Giant Bomb's Xbox 360-Only Game of the Year 2009

As Jason Fleming, an everyman who just so happens to have a bit of weapons training under his belt, you'll infiltrate a shady fortification full of bad guys who are plotting to overthrow the United States, build a powersuit that gives you additional traversal abilities, and eventually shut the whole place down. The additional skills you get, like double jumps, speed running capabilities, better weapons, and even a shield that makes you practically invincible as long as you move slowly, make the game a joy from start to finish because you're always acquiring something new that makes you rethink the different ways to get around this side-scrolling world. Missiles open doors, foam lets you create platforms, and a grappling hook lets you hook onto and climb to places that felt completely impossible to get to only minutes before.

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mrv3214226d ago (Edited 4226d ago )

As they said it's not much to do with the quality of 360 games of this year but rather how good this game is. So please no fanboys. As if you'd listen... you'll probably bring up Uncharted 2 before long.

4226d ago
mrv3214226d ago

By pointing out that someone was going to do it... DOESN'T mean I'm pointing it out. Sure I mentioned the name but I used it in a WHOLEY different context.

dgroundwater4226d ago

I'm not big on Metroid-Vania style gameplay. I played the demo - liked it, but I didn't feel like I HAD to keep going.

4226d ago