Jaffe on the possibility of developing for iPhone

David Jaffe of Eat Sleep Play discusses the possibility of his team making an iPhone game.

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Sunny_D4233d ago

Yeah, how about actually releasing a damn game? Or atleast info.

4233d ago
zeeshan4232d ago

I know he is taking time but all good things take time to finish. I am sure that he will come up with something brilliant.

Drano4232d ago

Took the words right outta my keyboard, bubbles for you. It would be about damn time Jaffe does something else than talking. He's Duke Nukem Forevering us.

Jump Beyond.

Neo6044232d ago

the control sucks. PSPGo is really powerful portable.

darkmurder4232d ago

Its also got a really powerful physical game system oh wait...

LethalToxins4232d ago

Yeah, cuz the iPhone has a really powerful physical game system...

Whoooop4232d ago

Oh Lord...

I don't even want to change the title of this article in a clever way.

Jaffe just STFU and release a f*ckung game already.

Carl14124232d ago

Jaffe, i love you and everything, but STFU and make the damn game you've been working for for a million years

divideby04232d ago

pssst....what about a PS3 title first....
I have no idea why we havent seen a TMB title...

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