X360A: Festive Feature: Top 5 Easter Eggs of 2009

X360A writes: "Splosion Man is in fact the only Xbox Live Arcade game that's made any of our Top 5 lists to date, which is testement to indie studio, Twisted Pixel and their ability to create fantastic games.

In their latest 2D original platformer, Twisted Pixel made sure that they gave their other previous character and Xbox Live Arcade title, The Maw, a fitting nod. Not only did they tie this mini easter egg in with one of the game's achievements, but they also included a short cutscene to go along with it."

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alphakennybody4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

SONY is big really BIG,The exclusive you speak off are all third party and if sony wanted something exclusive they could have ensured it with money but they already have their own first and second party for the task. If you look at it sony is set for the future bringing new Ip is a safer way to ensure longevity, sure old Ip are cool but your audiences mature too and they are still a lot of money if you keep em entertained with something that meets their mental age,like say heavy rain would bring the mature audience( reason I'm saying real mature is simply games that are M rated feels more immature than mature with all those non stop trash talk wether it a campaign or online , heavy-stereotyping , meaningless nudity and sex to simply sell nowadays.)

alphakennybody4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

why was this moved here i'm 100% pretty sure I wrote it in this one

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