The most wanted DS games of 2010

Jonathan Holmes: "It's time for a new DS. I don't mean a new iteration of the DS we've been using for six years, I mean a new system; something more powerful than the PSP that can also double as a stun gun or a Foreman grill or some other thing that nobody but Nintendo thinks is a good idea, yet ends up becoming wildly popular anyway. 2010 would be a great time for a system like that."

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windmill1455011d ago (Edited 5011d ago )

OMG, there's a sequel to Hotel Dusk?
Damn, I wish I knew Japanese.
EDIT: and the box art looks pretty badass too

Hisiru5011d ago

Here you have 2 videos:

Hotel Dusk sold pretty outside Japan, I doubt it won't be released here.

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Valay5010d ago

It's nice to see someone acknowledging Okamiden. I know it hasn't been confirmed for North America, but that's my most anticipated DS game of 2010 by far.


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