Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Preview

Eurogamer takes a closer look at Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

"Watching the action on Xbox 360, Infinity Ward has created the best-looking Xbox 360 FPS yet, and -until we see hard evidence that Halo 3 looks much better than the recent beta - it's going to turn heads. The characters themselves look incredible with worn facial expressions, glinting weapons and shadows so realistic that weapons even cast shadows on the texture-rich limbs of soldiers. "Players didn't really remember anyone from the other games, apart from Price," says Collier. Inevitably then, the push to make soldiers more recognisable has led to Price returning to the SAS and Delta teams. Moonlighter."

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Crazyglues4738d ago

This is the CALL OF DUTY I have been waiting for. Part 4 Modern combat is what you are suppose to do when your game sells huge in it's part 1 and 2 versions.

You are suppose to go back and re-invent the game, and not half ass it either. Your suppose to put in the work that makes the game look and feel amazing.

This will be the biggest selling Call OF Duty without question, Mark my words... I for one can't wait to pick up my copy.

It just looks - to put it in one word.... AMAZING!

D3acon4738d ago

They need at least 8 on 8, 6 on 6 ain't gonna cut it. 32 player should be possible without sacrificing too much, then again it may be one of those things that might lower the framerate.