Xboxliveaddicts Review: The Saboteur

Welcome to Nazi-occupied World War II Paris. Your job as Sean Devlin is to join the Resistance, liberate Paris and encourage the people to fight back in Pandemic's The Saboteur.

Paris is a glorious black and white city with just a dash of colour to mark certain important aspects, such as the Nazi's flags, lights of land marks, including the famous Eiffel Tower and the bands on the Nazi's uniforms at the start of the game, as you complete missions and eliminate the Nazis from areas it becomes a water-colour painting effect filling with colour. The effects are both fitting for the era and good to look at, especially the black and white, you almost don't want to change it to colour. They give the game a certain atmosphere; you can almost feel the weight lifted off the people as you free them from capture and allow them to go about their daily business once again in peace.

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