Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: character close-ups, battle screens

26 new screenshots of Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts for PSP.

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FiftyFourPointTwo4833d ago

Aqua is my new favorite KH babe. Larxene now only on 2nd place.
Only a few days left till we see the secret ending of BBS! ^__^

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PlainOldGamer4833d ago

This game is going to be awesome!
I've been looking forward to this one over the ds version.

Microsoft Xbox 3604833d ago (Edited 4833d ago )

Well that "secret" ending better show something about KH3. That game is well overdue.

GameGambits4833d ago

Can't wait to buy this. It's a day one along with Peace Walker. :D

Mozilla894833d ago

This game along with Valkyria Chronicles 2 are amongst my 2 most anticipated titles of 2010

knifefight4833d ago

From above: "Latest Nomura interview:
Nice read. :) "

Rest of those scans, as listed on the site's source:

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