get his groove on .. he is taking it to a 42 year old.. lol.. i bet she is fat..*boy i grossed up.. ewww*

ThanatosDMC4228d ago

Dragon Slaying... i doubt she was hot.

pixelsword4228d ago

...they should have exchanged pics first; and I mean like their real pics.

Then this would have never happened.

Carl14124228d ago

UGh, he's 16 he's old enough to do whatever the hell he wants.

xabmol4227d ago

Who are we to judge this guy? I say go for it if it makes him happy.

Sitdown4227d ago

he looks like a 16 year old version of Dwight from The Office.

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ForTheFallen4228d ago

go get her dude lol...I don't have morals or standards, kcuf pedos obviously, but if it's a woman then it's whatever with me.

Kids got game.

LordMarius4228d ago (Edited 4228d ago )

you know teens that have sexual relationship with older woman are usually traumatize later on or see sex a different way

SilverSlug4228d ago

But 16 years old is legal in Canada and most of the world. He is not a kid anymore.

LordMarius4228d ago

now I see why the rest of the world is so f*** up :P

THE MAX SPEED 214228d ago (Edited 4228d ago )

word @ theFallen , I cosing what you said.

@ Eilujah

kids that are traumatized from having sex with adults ( with all consent) Warent Build for that type of stuff anyways.

lol where I'm from if an Older woman(who looks good) would have stepped to one of us ( this kids from where I'm from) we would have been happy as hell.

LordMarius4228d ago

yes they would have been happy but affected in some way

from an article
"It's hard for boys to think of themselves as victims," says Gartner. He says adult sexual advances are confusing to boys, who are easily aroused physically but may be uncomfortable emotionally. He says boys are led to believe they should take sex whenever offered and if they don't, something may be wrong with them. "It is a trauma for many boys," he says, adding they may — as adults — realize they lost some of their childhood."

Yes he is 16 but looking at the pic he is just following the above comment

kraze074228d ago

You shouldn't believe everything you read. Not all youngsters are the same.

sikbeta4228d ago

Guys, is not something common to see a teenager with a +40 years old woman, now the teens are so stupid, they need to do all kind of stuff in the less time possible and that way don't let you ENJOY anything


Attractive? Judge for yourself

Braska4228d ago

I'd hit it then take all her epic lootz.

Darrius Cole4228d ago

Everything you do affects you in some way. If something makes us happy, isn't that the effect we are all looking for? Isn't that what we want?

Boys at age 16 take whatever tail they can get, and fall in love with whatever woman/girl has the right look and says the right things. They are, in three words, "horny and stupid." They don't see themselves as victims when they get sex because, well, they aren't victims when they get sex; sex is what they want. Sex is what they spend every waking hour looking for.

16 year-old boys normally get victimized by NOT getting sex. Women, usually girls their own age, say a few sweet words and use teenage boys for all types of crap. The boys do it thinking they'll get sex but they often get nothing.

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H34RT 4TT4CK4228d ago

Judging by his picture, any woman willing to talk to him is his soul-mate. I'll bet her kids would kick his ass.

ScoobyDrew4228d ago

A.) he's REALLY desperate

B.) he has a room temperature IQ

C.) he's a man for them cougars ;)

D.) All of the above

ScoobyDrew4228d ago (Edited 4228d ago )

ah nvm

Darrius Cole4228d ago

Actually SHE is the desperate.

At aged she is picking up people over the internet.

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