Prince of Persia Classic review

While it certainly had its moments, the original Prince of Persia could be an incredibly frustrating game. Pre-determined animations make for some particularly clunky controls compared to other platformers, and fatal plunges, accidental deaths and flung keyboards were a common occurrence back in 1989.

The Xbox Live Arcade version thankfully does some work in smoothing things out; HD graphics and beautiful, super-smooth animation bring this most digital of platformers right in to 2007. But it's not enough to stop us pulling our hair out.

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Diselage4738d ago

Ouch, only a 6. I may not pick this up for a while since it's only SP and i can get it any time for when theres a boring weekend coming up.

PS360WII4738d ago

If they improved the jump on this reincarnation. I remember playing this on the computer when it came out and you needed to hit the jump button when you were still 3 steps away from where you really wanted to jump. Don't ask me why I remember this... I just do... mind works in odd ways