Get Mass Effect for $9.99

The much-awaited sequel of Mass Effect is at hand and there are still gamers out there that have not played the original. Well now's your chance, this week only Gamestop has discounted Mass Effect to $9.99.

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Evil Rant Monkey4229d ago (Edited 4229d ago )

Steam still has it on for $4.99

siliticx4229d ago

A few hours left to buy this '360 exclusive(lol)' on PC for 5$

Budg3tG4m3r4229d ago

You should probably make sure "Windows" is updated before you buy it on PC, as for 360 no upates. To bad this game isn't on a MAC or PS3 so more could play it, oh well good for MS I guess.

4229d ago
Staircase4229d ago

Damn! I got ME from the D2D 5$ deal on Cyber Monday, I kinda wish i waited, because i'd much rather have spent the extra 5$ for a digital copy.

skyclaw4229d ago

while this is sweet, i got mine when a store miss priced the game for 9.99

4221d ago