PCN PlayStation Game of the Decade

We name our PlayStation Game of the Decade, but what's your PlayStation Game of the Decade?

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shadowfox4222d ago

What a task, theres over 1500 PS2 games released in the US alone lol

Keowrath4222d ago

Metal Gear Solid 3. I loved 4 but 3 just holds the edge for me.

So come on Kojima, when are we gonna see the Hi-Def MGS collection?

CryWolf4222d ago

I want to see a remake of Metal Gear Solid 1, the other MGS games I want to see them remastered and put on a Blu-ray disc like God Of War collection.

Batzi4222d ago

damn straight pal, I would want the same thing.

gaffyh4221d ago

Metal Gear Solid 1 remake is something I would buy, even though I played the first game at least 20 times.

Batzi4222d ago

MGS3 takes the crown for best Metal Gear game to date although each and every one of the Metal Gear games in the franchise are awesome but MGS3 was the one that introduced the most important man in the saga, Big Boss.

mastiffchild4221d ago

Snake Eater's an amazing game, no doubt about it and going back to BigBoss in his pomp was a genius choice too. However, and I know i'm possibly alone amomg serious MGS fans here, I think MGS4 is the bigger achievement. Tying up all the lose ends from the most convoluted tale ever to hit gaming was a herculean effort on it's own! That Kojima managed to do so with style, class and a few surprises while also knocking out the usual belting innovative gameplay is incredible to me.

Yes, the cut scenes went a little too fare sometimes but the task in hand needed that kind of lengthy exposition and it's not as if noone expected a little talky, talky now, is it? Fact remains thetre were amazing gameplay elements, amazing boss battles AND he managed to tie it all up with the usual anal detail attention he's renowned for. So, for me,it's MGS4 thast I'd vote best Playstation game ever and not just of the noughties! I remember just sitting there after my first playthrough more satisfied with a game than I thought possible-all my questions had been answered-even if I didn't get all the answers in the form I'd have liked best! But also I'd been through one of the very best games I've ever played too-if only more games could be so well crafted and so engaging, eh?

I understand why people prefer MGS3 but I just don't quite agree as no game has had me on the edge of my seat for a cutscene before! That's the kind of thing koj managed in MGS4-yes the dialogue got over ripe at times but you can forgive a klittle in translation and because there was just SO much to tie up and he did it brilliantly and better than any game I played before or since and I reckon it'll be a while before we see anythuing quite as involving again-if ever. Brilliant, bold and ballsy-and best, imo.

ColossiSlayer4222d ago (Edited 4222d ago ) ugh