Meristation Preview: Star Ocean: The Last Hope (PS3)

Meristation: A year after leaving us a good taste in Xbox 360, Square Enix space adapts its most famous franchise to PlayStation 3. An edition "International" does not offer much new, but will allow fans to enjoy a great RPG title.

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PlainOldGamer4223d ago

Well they say there isn't much new but i say having the original Japanese voices and anime portrait/menus is a huge plus!

GameGambits4223d ago

Idk about "great" rpg title. My favorite game for as long as I can remember is Star Ocean: The Second Story. Till the end of Time after it was a much more shallow experience, and the Last Hope buried any "hope" I had with this franchise.

Poor voice acting, terrible dialogue, a VERY emo/horrible main character(he cries 3 times total in the game), AND the story as a whole was just so bad. It's a good thing though that the battle system is like cocaine and very addicting, but coming from someone who played through all of it and all the Star Ocean titles this is THE worst in the series.

It's great that the voice acting will be fixed by using Japanese voices in this version, but the other problems will still persist.

My tip is to just rent it if you have the 40 hours or so to trounce through it. The one game I hope we get to see on the PS3 that I played on my 360 is Tales of Vesperia. Similar battle system approach in each, but the PS3 version has so much more than the 360 one did. I'd gladly go back through ToV if it was brought to PS3.