This is the second part to a Myarcadeplanet serial talking about some of the cheaper moves in gaming. This week, it's camping.

"But what about those cheap moves, that aren't officially cheating? The ones that should be unwritten rules, but are so frequent, it seems implausible to consider them wrong. I thought I'd point out some of the ones I have seen in my days, spent tromping around Azeroth in WoW, fighting under the bright computer generated rays of the sun in Battlefield 2, or in other places where gamers from all over the world come together online to beat the living pixels out of each other."

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nobizlikesnowbiz4739d ago

Camping sux. But if you can't get past it you suck.

JsonHenry4739d ago

Depends on the game. In some games it is a legit strategy.

However, even on those games you still should move around a little bit. But snipers SHOULD camp. It is what snipers do. Camp.Shoot.Relocate.Repeat.

Any military in the world knows the value of a camping sniper.

Siesser4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

To quote my favorite episode of Red vs. Blue: "It's a legitimate strategeeeeeeey!"


Seriously; if you've got a sniper rifle, you hole up, and you snipe. Now if you're in some weird section of the map that you can only get to by a glitch (Resistance), then that's one thing. But in Warhawk (and we're reaching the extent of my online multiplayer here), they have nests and stuff, and you prop yourself up there or on top of a hill and go at it. I can't count the number of sniper vs. sniper battles I've gone through, as people usually figure outwhere you're hiding pretty quickly.

I've never experienced anyone sitting at a corner just waiting for passer-by's.

Delive4739d ago

I like to call it as Strategic Location Enforcement. Either way, I pack a tent when I go hunting. Only use it when necessary though. I don't pitch it as soon as the round starts.

progx4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

Everyone else MOVE YOUR ASSES, don't be a b*tch. I don't mind gettin a whoopin if its legit. I hate seeing snipers shooting people point blank and machine gunners runnin around smacking folks.

Seraphim4739d ago

with his comment. Everything in moderation. I often find myself camping during the rare online game I play. However I won't camp every map, every time I play. On occasion I'll camp for whatever reason/s, but probably only 1/4-6 times. But in moderation is the key. You can't camp every single time, on every single map when you get online. It's the professional campers who suck.... Anyway that was a great article, Props.

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The story is too old to be commented.