Massive Pre-Order Incentive for MAG

PSLS writes: Zipper Interactive's uber-ambitious 256-player "Massive Action Game", or MAG as it's officially named is set to hit the PlayStation 3 January 26th. If you have played the beta then you know the massive multiplayer madness the game serves up. MAG is pegged to start Sony's 2010 line-up off with quite a bang. To ensure you get to start off the year with a bang as well, we've found pre-order incentives that will help you get the most bang for your buck.

Along with the almost standard discount on new games (about $3 off the retail price), you also get the Amazon exclusive S.V.E.R. Home Space for pre-ordering MAG early. If that isn't a big enough pre-order incentive, Amazon is offering a 'massive' credit toward your next video game purchase. Anyone who pre-orders MAG gets a $10 credit toward the next video game purchase.

MAG has a Jan. 26th release date, head on over to Amazon now and take advantage of these pre-order incentives.

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tdrules4233d ago

keep on rolling in the lightly masked affiliate ads *sigh*

Blaster_Master4233d ago

Cmon dude, MAG deserves the attention. Give the game some slack. The sver home space is really enticing.

Sev4232d ago (Edited 4232d ago )

Hey, I didn't submit this, neither did anyone from my staff. So stop your complaining. Also that BioShock deal I had submit? I deleted it because of your incessant whining. So you kept gamers from knowing about a great deal. Does that make you happy knowing you screwed over fellow gamers who could use to save some cash? Deals are news. Especially in this tough economy where everyone could use to save some cash. What is the harm of adding an affiliate code? Does it hurt you? Does it hurt gamers? Does it hurt anyone? No. And it only seems to bother you when PSLS does it.

Also if you'd like I could pick out 25 other sites that add their tracking IDs to articles. Even N4G has a tracking ID that they display in review submissions. Maybe you should boycott and whine about N4G too...

The money is negligible and if one site is alerting gamers of a deal and it saves them money, then what is the harm of the site making a buck? Especially if the buck that the said site makes isn't off the gamer, it's off the retailer?

Sounds like you are just bitter. Please keep your mouth shut unless you plan on whining about every other site on N4G that does this with Amazon.

Infatuated Gamer
The Wired Gamer

Websites need to make money to pay staff, server fees, etc, etc. If it isn't hurting gamers you shouldn't be complaining. These articles alerting gamers of great deals only help gamers afford their favorite hobby. Which is an expensive one.

Sounds like you have a personal beef with PlayStation LifeStyle, and if so, just be a man and admit it. Stop trying to hide behind the "evil tracking code" guise.

4232d ago
gunnerforlife4232d ago (Edited 4232d ago )


why u paying attention to one idi.. if u get a hand full of complaints than thats when you should do it not because of one.
hes just jelous because its exclusive thats why hes moaning, i dont think you would of heard a peep out of him if this was a 360 only games.

FantasyStar4232d ago (Edited 4232d ago )

Just keep the articles to quality, thought-provoking, and unique content and I'll be happy. The best for me is Gamasutra though as the articles they write is pure-gold. However pull a Kotaku and we're finished.

That said, deal-hunters would be somewhat delighted as something is better than nothing. I think they'll be better deals as we get closer to MAG's release date. $10 credit isn't much.

Anorexorcist4232d ago (Edited 4232d ago )

Oh great deduction skills their Piece of Sh*t NetWrk. Much like how Microsoft had to form a deal with 7 Eleven to market Halo 3 soft drinks so that people would pay attention to it, otherwise no one would have bought it, right?

Since when did promotional incentives for consumers become classified as a sign of inferiority or insecurity for a product? These incentives make even more sense when you realize the MAG is a brand new Intellectual Property that has no past consumer goodwill to fall back on.

Fanboys like Piece of Sh*t Netwrk obviously will take their idiot logic all over the place to simply help themselves sleep better at night thinking a PS3 exclusive is no good.

Parapraxis4232d ago (Edited 4232d ago )

@tdrules, I don't think PS3 owners really need to give a s**t about your opinions on "advertisement" methods for a game you never planned on purchasing on a console you don't own.

Go back to your PC bubble, thanks.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat4232d ago

The MAG beta was horrible in my opinion, and it killed off any excitement I had for the game.

4232d ago
Parapraxis4232d ago (Edited 4232d ago )

I think there's a more logical reason you have more bubbles troll..err I mean "Piece of Shlt Netwrk"
- Joined N4G 42 minutes ago
For somebody "new" to N4G, you sure seem to know your way around.

@Bubbles_Kitty_Cat, you forgot your punchline. Your comment should have read:
"The MAG beta was horrible in my opinion, and it killed off any excitement I had for the game...which was very little, considering I don't own a PS3"
Going out on a limb here, but feel free to post your PSN (or PM me with it) and prove me wrong.

Gotta love the trolls who go to any lengths to downplay any PS3 exclusive, what's up after MAG kiddos? GOWIII? GT5?

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4232d ago
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Bubbles_Kitty_Cat4232d ago

If I actually cared about your opinion, I might have given you my PSN name.

I'm sure this will come as a complete shock to you, but it is possible to actually own a PS3 and dislike some of its games.

DeThEoRy4232d ago

LOL.LMAO.ROFL.u can only take fanboyism so far. mag is a terrible rip off of cod, sorry if i hurt ure fellings

jut4204232d ago

I'm actually glad this got submitted because SVER is my faction and I'd like to check out that Home space. I've never ordered a game online, so I probably would not have known about this incentive. Glad I have time to cancel my GS pre-order and buy from Amazon. GS is the worst anyways. Everyone in the stores I go to is always clueless when it comes to extra things you get with your pre-orders. I don't pre-order often but from what I have pre-ordered. I never got my Mirror's Edge bag, never got my Demon's Souls artbook and CD, never got my LBP costume code, and I never recieved a MAG beta code. I had to buy Qore (because I wanted to get in the beta). The only thing I've ever gotten when I pre-ordered that wasn't in the game's box was an extra kick pedal for GH Metallica. The worst part about GS is that the employees usually never have a clue about what I'm talking about when I asked for all the extra content I was suppossed to get with my games.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat4232d ago

Wow, you gotta find another place to buy your games.

Saaking4232d ago

MAG is good, but I personally didn't enjoy it that much. It's fun, just not fun enough. I'll get later in the year.

Erotic Sheep4232d ago

LOL wtf at the people in here.

Anyhow I have to agree with Bubbles_Kitty_Cat. The concept sounds awesome and the way they force u to do your objectives but something in the BETA put me off and I had a lot more fun playing the Bad Company 2 BETA. I dont know why and I'm sure lots of people will enjoy MAG, but it just wasnt the thing for me.

ReservoirDog3164232d ago

Gotta point there Sev. People just whine too much.

Plus, it's still news worthy.

SilentNegotiator4232d ago

I agree, sounds like an advertisement.

barom4232d ago

It is not just him/her that has an issue with your articles. They are quite often questionable for a lack of a better word. Honestly ever since you stopped posting those insider info, there's been nothing interesting on your site. Honestly stuff like "Rumored PSN content" that comes up literally a day before the actual content goes up, is just outright dumb. Just saying that it doesn't hurt us is not quite right either. I do not have time to go through every page of N4G every day so a bunch of times I miss cool articles because someone makes a desperate attempt to make money on their site with really just bs stuff. It especially does not help the exaggeration that is often carried with these articles such as "massive" incentive. Oh and for the record Punchjump is no better.

I don't expect you to keep posting rumors or wutnot but at least somehow make it more interesting. All your articles seem just useless and stop bs'ing about "people need to save money in these economic times" cause it just sounds phony. And show at least some professionalism than to just call someone a hater for disliking your site. Honestly you're better off not saying anything. Your articles (with other pieces of junk) will continue to pop up on n4g anyway.

ReservoirDog3164232d ago

You take this stuff too seriously man. It's just games.

Whatever annoys you, just don't click on it.

sikbeta4232d ago

"mag is a terrible rip off of cod"

Really, since when COD is a TACTICAL SHOOTER instead of NøøB FEST

SOCCOM series say something to you, well ZIPPER made those SOCCOM games and that's more than an over-hyped shooter


Rampant4232d ago

As stated before on n4g, xbox360gamers are only interested in shooters! lollollo..... oh, wait.

HappyGilmore23004232d ago (Edited 4232d ago )

MAG is garbage. i was in the first beta and MAG has got to be the most boring shooter out there. nothin special except the amount of people, but it doesnt feel like there are that many people in the game. oh yeah, the weapon selection is pathetic.

MAG is just another try and fail to dethrone the mighty MW2.

DeThEoRy4232d ago (Edited 4232d ago )

so your saying mag isnt easy to play? or do u just suk that bad at shooters in general, mag copied cod gameplay structure(running and gunning aspect), just like how dantes inferno copied gow3 gameplay structure. only differ is the graphics are garbage in mag

pixelsword4232d ago

I'm not saying that because of what you think of MAG, but in all of your posts you have nothing positive to say about any PS3 game... none; the closest you get to a compliment is when you compliment Uncharted but berate it's multiplayer.

And then you try to praise Too Human.



I don't think it's the worst game ever made, but it's pretty bad; like herpes on your wedding night from your "virgin" bride bad.

The only reason why I did a played at all was because I was one of the few who actually followed the game for 10 years, and given the Power of this gen's consoles, even if the game was horrible, it would be in my eyes worth it to see the exact vision of the Dyack's world.

It's not worth the rent unless you really want to see if a game can make you gouge your eyes out and box your own ears. The dialogue constantly undermines it's purpose and contradicts it's own theme. I remember the first cutscene when someone as doing something like setting up a shield or peremiter or something and they guy says "as odin bids" and the guy talking to him responds like "yeah, yeah" or something like that. If these guys are supposed to be their "gods', then where's the reverence? They also use tons of modern jargon that really puts me off when this game is supposed to take place like during the Hyborian age; just a study of some dialogue would've gave that game a big boost in my eyes. I can't believe they let that "plot" sit for a decade and think it would be timeless.

The camera was total butt-flakes, and those goth "glasses" Loki's daughter and that one guy had on gave the game a very cheap feel in terms of an ancient, exotic, lost civilization. The best things about the game was the class and tier building (I liked the ruiners special abilities myself). The best quote of the WHOLE game came was when one of the wolfpack were threatened by a Berzerker in the dropship, and one of the other wolfpack said something along the liens of "a wolf's strength is in it's numbers: if you threaten one of us, be ready to take on the whole pack".

And that was about it.

But in your eyes, this game is better than 100% of all PS3 games, because you don't defend any game like you do this one.

Heck, I'm called a PS3 fanboy sometimes or a 360 fanboy sometimes because I really like both consoles. I did a blog post on how I'm probably one of the bigger Halo fanboys on this site, and I have no problem saying that I like the Halo franchise as a whole better than the Killzone franchise; although Killzone 2 evened it out graphically and gameplay wise, but blew it because the storyline was not as good as the first game, or the PSP version.

I also think Gears of war and Uncharted are equally good for different reasons: Gears is gritty and very macho. I like games like that. The enemies are a little stupid, but that's because locusts are supposed to be like that. Uncharted really captures the feel of an adventure. The enemies are intelligent and have to be dealt with because even two can kill you by flanking. Both games are a credit to both consoles. Gears 2 was a definite improvement over the first one, but not a much as Uncharted 2 was over one.

The difference is because I realize the I bought the console, the console didn't buy me; so I can easily say that Sony sucks because they drag their feet on everything (like the trophy room in home) and thinks their crap don't stink. Microsoft sucks because they rely on bully tactics and outright lies to push their console where a simple thing like QUALITY CONTROL would've done the trick... but better. Not to say Sony it totally off the hook, because I got a YLOD myself off of my old 60Gb.

They aren't paying me checks, so why the %*^$ would I give them free advertising unless I chose to write an article or blog post for my own pleasure?

pixelsword4232d ago

If you hated it, did you even bother to write on the beta blogs so they can make improvements? Did you tell them what was wrong and how to improve it?

Do you even know what a beta is for?

Or is it that you can only complain and can't contribute?

It's gamers that do that is why games bomb: you sit there and piss and moan but don't contribute, so when the game comes out with incomplete feedback all people like you can do is go "see, I told you so" instead of being productive. The worst part is that most of they guys that do that take away spots from people who actually WOULD contribute.

here's mine:

Where's yours, complainers?

boodybandit4232d ago

Quoted for excellence!
Biggest laugh of 2010 so far for me pixelsword, thanks! ;)

Erotic Sheep4231d ago

@ Pixelsword

Dude I wasn't hating O.o It's more that it wasn't my type of game. I usually enjoy SP games more than MP, but I was still curious to see what MAG was about. I'm sure lots of gamers would enjoy it, it just wasn't my type of game ;__;

pixelsword4231d ago

...says the geek with a cat on his head.

pixelsword4231d ago

You couldn't nail-down what you didn't like about it: that's not a problem because sometimes it's just that way. Not everyone can do that.

You're fine: you were honest about it and direct.

pixelsword4231d ago


Not to brow-beat that game, but I had high hopes dashed on the shores of reality.

Curiosity got the best of me, so I saw that game through from start to finish; no regrets, but I don't think I'll be doing the whole game again.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat4231d ago (Edited 4231d ago )

I'm serious, you sound like you need professional help.

Your long-winded, paranoid posts suggest that you have an unhealthy emotional attachment to video games.

Going back and reading through my old posts in order to prove your "he doesn't even own a PS3" theory is also cause for concern.

Maybe this will help you: I have owned a PS3 for several years now. I like some of the games that are available for it and dislike others.
I tend to avoid playing my PS3 because of the controller, however.
I much prefer the 360's controller, so that is my console of choice.

You can either believe that, or continue with your investigations that "prove" otherwise, Inspector Gadget. lol

CaptainKratos4231d ago

really dont understand the argument about the weapon selection in MAG.i only use 4 weapons in MW2 thats it. really dont bother with the others,same chiet. besides i got tired of MW2 feels like i've been playing it for years...oh wait i have!and if theres any guys who just own an xbox just dont write anything, we ps3 owners need to decide on what shooters to

pixelsword4231d ago (Edited 4231d ago )

Ah, the pseudo-intellectual speaks.

Just what I thought; when pressured to provide evidence, you try to turn it around on the person asking.

"Hey I got a magical hippo that sings and dances and I don't have to prove it to you because I don't care what you think. And-and-and you're just crazy by proving that I don't actually have it by using facts."

You sound like a kid playing with dolls.

1. Reading through your child-like posts wouldn't take a four-year old more than twenty minutes. If you're over twelve, don't vote without assistance.

2. Something that is written cannot be long-winded, as it was never spoken, genius. All because it's a synonym for words that would fit better doesn't mean they are universally interchangeable; besides, you probably just read the first paragraphs on N4G if my little post is too long for you.

3. Paranoid is some loser that will wet their tampon if they gave out their PSN, like you. Mine is pixelsword and I don't give a rip who knows.

You think you're more important than you really are, and you're not that important at all to begin with. That previous post was 95% about Too Human and other things, but you think it's all about you... look at it again: like always, people aren't even thinking about you, but you think they are. Good grief.

For all of your "psychoanalysis", you could have merely posted your PSN and be done with it, but you're too paranoid to do that now, aren't you?

But stay the course there, Dubya; you keep on thinking you look sane.

You need a date, maybe starting with someone like you...

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat4231d ago (Edited 4231d ago )

Why would I post my PSN and stop you from continuing to make a fool out of yourself? lol

While I'm sure that you are feeling proud of yourself after that last post, all it did was serve to further prove my point; you are overly emotional when it comes to video games.

Seriously, take half a step back and look at what you are getting so defensive over.
It's a video game, and healthy adults don't feel the need to defend them with endless rants and accusations.

If you don't want to seek help, at least admit that you have a problem.
That is the first step, after all. lol

pixelsword4230d ago

Says the geek with a cat on his head.

No PS3.

Just what everyone thought.


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deshon094232d ago

have to retire on kz2 for this

midgetsanx4232d ago

but my decision on MAG will be decided on the public beta. I want see how it plays first..

morganfell4232d ago

The beta actually sealed the deal for me. We played it at E3 but I wanted more convincing and the closed beta did it. I don't think you will be disappointed.

midgetsanx4232d ago

Yeah, I Heard alot of good things from the beta. I haven't played a shooter in a while too with Valkyria Chronicles(Yes, I was late the the party), and Demon Souls. If the beta impresses me, I must just have to fork out the cash.

RadientFlux4232d ago

I'm waiting on the public beta as well. I'm willing to give the game a try, but it really doesn't interest me. As I'm not a fan of online gaming.

midgetsanx4232d ago

At least, you are trying. Some people don't even know what a game is about and they crush it...

nycredude4232d ago

Hey guys in the us the public beta is available right now. Not sure where you are located but log in to us psn if you want it.

RadientFlux4232d ago

Thanks nycredude I didn't know that. I'll check PSN tomorrow as I'm in Canada. It will make a nice change of pace for me, as I'm just finishing up Dragon Age and getting ready to start Divinity 2 or Darksiders sometime next week.

midgetsanx4232d ago

I thought you could only download the client. Are the servers up?

Another One4232d ago (Edited 4232d ago )

Oh sweet. I just got my PS3 for Christmas so I missed out on the closed beta. I'd like to get in on the public beta so this is good news. 256 players seems a little too hectic, but I'd like to see for myself.

Ok I found the article about it and it doesn't official start until the 4th. So just a couple more days.

Solidus187-SCMilk4232d ago

Im looking forward to trying this but right now im busy playing demons souls. If I like the beta ill get this after finishing demons souls and ME2.

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supremacy4232d ago (Edited 4232d ago )

no offense to you guys here, but this game just feels out of sync. its laggy, buggy and too clutter. i assume they were thinking of the numbers game and not so much of infrastructure which makes a game fun.

in my personal opinion, mag is not a fun game at all, and its probably the last thing i would play. seriously.

what Sony and co, need to do is make a ps3 syphon filter with killzone 2 graphics and physics. also think about bringing back some old franchises, like sly, jak and daxter, twisted metal, legend of dragoon, wild arms, getaway, omega boost, arc the lad, dark cloud ect.

and an actual full fledged socom game with the budget of killzone 2, you know killer graphics, physics and controls.

as well as solid campaign with a 4 or 5 player co-op missions and ofcourse a refined and well tuned multiplayer online experience.

for get the numbers game (trust me on this one take my word) just give me a simple party/clan up system with a fair amount of players. namely no more than 16 players a match preferably 12. nice and decent sized maps with decent server support.

that above is what i really want.

johnmark19824232d ago

i played the beta myself and i never had lag issues. i have found that lag is often found on people that are having connection issues, better your connection more fun you have on mag. the game is truly fun i thought

deshon094232d ago (Edited 4232d ago )

i have yet to but it can be no worse than socom was wen it first came out please correct me if i am wrong lag dose not seem to be a big thing unless you have a bad connection s

Jrome4232d ago

I played the beta practically non-stop from day 1 (trying to unlock as much as possible before it ended xD), and I never experienced lag.

The game is truly a great experience, it's like a real war, people parachuting in, vehicles rolling through, everyone meeting up in the middle, teamwork being a key factor, it's INTENSE, day 1 purchase.

akiraburn4232d ago

I generally don't comment a lot, and most of all I avoid comments like this, but I have to disagree here. I'm sorry, but after seeing what you wrote, I don't believe that you have played the beta for MAG. At least not long enough to give an solid opinion with actual good facts.

I was in the closed beta since phase 1, and I have never experienced any lag issues. My friends and clan members that were in the closed beta didn't experience lag issues either. I don't know what your issue may have been, but I haven't seen or heard of any problems with lag.

As for bugs, it's a beta. The point was to work out the bugs before a full release, and with each patch and phase that's what they did. Everything about the beta was supposed to be "for testing purposes only". If you were going to judge the entire game based on only part of the game and that is also unfinished, you should have not accepted on the Terms of Agreement page. The graphics, sound, and many other aspects will be enhanced on final release, since after all there is only so much that can be fit into a 6GB download, as opposed to the 25GB BD-rom disc. And even at that, the game could hardly be considered buggy as compared to other betas and even full game releases. I never had anything "game breaking" happen through the entire beta, and nothing substantially problematic happened since a little after midway through phase 2.

And as for cluttered, even though you weren't specific on any of your complaints, this is again something that isn't true by a long shot on any account. As for maps, you CAN play smaller matches since maps can vary in size. As for the sheer number of players, even in larger matches the players are broken down very well since everyone is divided into squads, platoons, and so on.

The communication between players is done well, so that squads only talk with players of the same squad unless they are leaders. All of the modes have objectives that you have to work with your team to accomplish. Unlike many other games, if you run off and are trying to be Rambo, you will die. If you work with the rest of your squad and communicate, odds are in your favor that the match will at least be a more even battle.

You said several times that it was "a numbers game", which is completely incorrect. It's really great that they were able to accomplish 256 players on the battlefield at once, but they in no way sacrificed game mechanics or anything of the sort in order to provide that number of players. And if you really just don't want to play the larger 256 player modes, then choose the modes with less players. Something to be understood, this is very much a team based game, where a majority of the time you will NEED teamwork in order to do well. In my opinion it's because of this that it's one of the most impressive online FPS's to date. Too often, you have simple run-and-gun shooters with little to no thought involved. This is a very different game from that, and can be a lot of fun.

Elwenil4232d ago (Edited 4232d ago )

I was in the Beta from the 3rd phase I believe and never really experienced any lag. We had a few network problems here and there, but they were quickly fixed and nothing I experienced seemed laggy. I agree that this guy probably has never seen MAG running and is just basing his lag comments off the idea that "with that many players, it has to be laggy", which is completely false. MAG runs surprisingly smooth. Now I'm sure there will be the usual hicups when the game is first released and the servers get a full load, then all the people will cry about how laggy it is and how they were right. I seriously doubt they would put this much effort into testing if they planned on releasing a lag-fest.

On the other hand, MAG is far from perfect. I'm curious to see on the 4th if they fixed any of the balance issues with the maps. Sadly even if MAG is perfect with no lag and balance is optimum, what will kill MAG is the players. I said it many times in the closed Beta forums that the players are what is going to ruin MAG. MAG is a game of objectives and too many people were playing the Beta like it was CoD4 and just out to get kills, regardless of the fact that you got much more experience for taking the objectives. It's going to be up to the players to decide if MAG is elevated as something new in the shooter world or if it gets degraded by the usual idiot players into just another chaotic shooter.

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mrblacknut4232d ago

I don't know why Amazon gets used for boost information. The same thing happen with Killzone 2 same time last year.

Parapraxis4232d ago (Edited 4232d ago )

What do you mean "boost information"?
...nice comment history BTW, may I ask, why do you care about MAG? I thought that only "Sony fanboys" (one of your commonly used terms) would be interested in this game.