Images of Time Crisis 4 for the PS3 and the Guncon 3

Update: previously reported on the rumours regarding the online retailer listing that saying "Time Crisis 4 with Guncon", and well, now its no more a rumour. Namco Bandai has officially announced the existence of the much rumored Time Crisis 4 for the PlayStation 3.

JeuxFrance reports that Time Crisis 4 was revealed alongside the revelation of the new "Guncon 3" gun accessory for the PS3. Images of the accessory along with a small glimpse of Time Crisis 4 gameplay can be seen below.

Time Crisis 4 and the Guncon 3 accessory should be released in Japan by the end of the year.

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Snake_Doctor4741d ago

Good news, an actual confirmation. Man, hearing this beats speculation on hyped up rumors but I guess it's not as fun. Hype machine to continue on all other threads. Nothing to see here... move along...

TheMART4741d ago

Dude, where exactly does it say PS3 exclusive?

Really. Too funny if AGAIN this game also comes to the 360, which is pretty much happening these days with a lot of games

Fart_Bubbles4741d ago

who cares what the 360 gets except a fanboy like you with a vendetta against the PS3.

did it beat up your 360?? lol

socomnick4740d ago

The best thing about the images is ace combat 6 running on a ps3 on the right man I want that game.

BlindPublic4740d ago

Look a little closer, and you'll see the 360 next to the Ace Combat 6 monitor.

sadiq4740d ago

i bet it is a ps3 exclusive, they havent said a word about '360' and even in that other article of tc4

i just hope they will let u buy extra guncon 3s for like 2 playas

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Fart_Bubbles4741d ago

playing this on a PS3 with a gun controller is gonna keep me

now lets wait for Jack (ambulance chaser) Thompson to call this one a shooting spree

omansteveo4741d ago

It's beed listed in the com

Loopy4741d ago

I hope it wireless... I hate cables.

sadiq4740d ago

of course it is did u not see the pictures? plus its blutoothe

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