PSLS 2010 PlayStation Predictions

2010 is upon us and what better way to kick things off with some predictions? Just by glancing at Sony's software line-up anyone can see that it's going to be a very happy new year. 2010 is sure to bring many new unannounced titles, features, and more for both the PS3 and PSP. PlayStation LifeStyle has prepared a list of predictions for 2010. Check it out after the jump…

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Sev4225d ago

I think so. Final Fantasy XIII, God of War III and Gran Turismo 5 all in one year? That's enough for me. Let alone all of the stuff in PSLS's predictions.

Even if half of these predictions come true we are looking at the best year of gaming ever.

lordgodalming4225d ago

"The Last Guardian slips into a 2011 release."

Sigh. Don't want to admit it, but I have to agree. They just haven't shown enough of this game for a release within a year.

Sev4225d ago

Also I'd like to point out that only some of these are "predictions"... wink wink... The rest hold a bit more weight.

@above - especially considering almost all of what has been shown has been around for 2+years just with less detail, polish, etc.

TOO PAWNED4225d ago

PlayStation 3 / PS3

* Premium PSN Services announced at E3.
* Motion Controller arrives in Spring in Japan; Delayed until Fall in North America, EU markets.
* The Last Guardian slips into a 2011 release.
* inFamous 2 set for Fall release.
* Lightbox Interactive reveals Starhawk.
* Jaffe debuts Twisted Metal HD.
* Killzone 3 teaser trailer debut at E3; no release until late 2011.
* Resistance 3 set for Holiday 2010 release.
* PS3 Syphon Filter trailer released.
* Several new IPs coming from Sony Cambridge Studios, London Studios, and Media Molecule.
If HALF of this comes true, it will be mind blowing...i hope you know something and are not pulling it out of you know where...

TOO PAWNED4225d ago

"More portable versions of PS3 franchises." - i hope not! Resistance retribution should have been released on console, it is console game on portable.
Uncharted PSP - God NO!

"Game rental service" - count me in.

Sev4225d ago

Most of this is far, far off. Like E3-ish.

But I don't pull anything out of my "you know what". My Trico reveal, the PSPgo and the PS3 Slim (though I was a month or two late on the slim) should have proved that.

sikbeta4225d ago

"Could 2010 out do 2009?"

YES, pretty much GT5 will take care of make HUGE numberz, of course FF13 + GOW3 will do the same, we can't expect any less of the 3 Powerful Games


Add to that list, EIGHT DAYS

Saaking4225d ago

2010 will outdo 2009. If you thought 2009 was good, then just wait and see. The lineup is better and the PS3's biggest heavy hitters (GOWIII, and especially GT5) are coming out.

deadreckoning6664225d ago

Very good predictions. IMO most of them will come true, but I hope the motion controllers come in Spring.

4225d ago
remanutd554225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

those are predictions? man you know 90% of what you said is gonna happen and more that you didnt wanna say but its cool , this is what i have been expecting from sony all this time but i know they take time to hit full speed lol , i really wanna see how Killzone 3 looks and Twisted Metal PS3 ( isnt supposed to be released b4 E3 alongside R3 announcement? inFAMOUS 2 is a given but 1 thing did surprise me from your " predictions" Media Molecule new IP ,that right there is something i wasnt expecting so soon but hey its kool , new IPs from European studios? isnt The Getaway supposed to get a late 2010 released date at E3 ? well i know you know more but you simple wont say it , its all kool , i expect very good games this year

JD_Shadow4225d ago

I'm wondering that, with the news about the lackluster sales of the GTA4 DLC on the 360, if we'll hear an announcement (a REAL one) from Rockstar that the episodes will make their way to the PS3 before long in 2010. I know some people could live without them, but because that news came out, and you have to think that the exclusivity is probably close to running out now, that Rockstar will be considering it (if they are not busy with Agent and all).

mastiffchild4225d ago

I think Sev might well have seen a few things I've been privy to. All I'll say is I've been convinced we're seeing Syphon Filtere PS3 this year and it's going to be VERY good indeed-and it won't be the only real game announced by the UK studios under Sony's wingp-not by a long shot.

If they aren't releasing the wands worldiwide they're screwed on that front, mind, as MS don't need to arse about with Japan that much and Soony need to claw some attention for theirs and going head to head with Natals release in the west is suicde for the wnds when you think how gyushing, after seeing precious little of either system I hasten to add, the US media has been overe Natal. Also we'll hear "delaystaion" over and over again if TLG AND promised releases (like the wands/Gem) start slipping again. sony do not need that AND could do with getting GT5 out sooner rather than later as it easily the biggest system selling game on any platform this year-Reach would rival it, certainly, but only if most Halo fans hadn't already bought a 360 way back for Halo3. Anyway, the impact of FF13 in Japan would be beaten worlwide by the GT5 release while the GOW3 one might snag a few US customers for Sony-so it's a big year for them(and for MS with great games coming to 360 too)and they have the games in hand-and unannounced-to make it count too.

For those of us silly enough to own six systems, however, it just looks like we'll be eating gruel and caffeinne tablets while not being able to sleep for long stretches of 2010 if we wanna hget through a half of the good looking games!

Tachyon_Nova4225d ago

Well, in 2009 I bought 16 games for my PS3, I already have 19 definite purchases for this year, don't know how i'll find time, considering I'm not even including games like Infamous 2, Resistance 3, and Killzone 3 which haven't been announced yet but are atleast plausible releases for the year.

kratos1234224d ago

infamous 2 please please please i need a trailer now i want to finish the story its soooooooooo good

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MightyMark4274225d ago

I am more excited about the premium PSN service. But we won't be hearing about that until E3 for sure

Myst4225d ago

Same here I'd really like to know price and what will be given if people opt to pay. Shame it will be announced then, but hey at least there will be games to fill in the time gap right :).

chidori6664225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

i agree..

PS3 Syphon Filter trailer released.

danm.. i love this serie.

emk20044225d ago

a bunch of psn games hopefully dino crisis2 and i think were gona see the first game play of agent at e3 this year hopefully. this might be far stretched but i am thinking mass effect 1 and 2 on a single BR disk as there megaton bomb at e3 this year.

doctorstrange4225d ago

Looks like it could be one of the best years in gaming ever, can't wait

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