Four Traits Sony Has And Microsoft Needs

When you have two companies who've been in business longer than many gamers were born, it's hard to comprehend why haven't they implemented certain traits that would make them even stronger. Even if it means looking at the competitor's strong points and and utilizing them in your own company; after all, they're in this to win right?

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Saaking4233d ago (Edited 4233d ago )

Totally agree. The Xbox brands is miniscule compared to greatness of the PlayStation brand. MS' lack of first party leads to a continual lack of good exclusive.

Another trait I would add is better developers and staff. It's easy to spot an MS rep or developer becuase they'll be the ones insulting the competition continuously and overhyping their products. On the other, Sony devs will be the ones praising the competition and learning from their mistakes. The difference is immense.

movements4233d ago

Sony folks seem pretty gentle and respectful, but I know MS folks who are also respectful and gentle.

Zishyfish4233d ago

Even though both of the "top 4 traits each company needs" articles were made by the same website,and the same person no less, you seem to respect the opinion of this article much more than the other. Interesting.

camachoreloaded88064233d ago

Mistwalker is owned by Microsoft? Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey were exclusive to the 360, so that would be my assumption, but I'm not sure.

bruddahmanmatt4233d ago

Sony build stuff that don't break.

/end discussion

DAVID BRENT4233d ago

sony built its first party studios mainly in the ps2s lifecycle, microsoft should have been doing the same through its second consoles lifecycle but their mentality was 'beat sony at any cost' which resulted in them neglecting the true foundation on which a successful gaming company needs to built upon.

the result is barren years like 2009, the result is two of their biggest titles for 2010 are 3rd party so exclusivity will always be questioned,and when the next gen of consoles appear microsoft are going to be in a worse position than they are now due to the fact 3rd party exclusivity will be non-existent.

an 8mil lead is now 5mil and sony have the first party studios to completly overtake microsoft in 2010 they just need to sort their marketing out

CrimsonFox134233d ago

I was thinking just that. Microsoft folks can't seem to talk about the good of their games without bashing the competition (especially Turn 10). Bungie, though not a part of Microsoft, actually seems to be pretty good. Heard that they said that Uncharted 2 was great, and they were even in the credits for the game. The rest of the gaming division at Microsoft should follow their example.

Anyway, I think all companies can learn from each other. And competition is good anyway, the biggest example I can think of is PSN. I doubt it would've come this far without competition.

Also, I think Slant Six is first party though it's not listed in the article.

SaiyanFury4232d ago (Edited 4232d ago )

I really don't want to downplay Microsoft's presence in the industry, Lord knows they've got some great things going for them, but this article does show their trend this gen when trying to beat Sony at their own game. Sony has a 15 year history in the industry coming off of the SNES/Play Station fiasco back in the earlier 90s. They've been an innovating industry leader for over a decade and they know what works and how to deliver to their customer-base. MS is hell-bent on stealing previously exclusive PS series', so Sony responded by having their internal development studios make things only available on the PS platforms that couldn't be stolen. And 2009 showed their strength of studios with many games. Uncharted 2 by Naughty Dog, the PREMIER studio of Sony won Game of the Year by multiple sources, both on TV and on the WWW. They also produce reliable hardware, for the most part, which is also synonymous with the brand. Sony is at it's last point, a Japanese corporation. Yes, they're after your money, but they want to produce a good product, not one that will suck your money on inferior designs. MS really does have a lot to learn from Sony when it comes to the video games industry. Especially when Sony's been contributing to the industry for over 20 years, even before the SNES. MS needs to stop nickel and diming their customers. My last point is referring to the lack of built in Wi-Fi connectivity. The PS3 includes standard G-band wireless network interface for free. No Xbox 360 model includes such a feature. MS wants to charge 100 dollars for this relatively inexpensive piece of technology. Even the 200 dollar Nintendo Wii has built in wireless connectivity. It's possible to get around that 100 price tag for wireless connectivity, but when the plethora of people don't know about wireless ethernet bridges, it's stupid to charge 100 dollars for something that can be had for less than 50% of the price, when it could be included and not drive up the cost of the system.

Rock Bottom4232d ago

Mystwalker isn't owned by MS, they released a Blue Dragon game on the DS, so MS doesn't even own the IP.

FishCake9T44232d ago

Are you kidding me? Another pro PS3 article on N4G and your to blind to see it. Heres a trait that Sony needs from Microsoft. SALES.

zane5474232d ago

I'm not hitting wikipedia for this so I might be slightly out.

Mistwalker's startup funding was partially financed by Microsoft with the condition that Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey would be developed as Xbox 360 exclusives. They own both IP's but not the studio itself. And appear to have given permission for Mistwalker to develop Blue Dragon plus for DS which is weird.

Mistwalker also confirmed they're doing an Iphone game too. No way a Microsoft first-party studio would develop products for Apple.

Information Minister4232d ago

@ David Brent - I have to disagree with you on that one. Being a PlayStation user myself since 1996, I can assure you that most of Sony's first party studios were acquired/founded in the PS1 era. Naughty Dog, Polyphony Digital, Sony Santa Monica, Sony Liverpool (formerly Psygnosis) and even Team Ico are examples (Ico started has a PS1 game). Back when the PS1 was released in 1994, Sony went on a shopping spree, acquiring studios left and right to make sure they had a constant stream of games coming out for the system. They had to do it because at the time developers and publishers were heavily focused on Nintendo, and many other systems had previously failed under Nintendo's shadow because of poor developer support.

boodybandit4232d ago (Edited 4232d ago )

And here you have the single biggest reason MS has so few 1st, 2nd and 3rd party exclusive support. MS spends MOST of their money on marketing, exclusive DLC, timed exclusives, fixing problems (extended warranties) that never would have existed if they didn't rush their hardware out the door and trying to purchase as many of Sony's exclusive titles as possible.

All the while they have a shaky relation with more gaming devs than they do stable. They have run 1st party studios into the ground, shut them down, purchased them only to have them repurchase themselves back from MS and yet you want to talk sales. My new favorite is them p1ssing on Bizarre Creations and giving Turn 10, if the rumor is true, the PGR brand name to continue. (Which I think is a huge mistake)

No Fishcake Sony does not need to know about sales. Why would they? They have sold over 300 million consoles since they have entered the gaming industry and the PS3 is one of the fastest selling consoles in history with one of the highest release price tags.

They have brought us some of the most amazing games, more than MS, the industry have ever played. STOP with the sales nonsense. Video gaming is about the games. There is no doubt both Sony and MS have great games on their console but where Sony has always strived is variety and allowing their devs to take their time with their products.

MS has come a LONG way since they have entered the industry but they are the ones that still have much to learn.

If you were going to attack Sony it should have been online gaming. IMO that is where Sony needed to go sooner and with more vigor than they did. They grossly miscalculated HOME and that could have been money better spent on building an interface that might have surpassed XBL. HOME wasn't cheap!

People can say what they want about the Cell, BluRay and their launch price gamble but it looks like most of it paid off for them. BluRay won the format war. Games running on the cell are showing me visuals I hoped but didn't think was possible this generation. Now they are finally at a price point more people can afford.

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Major_Tom4233d ago

First party studios is a must, stop 'buying' exclusivity and provide all the tools possible, bring the developers to you and buy them.

Doc Sony4233d ago (Edited 4233d ago )

50 million for GTA IV DLC that the devs themselves have claimed sell like crap in comparison. A GTA that although tps MetaCritic is known for being the worst in the entire franchise.

No built in HDDVD drive, this alone could have saved the format and kept the format wars going for years. Now their games are released on 6-7 dvds.

Buying out Square Enix when all they have done up to this point is fail at making decent games.

Buying out FFXIII, still exclusive in Japan, where MS is hurting most. A Final Fantasy that is starting to look like it could be waayyy better. The king of JRPG's on a FPS centered console and fanbase. (seriously, when two buttons on your joypad are shaped like triggers, you know the console was made for FPS)

MS lacks the necessary foresight to lead in this industry.

And they also lack God Of War 3...

aswell as lots of variety in games and the balls to fund something like LBP or Heavy Rain.

They lack a lot.

camachoreloaded88064233d ago (Edited 4233d ago )

Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey for sure. And the upcoming FFXIII and Mass Effect 2. That's 4 games...please fill me in on any more I might have missed.

And the mandatory installs on PS3 games takes up more time than switching out the discs on the 360. Trust me, I own both Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey, and I've also watched Snake smoke a cigarette for 5 minutes multiple times.

Optical_Matrix4233d ago

@ above...are you joking?

Mass Effect 1 and 2
Blue Dragon
Star Ocean IV
Forza 3
Lost Odyssey
Final Fantasy XIII
and god knows what else.
PS3 hardly has mandatory installs anymore. Last time I played a game with a mandatory install was Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm in November 2008. Since then it's not mandatory. Tell a lie though, I got Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 in October and that was mandatory but still.

ApocalypseShadow4233d ago

top of my head.....

forza3......multi disc
up coming rage....multi disc
mass effect2....multi disc
up coming ffxiii...multi disc

either newer,bigger games are on multiple discs or you have to download the rest like forza3.meaning:dvd is not enough for bigger games or more content.

camachoreloaded88064233d ago

No, I'm no joking. The mandatory installs I had to go through really took longer than swapping out discs on the 360. I stand corrected on the amount of games. Although I do have Mass Effect, and that's on a single disc.

Regardless, my point is that multiple discs is not a problem at all for me. In fact, I prefer my games to have more than one disc, feels like more of a collector's item that way. Takes me back to the days of FFVII and The Legend of Dragoon. That's just my preference though, I'm aware of the advantages of blu-ray.

Karum4232d ago

Forza 3 is on 2 discs, one of those you actually need to install to the hard drive.

The install though kinda makes it a moot point though, install that 2nd disc and all you need is the 1 so it ends up like a 1 disc game.

zane5474232d ago

Not really a moot point for Xbox 360 Arcade Owners who miss out on that content unless they pay for a Hard Drive though.

HDD needed to be a standard. I agree with not having a standard HD-DVD drive at the time the hardware was released, but a non-standard HDD not so much.

Karum4232d ago

True Zane, forgot about the arcade owners, it's a big deal for them alright.

Good call.

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Dsnyder4233d ago

*Karma brought back to neutral*

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