Ninety Nine Nights 2 New scans

Scans of N3-2, which contains some info on the online features.

- 2 player co-op
- Downloadable Content
- Scoreboards
- Voice Chat


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Myst4223d ago

Hmm still not to sure about this game, I tried the demo for the first one didn't really think to much of it. Might go back and try it again and probably try this one [ when it comes out ] to decide whether or not I'll rent this game [ most likely ] or have it as a purchase.

green4223d ago

It has a new developer this time, so lets see it will turn out to be a better game.But do like the 2 player co-op idea.

Chris3994223d ago

It has a new publisher (Konami); pretty sure it's the same developer (Q Entertainment - though they're working with Feelplus for assets instead of Phantagram, so it has a darker look).

I'll get this, as I love my fantasy hackn'slash, but not at full price.

green4223d ago

Not really.It's Microsofts japanese arm Freeplus that is doing most of the development " Mizuguchi's Q Entertainment is involved, although the bulk of development will be handled by Feelplus, Microsoft Game Studios' Japanese outfit."

Chris3994223d ago

It may be a decent title after all. There's a trailer on the Japanese Live that I downloaded a while ago. Reminds me a bit of Nier, actually. Only with a darker color pallet.

GUNS N SWORDS4223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

man, they really know how to do shiny armor. i like it, almost miss took the shot of the armored guy and the women for a pre-rendered scene.

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4223d ago
kewlkat0074223d ago

You have to like this genre for you to get into this game. It's not for everyone.

proximately4223d ago

That's a bit obvious... Though some people buy games from genres they don't like anyway. Hopefully your words will reach one of these souls.

I'm hoping this sequel will turn out better than the first game.

mesh14223d ago

2010 the year the ps3 had 2 woth mentionin gexclusive gt5/godwar111
while the 360 :
metro 2033
alan wake
halo reach
crack down 2
ninty nine nights 2
splinter cell conviction
kingdom under fire
fable 3
mass effect 2
all these games and more have been confirmed for a 2010 release and the only console that will allow you to play this game is the 360!!!!!! hahha microsofot is going to shift a mad amount of hardware+software this year $$$$$$££££ £££ good for them they deserve it.

Chubear4223d ago

Yup, throw in as much mediocre gaming experiences as you can to list off the "excitement" the 360 base are looking forward to. lol

Oh, Splinter Cell and Mass Effect are timed exclusives. Get used to it and it would hurt your butt too much when they're eventually announced for the PS3.

Eric Barrier4223d ago

But no need to be a d1ck about it.

Alcon Caper4223d ago

The first one was a bit of a snooze fest. I hope they fixed it.

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