Gaming in the Future Part 1: How Far Can We Take It?

Jowin at writes: Its a New Year. Personally, I do not feel as if New Year's themselves bring about anything, except a repeat of the seasons and a spontaneous desire to create new expectations. People begin creating and expecting new goals, new people, new music, and what is probably most relevant to the point of my discussion, new games or, in this case, new consoles. Many people have asked the question several times since the "next-gen" started (funny how many people still call it next-gen). Is it possible for the next generation to see a significant change? And when will we see it? Alot of people are banking on the concepts and plans for the next generation of consoles to be introduced at next year's E3. I may be getting ahead of myself here, but starting with the NES, it has always been 5-6 year intervals for each generation right?

Time surely flies. However, as time flies, times change. First-person shooters are now the genre of choice, Nintendo is becoming more and more family-oriented, Sony is behind (and may I add has a portable that is still genuinely competitive), and exclusives are becoming less and less of a thing. Its the way things are, no point in complaining, every era is different. Whats next though? Graphics of course will get more and more realistic, but I think a new generation is more than that. Controls, top-selling games and genres, hype, and standards of what to expect in a game are all things that are a part of what makes another generation into what it is.

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DrRobotnik4225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

With no clipping, lag, slowdown or mudded textures. Then we have reached it. Until then, I'll enjoy what we have now. I always said to myself, "When I see a console run a Football game where, the fans in the stands, the players on the sideline all have the same detail as the players on the field. Not by cut scenes with touchdowns, but in real time. And all having individual ai", then I would say "we reached it".

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