Gamervision: Best Ever RPG 2009

Gamervision writes: "Last generation, it felt like there were massive RPGs released every week. This time around, for whatever reason, that isn't the case. Blame the PlayStation 3's slow adoption rate, the Xbox 360's unpopularity in Japan, or the Wii's shift towards a more casual userbase, but the point remains: RPG fans don't have as many games to look forward to from Japanese developers. There has been a shift, and Western developers have taken the opportunity to shine in a genre that has, in the past, been dominated by the East."

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Bordel_19004228d ago


This is wrong, Dragon Age: Origins is a great RPG but the best RPG of all time is Demon's Souls.

I approve of this message.

villevalorox4228d ago

I have to agree with ya pal, I have both and Dragon age I just got but I've had demon's souls day 1. And I played it for a bit, but I really think is kinda crap, but that is probably bc i do not fully understand it yet, but demon's souls is my like my 2nd fav of all time :D, gosh i love that game but i hate to love it, haha pisses me off at times.

happy_gilmore4228d ago

the pc version is much better than the console but it's still crap.

story is boring. combat is the worst.

moe844228d ago

Best? Hell no, not even close.
But DA:O is a great rpg. PC has it over the consoles hands down when it comes to DA.

4228d ago