First Pictures of Halo 3 Collectible Figurines

The first two Xbox 360 Limited Edition Halo 3 Wireless Controllers designed with original artwork by Todd McFarlane, will hit stores in early September. Available in either the "Covenant Brute" or "Master Chief" themes, each controller will be packaged with limited edition Halo 3 collectible mini figure created by McFarlane Toys and will sell for a suggested retail price of $59.99.

Here's a first look at the controller figures headed your way.

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Diselage4738d ago

I like the Halo figurines and always have but why are they so bloody expensive. I know they're fairly high quality but dang.

Dukester1014738d ago

I dont know if I like the contoller design, but the figurines are freaking awesome.

How much are they, I feel like forking over some dough for those bad boys (depending on price though :) !)

iceice1234738d ago

There wasn't a screen of a new enemy figurine. like what happend with the drone back before Halo 2 launched.

Charlie26884738d ago

I was expecting a more "mature" looking control design not something you could get in a piñata! I would have probably expected a control with similar color and patter of the Masterchiefs THAT would have been cool!