Does Microsoft Have Any System Sellers Next Year? – Step Ya Game Up Podcast Episode 58

Step Ya Game Up Podcast is back from its one week break of Christmas. In today's show we have Blade206, Lex Yayo and WorseCase to bring you some of the latest news in the gaming industry.

- Sony Premium Service Details

- Project Natal Half Life 2 and Geometry Wars Impressions

- Uncharted 2 Game Of The Year ( We were right )

- Halo Reach Will look good for a Xbox360 Title

- Uncharted 2 Co-Op

- Microsoft Having No System Sellers Next Year

- Motion Sensor Future

- As Always we have a step ya game up and much much more

Side Note: We also give out ModNation Racers Beta Codes During the show

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PC_Enthusiast 4223d ago

You guys are right thr halo fans have already bought their xbox 360 so it isn't a system seller anymore :D

Sunny_D4223d ago

Well, that could be true. That is probably the only game that MS has that sells systems. But, with the majority of Halo fans already owning a 360, that doesn't look like it's going to work even with the big ad campaign.

mikeslemonade4223d ago

The only things that can sell the 360 is price and natal. Great podcast there's a shortage of good video game podcast these days.

Xi4223d ago

alan wake?

and just like COD:MW2 sold consoles I'm sure ME2, Fable 3, and Halo reach will all accomplish something.

Darkeyes4223d ago

@Xi.. Alan Wake won't move 360s, sorry if you are expecting that to happen since there is hardly any hype around the game now and new IPs apart from few like Gears hardly sell consoles... ME2 also isn't gonna move 360s mainly cause the first 1 although sold well (2 million), didn't have much impact in moving consoles.

M$ as usual will bank on Halo and Natal in marketing. Halo won't move much since everyone who wants to play Halo has a 360. Natal might move 360s in NA so that is probably the only big system seller later in the year.

Blaze9294223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

Next year? Sheesh, we just got into 2010. You can probably bet Gears of War 3 will hit 2011. If this podcast was created in 2009 can you seriously ask that question when Halo: Reach is coming out 2010? Freaking Halo!?

Persistantthug4223d ago

Because as is, the XBOX 360 has been $199 for like near a year and half.
Those who really wanted an XBOX over a 4 year period, they pretty much all have one. If you wanted to play Halo, you bought an XBOX 360 so REACH may be a great game, but it will sell to it's core audience.

Depending on how Natal is marketed and packaged, maybe it can sell units, but that's the only thing I can see that will gain back the ground that MS is now starting to lose.

We'll see.

THE MAX SPEED 214223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

Xbox360 Dont Even Need Games to Sell Well.

Xbox dint even have a big Lineup of exclusive in 09 and it still Sold a lot. SO whats the point of all this??????????????

I'm pretty sure that Alan wake , SplinterCell , ME2 , Halo Reach , Natal + Its "14" launch title games , Fable3 , Crackdown 2 will keep the xbox360 selling strong this year as well.

And Why do This Title Sound like something HHG would poop out?

Bungie4223d ago

lewl there's Gears, Halo,Natal,Fable, and alot of stuff

the question is will there be any competition ?

ReservoirDog3164223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

I wouldn't necessarily say that. I'm looking forward for ME2 and SC C. I would honestly buy a 360 for SC C, if I didn't already have one (love SC).

Plus the looming giant that "could" be: natal.

And Halo Reach. Can't forget that one.

edit: Oh and Alan Wake. So I'm getting at least 3 games (4 is Halo Reach is good) for my 360 this year. I only got one in 2009 (GTA episodes for christmas, L&tD is fun but I'm not sure why but the city has waay less cars than the full GTA IV on the PS3. Just an observation.).

So it's a step up from 2009 for me. That's all I ask.

Tachyon_Nova4223d ago

Yeah I except perhaps a 20% increase in Hardware sales for Halo Reach's release week in NA and UK, but certainly nothing like FFXIII has done for PS3 in Japan. Natal will probably be a hit with new customers, but I can't see many current customers getting it, the market seems all wrong, as 360 is where most of the HC gamers are at allegedly, and Natal seems gimicky. Who knows, we'll have to wait and see. ME, Fable 3 and the next CoD will also give slight sales boosts i'd imagine, but again, nothing major. Biggest system seller will ultimutly be the Christmas holidays though.

mikeslemonade4223d ago

Man... some of you "cats" don't know what a system seller is. The game doesn't even have to be good to sell systems. It just has to reach a new demographic.

No one that doesn't have a 360 is saying "I have to get a 360 for Alan Wake". Uncharted 2 look similair like Alan Wake as far as screen shots and videos, so if anyone was interested in Alan Wake they already bought the PS3 with Uncharted 2.

Natal is the most likely system seller because it's different and Microsoft will market like it is brand new even though the eye toy was the same thing essentially.

Modern Warfare 2 software sales were way better than the system sales. It was also a combination of things with the bundle, black friday, and the price discount of the 360.

Now on PS3 Gran Turismo 5 is a system seller in Europe and in Japan because the casual gamer knows what Gran Turismo is. Like Final Fantasy 13, Final Fantasy versus 13 will sell systems in Japan.

ReservoirDog3164223d ago

That actually is a good point. Something new to attract new people. Good point.


But I would buy a 360 for SC C if I didn't already have one. So it would've sold a system right?

mikeslemonade4223d ago

No, because you have a 360 already you answered the question yourself. And previous splinter cell games have been on 360 already. The guy waiting for splinter cell conviction already bought a 360 because splinter cell is already on the system. If a new popular franchise that debuts on a system exclusively then that would be a system seller.

lowcarb4223d ago

"- Halo Reach Will look good for a Xbox360 Title"

It will look awesome for any system.

insomnium4223d ago

will rebuy their broken and out of warranty x360 because of teh new Halo game. Halo will sell consoles just like banning a million consoles from live during holiday season+COD:MW2 release. MS knows their target audience. All it takes is to advertize the living sh*t out of it and bam there it is.

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Ninji4223d ago

No, but i'm sure that the xbots will post a bunch of multiplats to try and tell us otherwise.

Udidntlistenpunk4223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

What do you think.

Alan "going to destroy KZ2 grappixs" Wake?

When they played that Luigi's mansion demo at E3 2009, all you could hear in the room full of xbots was utter silence and embarassment.

Over at the PS3 camp, people were laughing out loud.

"but, but, but the game really really looks good". No, it doesnt. Plain and simple. No, it does not fking xbots. Its an embarassment of a game. OWNED.

Splinter crappy cell? When they showed the first 10 minutes a few weeks ago, all you could hear in the street, was loud laughter. So even 2 years after MGS4, they could not do shiat. It was to be expected. MGS4 was hailed as game of the century. Splinter cell will be known as just another shoddy PC port.

Play the sales biatch. Gran Turismo and Final Fantasy will destroy your sales.

Get on your knees and start fking kowtowing bots. The 360 is inferior in every way.


Haha come on BOTS. Wave your hands in the air! Woooo!!! FAILTAL CONFIRMED. Go play geometry wars on FAILTAL. Hahaha

Udidntlistenpunk4223d ago

Dantes inferno - poor mans God of war
Flopza - poor mans Gran turismo
Splinter cell - poor mans Metal gear solid
Lost oddysey - poor mans Final Fantasy
Alan wake - poor mans Luigi mansion? wtf
That other games whose name I forgot - poor mans Infamous
Avatar racing - poor mans modnation racers

Hahaha the facts are right here

happy_gilmore4223d ago

those crap sell at the same price. so it's not a poor man's version; it's just a wannabe.

4223d ago
Death24944222d ago

it's going to be halo reach. I'm actually buying a 360 for this reason alone......ready to play on this huge MFer'

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Kamikaze1354223d ago

The fanboys can be heard from a distance running towards this article =O

kraze074223d ago

Lol, I have a pretty vivid image in my head of what this looks like.

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deadreckoning6664223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

I agree with mikeslemonade, but we should wait to see what happens in E3 2010. According to HHG, M$ has something to directly compete with GOW3. For now, Natal, mass marketing, and price will sell the 360 in 2010. Btw, Nogolis, did u just say that only programmed morons play Gears and Halo? Wow, just wow. Why do the hardcore always try to downplay anythg thats popular? Personally, I thk Gears is okay, nothing great, but okay. However, that doesn't give me the right to hate on a person that loves Gears.

DelbertGrady4223d ago

Don't know if it's in direct competition with God of War but I think MS will reveal what Itagaki has been working on.

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