Free Realms First (and Last) Look - Will be free to download

The game is being created primarily for the PC, with a PlayStation 3 version planned as well. It's also being created so that people with computers of all shapes and sizes will be able to run it. That means you shouldn't expect the game to push any graphical boundaries like most retail MMO games do. SOE plans to market the game solely through viral methods; it will probably do things like seed message boards and allow word of mouth to spread. So GameSpot's not expecting to even see the game again before it releases on the Internet, much less obtain any screenshots or videos to show you.

What GameSpot got to see of the game itself looked fairly promising. SOE says it's targeting both male and female gamers from a wider range of ages than it has with past MMO games. To that end, the company is crafting a lighthearted, whimsical sort of world in which your adventuring will take place. No details were revealed about the lore behind the gameworld, but it looked like a cartoonish, vaguely medieval setting with some real-world elements, such as what appeared to be a Halloween celebration.

As mentioned, the initial game client will be free for anyone to download and play. Development and support of the game will be subsidized by banner ads that are said to appear outside of the game window itself, though players will be able to pay a small subscription fee to remove ads.

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MaalDeJah4738d ago

I wonder how this will come out?

gaffyh4737d ago

They will probably do a beta sign up for PS3 and PC as they are currently doing for The Agency and its meant to come out for PC first. I think Sony's Agency game is a lot bigger for them so this will probably be released after that.