Gamervision: Best Ever Puzzle Game 2009

Gamervision writes: "The days of video games fitting squarely into a single genre are over. Many games in this generation are borrowing elements from different types of games, creating some unique experiences. Trials HD, Scribblenauts, and Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure were just a few games that transcended simple genre definitions this year, with all of them fitting into both platforming and puzzler categories. They were also, of course, all fantastic games. Gyromancer was another simply fun, yet ridiculously addictive hit for PopCap. Though it seems at first like a Bejeweled Twist clone with RPG elements akin to Puzzle Quest… well, actually, that was pretty much all it was, but PopCap proved again that you don't need much more to keep coming back. Still, none of these great games held a candle to the Best Ever Puzzle Game of 2009."

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What's the reason I want a DS?

...and your mother's a whore Trebek!!

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My little brother has got this game on his DS and I still haven't played it.

I've heard there are three Professor Layton games though I only know of The Curious Village and Pandora's Box. What's the other one?

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