Play Magazine: PixelJunk Shooter Review

Play Magazine writes: "PixelJunk Racers was alright, PixelJunk Monsters was a pint-sized classic, PixelJunk Eden was a neat idea that wasn't quite up to full potential, and now we have the fourth release in the venerable PixelJunk circuit-PixelJunk Shooter: The Depths of Disaster. A more fully developed, less abruptly ended experience would have put this latest Junk at the top of the pack. What we've got here is one exceptionally unique, slickly inventive shooter that further reinforces that the downloadable space is where the surprise treasures wait to be discovered."

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nogolis4223d ago

Great game but hardly a shooter. Just because a game has a ship with a gun on it doesn't mean it's a shooter. Hell, you could've called the game "Pixel Junk Drop Claw" and had it resonate better with the overall theme of the game than calling it "shooter". To me there is more of that element than there are shooting elements. When I think "shooter" I think Galaga, Life Force, Gradius, R-types, Ehinhander, Sol-Deace and so forth and so on.

Again, I love the latest game from the Pixel Junk team but it doesn't feel like a shooter to me. I didn't say it was a good or bad thing, either.

sinncross4223d ago

'Shooter' was part of a competition they had to name the game. Clearly they just liked the sound of it. But I know what you mean.. its still fun though!
I wish they would add some sort of multiplayer to it beyond the co-op... would be great to try and fight someone else in levels where lava is falling all voer the place lol