GameZone: Top 10 Anticipated Games of Early 2010

GameZone writes: "Another huge year of gaming down, 2009 is in the books, leaving us looking into the next year for what lies ahead. Luckily for us gamers, there are plenty of great games lined up to release early in 2010. Here's a look at some of my most anticipated titles for early 2010:"

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Myst4224d ago

I'll say it right now. Everybody usually hates Mondays well Tuesday's suck!

Mass Effect 2 - 1/26 Tuesday
White Knight Chronicles - 2/2 Tuesday
Heavy Rain - 2/16 Tuesday
Even Final Fantasy XIII - 3/9 Tuesday!!

I'm convinced now! This will surely be heavy months ahead and most of the games listed on the site I know I'll be getting, but...I wish I could just ask these developers why they all chose Tuesday to release!

DigitalHorror814224d ago

A post with White Knight and Heavy Rain! THANK YOU. I knew I wasn't the only one that thought the list was lacking. (Especially if Final Fantasy ends up being a 7/10 like the reviews are saying.)

dalibor4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

"Count" me in to for White Knight Chronicles & Heavy Rain as well. But I also am interested in...
-> Lost Planet Two
-> God of War Three
-> Bayonetta
-> Bioshock Two
-> Final Fantasy Thirteen
... and something neither of you mentioned(not sure if you're even interested in the game) is...
->> M.A.G.
Was in the beta it was great, at least with my experience. I only have a PSThree so I did not put down any ThreeSixty games(exclusive wise), no hate just no console. I better get my banana stand set up to get some extra cash lol.

Myst4224d ago

@DigitalHorror81: Uh welcome? lol I've been looking forward to those two the most. Yeah more than likely every Top 10 of 2010 list will be missing something someone wants on the list. Just seems that White Knight is slipping under most people's radar already.

@dalibor: Yeah I left out mag because personally haven't tried it yet, and can't really say anything about it till Monday when those servers are back up. Hopefully then I'll be able to decide whether it will be a game I want or not.

Also forgot Lost Planet 2 thanks for bringing that up. Completely forgot about it.

ThanatosDMC4224d ago

There was an article saying that Lost Planet 2 will be delayed. So we'll have Dead Rising 2 and AVP3.

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DeThEoRy4224d ago

... god of war 3 is gonna be good? its the exact same as gow2 but with better graphics

Cyrus3654224d ago

And what's wrong with that, it's was probably one of the best games last gen.

Tell me if there was a new Zelda game which was pretty much as good as Zelda: Oriana of Time (One of the best games of alltime), with better graphics, would that'd be a good thing.

dalibor4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

Because there will be more naked women in GOW3 compared to the first two.

But in all seriousness God Of War 3 will be fun, I mean you get to rip heads off. Sounds like fun to me. And the setting/mythology is interesting.

"its the exact same as gow2 but with better graphics"
You don't know that for sure, there are going to be different elements to the game obviously. But as long as it's fun who cares. Same could be said of other game series. Not going to list them though but you get the vague idea.

Kamikaze1354224d ago

Do you now realize that GoW 1 and 2 were good? If GoW 3 is the same, but with better graphics, larger enemies, larger environments, more weapons, new gameplay elements, etc, why WOULDN'T it be good? Lol...personally, I'm not a huge fan of the series, but even I can understand why GoW3 will be big.

mastiffchild4224d ago

Silly words de theory, silly. think about it. Activision have just released the third identikit COD title in three years and you're moaning about the first PS3 GOW game? Seriously? When it's already announced more changes for this one game than WaW and MW2 did TOGETHER over what COD4 achieved? I don't see many(well, not enough certainly) people moaning about that so why would people moan about GOW3 when it looks amazing?

It's also going to have many new elements to it's gameplay:Titan gameplay with the wwhole l;pevels set on titan's backs tilting and shuddering as the behemoths move around the even larger gameworld themselves causing Kratos to be running one second, then rolling, then hanging and all while fighting up to four times as many onscreen enemies as ever before! There's also going to be improved enemy AI that's heightened even further when a mini boss is there to organise the grunts-and you can also comandeer bigger enemies to batter their own by grabbing on to them and stabbing their heads! there's the revolutionary "zipper" system for more realistic and copious amounts of convincing gore and you just know the story will be among the best we'll see next year whatever anyone else comes up with because they're always brilliant tales in the series.

So, yes, believe it's just GOW2 with added pretty if you like but, trust me, it's the most erroneous statement I've read in a long while-even on N4G. If you really want to criticise a game for doing what you say GOW3 is(and maybe not even that) then MW2 is your target and not Kratos latest which is going to have lots of new stuff in it-maybe even some online element depending on which rumour you give credence to, 'k?

beavis4play4224d ago

if for no other reason,(although there ARE other reasons!) GOW3 will be great because it's the final chapter in a kick-ass story. i'm totally stoked to see how it all ends.

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timzone4224d ago

Can't really argue with this list at the moment.

DigitalHorror814224d ago

No Dante's Inferno? No White Knight Chronicles? Those are Q1 2010.

DigitalHorror814224d ago

HEAVY RAIN----has me drooling the most.

No Dante's Inferno? No White Knight Chronicles? WTF!!?

dalibor4224d ago

Everyone's got a different interest in games. But I am pumped up for WKC just as you are.

monkey6024224d ago

I'm suprised to see people getting excited about Dark Void. I think that game looks terrible

Also after the positivity surrounding the Modnation beta I'm suprised to not see it on more lists

Curious to see how Bad Company 2 fares too, Because everyone here on N4G was holding out from MW2 to get BF:BC2 instead remember?!

iceman064224d ago

Dark Void has a compelling premise...but it is the execution that I am afraid of! I think I will wait for reviews for that one. Mod Nation Racers is pretty awesome. I have been building tracks since day one of the beta. I think that will shock some people and be as much of a critical hit as LBP. Bad Company 2 is the TRUTH! I had as much fun on the ONE map that they provided in the beta as I had with all of the maps in MW2! I am not downing MW2 by no means. Bad Company 2 just feels better too me. I think vehicles adds another layer of strategy, plus you can really remain "hidden". It is a sniper's dream for sure. The audio is some of the best yet. Graphics are great. The play mechanics are actually what I like the most. There are real world physics with bullets, so they actually have an arc when fired. The biggest problem is the strength of tanks, but if you play as a team that can be overcome too.

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