The Graphics Cards You Should Buy at Every Price

Choosing a graphics cards is a confusing endeavor. So Tom's Hardware shared their buying results after testing pretty much every card on the planet. Whether you've got $50 to spend or $250 to spend, this list will come in handy:

Some Notes About Our Recommendations
This list is for gamers who want to get the most for their money. If you don't play games, then the cards on this list are more expensive than what you really need. We've added a reference page at the end of the column covering integrated graphics processors, which is likely more apropos.
The criteria to get on this list are strictly price/performance. We acknowledge that recommendations for multiple video cards, such as two Radeon cards in CrossFire mode or two GeForce cards in SLI, typically require a motherboard that supports CrossFire or SLI and a chassis with more space to install multiple graphics cards. They also require a beefier power supply compared to what a single card needs, and will almost certainly produce more heat than a single card. Keep these factors in mind when making your purchasing decision. In most cases, if we have recommended a multiple-card solution, we try to recommend a single-card honorable mention at a comparable price point for those who find multi-card setups undesirable.
Prices and availability change on a daily basis. We can't base our decisions on always-changing pricing information, but we can list some good cards that you probably won't regret buying at the price ranges we suggest, along with real-time prices from our PriceGrabber engine, for your reference.
The list is based on some of the best U.S. prices from online retailers. In other countries or at retail stores, your mileage will most certainly vary.
These are new card prices. No used or open-box cards are in the list; they might represent a good deal, but it's outside the scope of what we're trying to do.

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karan86244223d ago

But theres alot more good ones that would easily fit between 100-200, better than those listed.

dirthurts4223d ago

The list is pretty accurate. I build and repair computers for a living, and I would have made almost every recommendation they have.
Especially the HD 4830. Amazing for it's price point.
I'm on the 5850 myself, and it's crazy fast.
I would have mentioned the 4550 as it's a dirt cheap card that will run most games. Can be had around 30 bucks on sale.

Wolf8734223d ago

and must say, it is really good for its price. I'm able to run Mass Effect to high enough settings without any problems. It also runs COD-MW-2 very well on high settings.

DERKADER4223d ago

I'm rocking the 5770 at the moment and am enjoying it. A lot of features for the price.

Wolf8734222d ago

Yeah :D. Honest mistake lol.

SaiyanFury4222d ago

I'm kind of disappointed that the GTX 285 wasn't included in the list. I use one and I can play games in 1680x1050 in every game with max detail and things run a constant 60FPS for the most part, except in heavily demanding games like Crysis. It's a good card for it's roughly 400 dollar price point.

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mimizone4222d ago

@dirthurts: which one would you recommend that offers enough performance and silent operation? (no fan).

ATi_Elite4222d ago (Edited 4222d ago )

The best is a ATi HD 3300 but it's an integrated chip on a 790x 790gp motherboard. No fan no noise passive cooling awesome motherboard and the Hd 3300 can run crysis at 25 to 28 frames per second at mid to high level settings. But the chip is only directx 9. but I don't think you care because you want passive cooling.

dirthurts4222d ago

A good cheap card is the 4550. Most games at low settings though.

If you want a great performer...

That 5750 is probably the fastest passive video card out there (and DX11). Most games at high settings.

OR this
It's a 4670. Will run most games pretty well.

ATi_Elite4222d ago

I build and repair PC's and I too kinda agree with this list.

The winners in those price ranges are good but if your spending $150 you might as well save up another $50 bucks and go for power or get one card then crossfire or sli at a later point.

PC's ain't consoles. just one game release and your rig is an antique or a gift to grandma. (Half Life 2 Doom 3 Crysis made some antiques)

You have to future proof your system as much as possible.

basically anything less than a Hd 4850 or 9800 gt you should just wait and save more money for a better experience.
Always build your rig to surpass a developers "RECOMMENDED SPECS" for an enjoyable experience because minimum usually means slide show.

Best graphics card for $400

XFX HD 4890 crossfire is a BEAST!

moe844222d ago

The XFX HD 4890 is a beast, especially for 200 bucks. My brother runs one it's far more than he needs. Debating on getting a 2nd one. If you're going ATI and want a bad ass card, don't count out the 4890.

champ214222d ago

i would never compromise on the GPU of a system.

you can get a slower cpu and it wont matter. for example, you wanna save some money. go for a 2.5ghz cpu instead of a 2.8ghz thats cool.

however never for the sake of a mere 50usd.. would i get a lower end card. IMO budget on a gpu should be minimum 150usd. The minimum i would recommend would be a 4870ati or a gtx 260 nvidia. Those cards cost 150usd.

Anyone compromising on the gpu is on purpose butchering the entire system.

moe844222d ago

I agree, and disagree with you. If you're building an actual gaming rig, sure don't cheap out. But if you don't game, then go with a low end card. You don't need a high or even mid range card to play movies or just browse the net.

4222d ago
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