iPhone shooter Cyber Circuit goes free with in-app purchases

Pocket Gamer:

Good news for iPhone gamers in 2010. It seems like free is going to be the new 99c when it comes to App Store prices.

Of course, games won't be strictly free but as demonstrated by Cyber Circuit, the new release from Complex Games, giving away some levels for free and then providing people with the opportunity to buy additional content certainly looks like being a popular approach.

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Krew_924231d ago

And that's the problem thats slowly arising, just look at Fieldrunners they took over a year to make the grand update, and they completely back stab ALL the fans by selling the 2 WOW 2 maps the update came to, in the in-APP purchasing thing, each costing 99 cents each....
Just like rip-off Add-ons that have happened in the past, if Capcom makes a developer for the iPod touch, expect in-APP purchases up the butt....and if the already have expect it to come.

4224d ago