Gamervision: Best Ever Shooter 2009

Gamervision writes: "Lord knows gamers love a shooter something fierce. In a genre that has no shortage of titles, it's tough to stand out. This year's nominees not only managed to be memorable, but they also served as a reminder of why shooters make up a big portion of games published each and every year. While from the very start the Wii may have seemed like the perfect console for shooters, it took this year's The Conduit to really showcase just what Nintendo's machine was capable of. EA's bite-sized Battlefied 1943 not only proved the tried and true formula the original Battlefield established still worked well today, but also that it was still incredibly fun."

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qwertyuiopasdfghjkl4227d ago

Did Killzone 2 drop off the face of the earth or something? I'm not surprised it didnt get the win, but not even a runner up slot?

Do the folks over at Gamervision own a PS3?

mastiffchild4226d ago

Mate, when the media felt it was a fair decision for MW2 to take PC gaming backwards and stall it's development on consoles by making itself P2P do you expect any sense from end of year polls which NEVER meant anything to start with?

Had MW2 had dedicated servers on all platforms it would have been a big move forwards for COD as a sereies and partially justified the hike in the EU and on PC but for the leading game in online shooters across all platforms to leave out a,imo, vital feature in 2009 was poor. I expected to be able to play with as little lag as I do on games like KZ2 or Warhawk and fail to believe the reasoning IW gave for the decision. However, the gaming media lapped it all up regardless and didn't want to talk about KZ2 ever again after GG shut a lotn of them up by matching the target render(or close to by beating it in areas and narrowly missing in others)so why the surprise.

Also, they all had access to the beta like we did and NOONE moaned about the weighty controls at the time yet when the games release came and the COD fans wouldn't learn a new system the media jumped on it like it was actual news and not some gamers being lazy. Whatever, if you enjoy the game that's worth twenty times what any end of year BS means so why be upset at all. Game's great and the next will be better-that's all that really matters to a gamer isn't it?

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samaniac4227d ago

Modern Warfare 2 was the best first person shooter I played in 2009 and it's story's ending was ... WOW! I won't give away any spoilers don't worry!

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